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Newcastle Jets vs Western Sydney Wanderers 8/1/2021 7:05PM

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If it were the other way around, I’d be filthy that the (Foxtel) match clock was 93:58 or so when full time was blown. I reckon their throw in and one last attack should’ve happened.

We were very lucky in the end, we did it tough but we showed grit and determination that I haven’t seen in ages from this team.

That said, it should’ve been over way beforehand. WTF is Ibini doing screwing up that one on one

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2 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

Great win..hard fought

Muller looked back to his best. Tate gets better and better. Cox put in a shift and another step towards fitness for Dorrans and Ibini..

Things are looking good. 

For the last 10 mins I flicked over to CNN to watch the fabulous new drama series called America: A Leopard Ate My Face....... and flicked back to see we retained our lead.

But that is the last time. Team will have to win with out me missing the games! 

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5 minutes ago, Unlimited said:

 WTF is Ibini doing screwing up that one on one

Going to go with the fitness excuse still..for the moment. That will get old in a few games though. Will need to start contributing more.

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When you consider some of the tripe we have been dished up over the past 3 seasons you have to be happy with the commitment shown tonight. We ain't pretty at times but we are a hell of a better side in defence than last season even with the loss of Schwegler and Juke. A lot to be positive about tbh. Ziggy Gordon is going to be one of our best defenders....great signing CR.

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