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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 7

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1 hour ago, WHACKO said:

Diamanti, WOW.


1 hour ago, Edinburgh said:

Matt Simon, WOW!

Alou Kuol, WOW!

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Now to the best of my knowledge the Mariners lost to Wellington last Sunday followed by 'come from behind' wins against City and Western, yet the Fox crew (and SBS Twitter) are banging on about come from behind wins 3 games in a row. Is there something I'm missing?

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Speedy also talking up Neuwenhoff as a strong candidate for Olyroos 'out of nowhere'. Again heaping pressure on another kid who has played okay and really only scored one goal.  On the back of that Speedy would have him lined up as one of the best...

Let the young blokes play and learn.

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2 minutes ago, HillsPanther said:

It must really painful for Beath to have to give ESFC so many cards.

Yeah but look at which players get them. The only player of significance was Brattan and even Beath would be hard pressed not to give him one for a cynical professional foul.

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4 minutes ago, THEWANDERERSPOST said:

From this situation, Rufer got the yellow card and Sydney went up the other end and scored lol.

It's a .ucking joke, but at least he's consistent. 

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34 minutes ago, BoyFromTheWest said:

Is Treejack Speed's live child? He claimed he is the best passer in the A League - ever!

Heath is obviously on script making great calls for SFC that defy explanation - even from Slater and Speed.

And yet he did a pass...and it goes directly to a Phoenix player...

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