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Thriller In Leumeah

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The Western Sydney Wanderers headed out to Campbelltown Stadium for the first time as the away side, hoping to avenge the Round 1 loss at the hands of Macarthur FC, and came away with an entertaining 2-2 draw with goals from Graham Dorrans & Simon Cox.

Tass Mourdoukoutas and Nicolai Muller were out through injury and replaced in the starting lineup by Patrick Ziegler and Simon Cox respectively. Ivan Franjic had an early strike, a long range effort on his left foot that refused to dip and so sailed over the crossbar. Franjic was in the action after 10 minutes when he played a ball across the face of goal that beat Margush, but Ziggy Gordon stuck a toe in that knocked the ball out and was rewarded by the officials missing the touch and giving a goal kick.

The 20 minutes of dominance for Macarthur paid off from a corner. With no-one in the expected defensive position on the corner of the 6 yard box, Aleksandar Jovanovic flicked the ball on at the near post and beat Margush to make it 1-0. The Wanderers built into the game slowly and by the half-hour mark had managed to get a few tepid attacks and a measure of possession. Franjic added to his action packed start by being yellow carded for taking out a Wanderers attacker.

5 minutes before half-time Tate Russell found himself on the right flank with one opponent, he twirled through a couple of stepovers then fired on his left foot towards the far corner, forcing Adam Federici into a full stretch diving save.

With almost the last kick of the half the Wanderers just barely escaped going two behind. A lofted ball over the top found Matt Derbyshire and he smashed it past Margush. The offside flag was raised and confirmed by VAR as correct by what must have been inches. The 1-0 half-time score was barely deserved by the Wanderers, the midfield had been over-run, the passing was all over the shop, crossing was coming in too low or far too high and wayward and the side had only managed a single shot on target in 45 minutes.

In the 51st minute the Wanderers turned defence into attack with Graham Dorrans. The Wanderers Captain scrapped to win the ball after it was cleared from the box, and he saw Federici a mile off his line, took a touche for composure and lobbed the keeper with a perfectly weighted shot to make it 1-1.

The scores weren't level for long. Macarthur's set piece weapons came forward for another corner and this time it wasn't the Wanderers scoring. Aleksandar Susnjar towered over Ziegler at the far post and he made no mistake with the header, crashing it through Margush, who would be disappointed that he stuck himself on the goal line instead of coming out to punch.

It should have been 2-2 in the 67th minute. Neat interplay released James Troisi onto the left wing, and he found the newly introduced Bruce Kamau with a wonderful low cross. Kamau should have put away the chance but Federici managed to get a hand to slow the ball as it trickled towards the line. An almighty scramble resulted with the ball being pushed off the line by the keeper, Cox smashed the rebound into a tangle of players on the line then Russell fired the ball into the crossbar.

Western Sydney kept pushing and they did have the equaliser with a spectacular assist followed by a simple header from Simon Cox. From a corner the Bulls left Baccus unmarked and his remarkable "scorpion kick" back heel found Simon Cox lurking at the back post, and he had the simplest of headers to nod the ball down into the goal for 2-2. The Wanderers had the better of the final stages but both sides were throwing caution to the wind, giving up chances at each end but neither side could find the final killing blow and they shared a point each. The match saw a terrible first half from the Wanderers but a vastly improved second and the point was the least they deserved from the contest.

The Wanderers have a quick turn around and face last placed Melbourne Victory at Parramatta on Wednesday 10th February. Kick-off at 7:05pm.

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Just now, Pup55 said:

First half rubbish.

Second half brilliant.

We are going to get better and better as the season goes on and can do some damage in this comp.

I thinks so too....but fmd they're not going to do it the easy way. A few passengers in the first half.

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3 minutes ago, Dugongs said:

So can someone actually answer why Lachlan Rose is so hyped?

Pretty sure he had no successful dribble and Ziggy didn’t break a sweat keeping him contained, yet fox sports and especially Speed acts like he’s the Australian Messi.

God help us if he ever scores. Pretty sure the entire fox sports commentary team will spontaneously combust.

The Rose thing is ridiculous. It will get to the point it heaps more pressure on the lad also.

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1st half was bad .....no other way to describe it.

Second half much better. Not sure what was said at half time but it worked. At the end a draw was the correct result. I think both sides had a great call for a pen so it could have gone either way.

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12 minutes ago, ZachMercer said:

We where lucky, but for all their attacking spaniards and their brittany spears messi, they could only score from set pieces using two guys that are over 6.5 feet tall marked by short arses.  

We created more chances in open play too. For all the bigging up of Derbyshire, he’s been very ordinary. 

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Macarthur are a decent side but don’t look like title contenders. Should make the finals but feel like a solid mid table team, which is a worry because they made us look like an U9’s team in the first half.

Much better second half and the substitutes actually made us better for the most part. Kamau is way better as a winger than a fullback. He takes more risks and runs at people knowing he’s not going to screw us if he turns it over. Also good move by Robbo to give up on pumping long balls to their monster centre backs and instead make them deal with someone like Kamau running at them. Georgievski was fine coming on and did well with the extra space available at the end of the game.

The only dud change was Yeboah. He’s regressed so far that I’m less concerned with him playing football and more about him just running in a straight line at this point. Cox struggled in the first half because the way we played left him isolated but in the second half he was getting on the end of everything and looked really good. Tired Cox is a better choice than a rested Yeboah at this point.

Zeigler hasn’t taken his chance so far. Gave away the pen last week and got beaten for the goal this week. Could argue he was being fouled although he should be dominating in the air from corners, not getting bullied. He was also lucky not to give away another pen with the shirt pull, although I reckon Kamau got flattened during crazy goal line scramble which could easily have been a pen as well.

Also the cowbells were as expected. I can handle a couple of games a year where I can laugh at them but imagine having to listen to it every week. Good luck building a regular fan base.

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18 minutes ago, Dugongs said:

Glad Cox got a goal. Whatever you think of his skill and effort on the pitch it’s a huge decision to remain with the club and he should be commended for it.


I don’t think anyone can seriously doubt his effort, definitely not this season at least. His quality at times and pace has been lacking. But he gets in right place when his legs allow it and makes some smart plays. He definitely didn’t deserve to be subbed, he had another goal coming

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Ordinary first half from us and cracker second half.  We were good we were poor, they were good, they were poor.  Conceded from another two set pieces (have we conceded in general play yet?).  If I turn up and they give that much effort to the final whistle I will go away happy regardless of the result.  Duke into this side will score plenty. 

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Take outs

Off the field, so good to see the RBB back in action.

On the field, Franjic cooked Aquilina multiple times and was less aggressive after his yellow. Georgievski looked hungry when subbed on and worked well with Troisi. Dorrans is starting to show his class but is now on 4 yellows. Kamau was the  change that really turned the tide. So happy for Cox to score the goal. We missed Tass and Muller tonight.

If anyone missed Carlo on Fox/Kayo, he reckoned Kamau should have been given a penalty for a push in the box during the crossbar challenge. 

Hopefully, the team can get 2 wins over the Vuck and Heartle$$

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Agree with most of what people have already said, but I do think the Mack is being a bit harsh on Cox for the goal. I don't believe it was the simplest of headers, as I don't think too many players would have been expecting the ball to come through at head height from where it was played. The ball had quite a bit on it still and I would have thought most players may have been ready for a scramble with the ball coming through on the ground, but not many would have expected it at head height. I thought his reactions were quite good to put it in the corner.

I didn't even notice the push on Brucie in the triple shot scramble, but it looked like a pretty decent shout in the replay. Both keeper and defender ran into him without touching the ball, which seems to be enough for a penalty to be called against us... 

I am feeling pretty confident that we are continuing to improve and the additions of Mutch and Mitch (shame we don't have the NZ commentators calling our games to hear that) should help us build nicely towards the end of the season (hopefully we are in a strong enough position at that stage). The other thing that really impresses me is that we are fighting to the last whistle. Some have bagged him, but Troisi was defending like his life depended on it at the end and he was not the only one. 

Final thought... Ziggy (Gordon, not Aussie Pat) is an absolute legend. Loved his little "celebrations" when he would pull off a great tackle or block.

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Certainly not wanting to make excuses coz that 1st half was beyond dire....but seriously impressed with the second half response. And this from a team effectively missing 5 starters in Tass (who walked past us in a moon boot before the game - how serious is his injury anyone know?), McGowan, Muller, Duke and presumably Mutch. I reckon we’re looking ok!

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Federici best goalkeeper ever to grace the A League yeah right.!!!!.made to look very ordinary by Dorrans tonight. Was at the game so didn't hear speedy and co response  on Fox who have been banging on how good he is.. basic goalkeeping error.

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