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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory 10/2/2021 7:05PM

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3 minutes ago, matty said:

Hey, when Kruse stomped on a foot it was 'experience', when Odoherty nips at a player with the ball, it's 'naughty.

Learn your place dirty Wanderer!

lol that is a good point, i mean his double standards have always been part of his commentary but at it was the ball not in play part that annoyed me when it was clearly right there

and true i agree it was a clear trip but wow to say the ball wasnt in playing distance was delusional :P

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This is starting to remind me of Season 16/17 except we are more defensively sound. Didn't play terribly, didn't play great, had trouble with scoring (and Cox is hardly Santalab so far) and could never tell if we'd show up on the night or not.

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4 minutes ago, matty said:

Yeboah..... really

Put the house on the draw/loss, there's no way we score tonight.

You're welcome guys.

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Just now, sonar said:

Game might liven up. Should of been a red for Destede..?

Definite red.

I tried to take a screenshot of it but for some strange reason, the FoxtelGO screen goes blank but Gestede DID NOT even look at the ball, it was just an air swing at the ball.

He is really lucky to be still on the field.

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8 minutes ago, MathyouWSW said:

Surely that's Gestede's second yellow?

I can only assume the ref decided it wasn't excessive force or endangering the safety of an opponent (which would be a straight red), and once you do that, it becomes a 'football challenge', which in recently law updates downgrades reds to yellows, and then yellows to no card.

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