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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 9

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Just for the hell of it, average points per match:

Update after week 9 results:

CCM       played 9       points 18      average points 2

Bulls       9                     14               1.55

Roar       8                     14               1.85

WSW     8                      13               1.63

SFC       7                      11               1.57

AU         8                      10               1.25

Glory     5                      9                 1.8

Jets       9                      11                1.22

City       7                      9                 1.29

WU        6                     8                  1.33

Nix        8                     5                  0.63

Vic        8                     7                  0.88

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The Mexican Nux fans are more Davila/Mexico/general football fans. There was a group of Mexicans who live in Sydney who decided to go to some football games in Sydney. They discovered that Davila was the only Mexican in the league and thus went to the ESFC vs Nux game, wearing Mexico colours and pretty much solely cheering him on.

The Nux club management decided to capitalise on it, and since they're not playing in NZ, basically make the group fans for hire for their game vs WSW. They paid for the bus down to the Gong and gave them Nux flags etc.

I think they offer something good for Nux games and the league and look forward to when they hopefully come to a WSW home game. But I wouldn't expect to see them outside Sydney unless the Nux fund their trip.

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On 23/02/2021 at 9:18 PM, MartinTyler said:

Straight out of the Arnie playbook :xnod:

He's come out and said that VAR missed a vital call that could have drawn the game.

'I know what I saw...' - Sydney's Corica slams late VAR non-call


It's tough to be SFC and the very obvious and unfair calls against a great and perfect team!

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