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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 10

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26/02 Perth v Brisbane
27/02 Wanderers v Adelaide
27/02 Melb Victory v Fraudsters
28/02 Smurfs v Bullsh1tters
28/02 Newcastle v Phoenix
02/03 Wanderers v Heartle$$
02/03 Perth v Sea-Poachers

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Rudan will be p****.

Sanchez will be suspended with his 5th yelllow for their game against us.

Uskok is also suspended with 2 yellows.

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We had a very slim chance of taking top spot if we won both games and the Sea-bogans/poachers lose their game their against Perth. Up in smoke now.

The thing of note is that Smurfs have not a ball in and have dropped from 5th to 8th

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As as Mack pointed out on Twitter there should have been a straight red on the player who put his studs through Roux's shin. Not sure who it was. 

Ben Abraham another BIG mistake just like failing to give Triosi a penalty 

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Another great game tonight so good to watch WU they generally put on a good show on this season 

Mack with his post with the above photo 


I wonder if popa will keep my on as assistant :rofl:

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4 minutes ago, WHACKO said:

Alex King, do you know what your doing. You may never referee again. 

Are you referring to the Smurf mafia?

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15 minutes ago, WHACKO said:

Massive game for Newcastle, win and they go to 4th on the ladder pushing us down to 5th.

What we deserve for lastnight's performance 

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6 minutes ago, jockman said:

Wonder what sob story Corica will spin this week...

He'll go on about how Golec should have got red carded because of the handball and then a bad tackle (that he wouldn't have made if the handball was incorrectly punished with a yellow), then the send off should have just been a yellow card because it was an "accident" and then Milligan should have got send off for Kosta's dive.

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