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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 10

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So we're up against Heartle$$ with a 4 day turnaround on Tuesday.

Who will be rotated? 

Dorrans was p***** at Wilmering for not making forward runs when he expected him to. Baccus had his worst game this season. Ibini came on with "I should have started" and the game changed. 

When will Tass be back as our best defensive back 3 are Tass, Gordon and Natta followed by Ziegler, Gordon and Natta. McGowan not at the races with goals from open play since he returned.

It is also going to be a night game with the forecast maximum  of 21C instead of the sticky conditions we had yesterday.

We have to nullify Maclaren who loves scoring against us. 

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The Smurfs won one statistic this weekend, the attendance 

Perth v Brisbane...................5432
Wanderers v Adelaide..........8456
Melb Victory v Fraudsters....7190
Smurfs v Bullsh1tters...........10158
Newcastle v Phoenix............4576

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