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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 11

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Match Week 11
05/03 Adelaide v Newcastle
06/03 Brisbane v Smurfs
06/03 Melb Vic v Heartle$$
07/03 Phoenix v Perth
07/03 Fraudsters v Wanderers
08/03 Sea-Poachers v Bullsh1tters
10/03 Smurfs v Fraudsters
Retre (v Roar)
Sanchez (v Wanderers)
Uskok (v Wanderers)
Skotodis should have seen red (v WSW)

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10 hours ago, mack said:

Adelaide 2 v Newcastle 1. Ugarkovic cost Newcastle both goals. Not even here yet and he's costing us positions on the ladder. :ninja:

I seen the one where he lost the ball on the edge of the box, he’ll fit in well

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Baumjohann benched again. 

Bingo 1 will he come on?

Bingo 2 what time

Bingo 1 yes, bingo 2 68-72 minutes

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31 minutes ago, Paul01 said:

Baumjohann benched again. 

Bingo 1 will he come on?

Bingo 2 what time

Bingo 1 yes, bingo 2 68-72 minutes

Bingo 1 Yes

Bingo 2 60-65 min

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3 minutes ago, MartinTyler said:

Amazing how FC can leave the A League's greatest passer and also their goal scoring saviour on the bench :xnod:

I think signing BoBo was a Boo Boo

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Faghani on the Melbourne derby tonight.

Great result with Rhyan Grant on 4 yellows now with Brattan still on 4 yellows.

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7 minutes ago, mack said:

Archie Thompson is such an idiot. He just said "you don't break something that ain't fixed." :fool:

He is a complete dope.

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17 minutes ago, mack said:

If we can't pick up a win tomorrow we'll practically 9th or even 10th considering all the other teams having games in hand and only being one win from leapfrogging us.

Based on tonight's performance, at least we don't have to worry about wooden spoon. 

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18 minutes ago, Paul01 said:


New coach incoming at Melb Victory. Popa or Muscat.

It's funny how clubs build themselves around an individual and when they're gone it's a race to the bottom.

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0-6. You would expect the Victory manager to be gone by tomorrow lunchtime.:ninja: Victory supporters won't take kindly to that scoreline. Popa incoming...?

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Brebner has to be on the chopping block. Since being the manager at the club (this is including him  being the interim manager as well), he has only won 3 games out of 15. 

The 6-0 loss to Melbourne City has to be the nail in the coffin. Surely, they'll announce it tomorrow and either Muscat will be back OR Popovic incoming.

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