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A-league 2020/21 Match Week 11

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This has also has to be part of Melbourne Victories problems  , infighting at board level. 

Rebel Melbourne Victory director Richard Wilson has made good on his pledge to sell his 16 per cent stake to fans and supporters in a move he says will help revolutionise investment in Australian soccer.

Wilson believes a strong take up will provide a signal to other A-League clubs, now free to run their own business and competition after splitting from Football Australia, that there is huge investor appetite for what can become a transformative involvement in the game.

Wilson, who has fallen out with Victory’s board and major stakeholders Anthony Di Pietro and Mario Biasin over the way the club is run, is selling 2.31 million shares at $2.20 per share.


Disgruntled Victory director Richard Wilson is selling his stake in the club to fans and hopes other teams will be open to the idea. CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES

The sale will net Wilson and his investor colleagues $5.082 million, and his stake of around 16 per cent means that at this issue price Victory’s worth is around $30 million.

The minimum package that any individual can buy is 500 shares, so for a cost of $1100 keen supporters can, in theory, have a say in Victory’s future direction.

Wilson said that by early afternoon on Friday several tranches of shares had already been sold, and that if current board members such as Di Pietro and Biasin, who hold controlling stakes, wanted to add to their holding they would have to purchase on market like anyone else.

“This is an historic time in the Australian football landscape. The opportunity for fans, supporters and members to become shareholders in an A-League club is potentially a game changer for all clubs,” he said.

“These new shareholders will now have a real voice in the future of Melbourne Victory, what it stands for and how it is being run.

“I think every other owner will be looking closely at the take up and interest in this share offer with a view to strengthening their club with a broader shareholder base,” Wilson added.

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3 minutes ago, Keithie said:

Archie gave Carl Robinson and the Wanderers a bit of an uppercut regarding results also :) 

He hates Heartle$$ obviously 

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Supposedly the fan buy is just a way for the guy selling to extra more money out of the rest of the owners who won't want the fans to have any say.

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Just put Kayo on now and I'm trying to figure who's the team In red and then realised it's the Nux, not the Illawarra Steelers

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11 hours ago, SBW said:

Just put Kayo on now and I'm trying to figure who's the team In red and then realised it's the Nux, not the Illawarra Steelers

I was waiting for the commentary to announce them as Wollongong Phoenix.

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1 minute ago, papersun said:

Less of the useless statistics and more commentary on the game please Fox commentator, that's your job, concentrate on calling the game, God you're annoying.

Just mute Harper

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Just now, Paul01 said:

Just mute Harper

It's not Harper that's annoying me the most.

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Playing this post game at the Mariners game...

Is it their walkout song?

If not...that'd work as a walkout song!


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6 minutes ago, GunnerWanderer said:

Great moment for him first touch 

ball boy

supporting the club for near 15 years 


what a story - so happy for Mariners long overdue some success for them 

Totally this! :good:

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48 minutes ago, BoyFromTheWest said:

Simon is an out and out thug who suddenly seems to be everyone's darling. He deserves a few yellows in most games.

Yep 2 yellows I'm every game he plays

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Not sure exactly why, but I'm enjoying the sauces doing well. Maybe because they're not a plastic fox installed club. Or maybe because arnie no longer there. Or maybe because Staj is finally doing with a club what he did with the matildas (their best ever version). Or maybe because of Shaun. Or maybe because of Midi :rolleyes:

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one more game in this match week 

Smurfs v Fraudsters 

This could be a the suspension derby with multiple players on 4 yellows from both teams.

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