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Late Draw Drama In Parramatta

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The CR presser (0:55 - 1:35): can't get any closer to a public declaration of non-confidence in a particular ref.

Not only is Beath strategically blind, according to CR he also needs a hearing aid (my words, not his).




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1 minute ago, jockman said:

I used to watch Miller when he played for Rangers , I am surprised he didn't head butt Beath !!

While I can never condone violence he would be in a long line of WSW folks for that privilege .  If the one for Kuol was a pen then Kamau got dudded by the refs at the other end and this is where consistency of interpretation goes in the bin. There isn't any. 

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Morning after the night before....

Would have been a great game for a neutral to watch .. so inconsistent again some good moments  and some absolute rubbish.  Margush had a blinder again  kept us in the game.  Ok with a draw in the end, VAR  and  Beath an absolute farce again, but we should be used to it by now. Miler and CR right to speak up, but remember the cap wearing Germanic manager we used to have did a similar thing didn't make any difference.


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That Kuol penalty we should have dealt with it earlier we didn't clear the ball I think it was Wilmering who shanked it sideways. Once it was on VAR it was always gonna be penalty because Baccus just gets in there too late while Kuol throws his leg in there. Then getting Beath'd with the Kamau incident at the end.

Cox made a good impact in the game for us I think, started to help Duke up front with chasing the ball and space he opened up for Kamau's runs. In the end draw was ok here if wasn't for last ditch defending and Margush we would have lost this one. That's 4 points from the Mariners in 2 games BUT 2 points out of a possible 9 in the last 3 games

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decent fightback from the boys but the penalties one was a 50/50 ball where they had no goal scoring chance and one was a clear goal scoring chance facing fwd and no penalty.

I found that after our subs the mariners took control again and too easily wandered into our goal box, we were lucky Margush saved a few and they missed a few sitters.

Troisi i thought played better but still not as clinical as we expect of him to be. Agree with Muller looks like lost his mojo and Ibini was a passenger up front.

Overall 2-2 with the league leaders is a good result but the top 6 is slowly slipping away from us if we don't start picking up some games. Hopefully Mutch can recover and give Baccus a run for his money.

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Its Adelaide, Brisbane and Victory the next 3 games before the derby. We need to win all 3 games, East bois on 6th with 22 points have 2 games on us playing Perth today. Fraudsters in 7th with 20 points have 3 games on us, The Roar in 8th with 17 points have 3 games and Perth in 9th also in 9th have 3 games.

We have now played 16 games there are now only 8 games left. Draws are no longer good enough we need to start winning again and getting points back on the board. We will start running out of games very quickly and its close this season with who will be in the 6.

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2 hours ago, StringerBellend said:

Yep Cox made a massive difference, just by moving into space and to the ball. Ibini either doesn’t move at all or runs behind a defender making it impossible to get the ball to him 

He was doing my head in 

The dodgy pen disguises that we were crap for at least 65 mins 

This with regard to Cox - that's the thing, sure he's not quick but he moves constantly into good areas and creates things with his runs which Ibini etc just don't do - static traffic cones come to mind!!

Interesting also how much Duke et al rate Cox when asked about the team.

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I think we should bump Muller for Cox , far more active and running angles and can pass a ball , sadly we carried Muller last night

Probably a great effort last night seeing as we played 12 Mariners and we had 9 (Muller and McGowan don't count)

I hope any McGowan supporter took note of I think it was corner late in the game and a free Stensese Header whizzed wide of our post , where the f*$# was McGowan ? I know!!!  he was hiding towards near post with a metre of unmarked territory behind,  Wilmering was in front of him with McGowans hands in his back as the ball sailed over his head his feet never left the ground , F%$# useless, Then he he has the Gaul to turn around and hold his hands out looking like a stunned mullet.

There lies our defence problem , we so badly need a big strong tough leader at the centre back  


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13 hours ago, WSWJACK said:

If Muller needs a taxi for the airport I’ll drive him, he’s lost his mojo

He had his mojo at some point?

Look for me he has been played out of position the whole time, but that being said I have never been captured by his attitude and application in games at all.

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I wonder how that cheating Prick Beath and the referees bosses will react to Robbo's words at his press conference and on ground interview after game.

I think Robbo has definitely called out Beath on both issues , red card to Miller , Robbo basically called Beath a liar on the Miller red card and seriously questioned the ability of the VAR and Beath in calling the penalty.

In my view Beath has been anti Wanderers for a number of years and whenever we play with him as Referee he seems to make himself bigger than the game itself. Something has to be done about him.

I hope Robbo's attack on his honesty brings it to a head.



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1 hour ago, DeeDee said:

He had his mojo at some point?

Look for me he has been played out of position the whole time, but that being said I have never been captured by his attitude and application in games at all.

When Cox came on last night he showed him what application, attitude and little bit of energy could achieve, Muller has shown glimpses and promise since he's been here but for me he has under delivered.

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I just watched to none penalty decision that happened 2 weeks ago in the City V Mariners match, where Kuol not in possession of the ball sticks a foot out and makes contact with the ball  before Metcalfe then takes him out. VAR gets involved says to Beath (same ref as last night) should look at it, but no penalty. What's the difference from what happened last night. This is what I said at the time of that decision. The rule should be changed for it not to be penalty. You should be denied the chance of scoring , how are you going to score when you are facing the other way and you don't have the ball.

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1 hour ago, MartinTyler said:

Interesting that the non-penalty on Kamau was not part of the highlights reel

The World Game's match report made no mention of it either.

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15 hours ago, Frankos187 said:

The formation we play usually allows the opposing teams LB and RB to bomb on down the line. Wilmering and Aquilina can’t commit too early as they may expose the CBs. So they get out eventually but by then we have given the wingbacks atleast 3-4 seconds to receive the ball and decide what to do next. 

Every week we persist with this same formation that requires so much risk mitigation that it ends up exposing us in one way or another regardless. When the wingbacks do get up the field and cross into the box, there’s regularly either no one there to meet it or we fluff around and lose possession just to have to turn around and chase our tails as the oppositions breaks on the counter.

There’s nothing advantageous about the way we play, it just piles unnecessary pressure on our defence which is already compromised numbers wise. It does my head in.


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Last night's game takes a bit of time to process....at the end of the day we probably should have lost and I can't quite understand why all the Mariners fans were so happy as they missed a big opportunity.

We were shocking in the first half....didn't adapt to the conditions with passes going astray and generally bullied off the ball in most parts of the field. A number of players MIA in the first 45 and we were lucky to go in at 0-1.

Second half a different story particularly after the subs were made and we looked to have much more co-ordination as the Mariners tired. Having said that, if Stenseness had put that header away it would have been goodnight Irene !! I'm with Robbo on that penalty call and have yet to see enough replays to hold a firm opinion on the Kamau non decision. For the neutral it was an extremely exciting second half and there's rarely a dull moment in Wanderers games these days !!

Once again I believe that McGowan is the weak link in our defence.....out of position frequently and some awful distribution putting colleagues under pressure. Unfortunately Muller was useless tonight and for a big man Ibini was hassled off the ball far to often. I've defended Baccus in the past and although his work rate was exceptional his tendency to lose the ball cheaply was at it's worst last night. On the plus side Kanau did brilliantly and the youngsters played their part too. Margush is also proving to be an astute acquisition.

I've been waiting for the Mariners to fall in a heap but generally last night they were the real deal. Bozanic makes a huge difference and Staj is getting the absolute best out of his squad. I'd love to know the real story with the Matildas as I really believe they could have gone much further in the last World Cup under him.

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One thing the Mariners did well was stop our long balls to Duke. Usually that’s a good out ball when we play ourselves into trouble or can’t beat a press. They had Tongyik mark Duke and he won almost everything in the air.

It was a bit frustrating we kept trying it when it clearly wasn’t working. Would have liked to see Duke switch to play off Rowles or us to try playing out to Ibini, who’s also tall and decent in the air.

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Robinson's press conference: https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/robinson-penalty-decision-was-not-clear-and-obvious-press-conference-a-league

For those that didn't want to listen to it, I'll note the important stuff Robinson said:

- He was proud of the boys. in particular their second half performance, he called it "top notch". He thought the squad was playing passive football which hurt them in the first half and he told them a few words in the second half which were get aggressive and it seemed to work.

- He was asked on his thoughts about the VAR decision, he said he saw it as a group (I'm assuming with the squad), and with Lederer and Tsatsimas around 9 times...and they still can't work out if it's a penalty or not. He goes on to say the decision was not clear and obvious (hence the title of the link). He was shown an accident which involved Melbourne City vs Central Coast where it involved Beath (I think he was referring to the one against Kuol inside the box where it looked like he was taken without the ball) but the same decision was made. It looked like a penalty Beath didn't give the penalty and VAR didn't give the penalty. Robinson goes on to say if it's a clear and obvious foul, he doesn't understand how you can over rule it thus thinking the decision made against Baccus was wrong.

- He was asked if would you like the referee (Beath) to come and out address his decision. Robinson replied "yes, but he keep getting told reasons why and he said it's not good cause he isn't a professional referee, he doesn't understand all the rules but he understands what's right or wrong. He goes to say learn and get better at the game, they (the referees) and to come out and address it. 

- He was asked about Miller getting a red card at the end of the game, what was that all about. Robinson replied with "passion and emotion". He then continued to say "Kenny (Miller) was sent off by the referee (Beath) cause Miller asked him something. Beath sent him off for which Miller actually didn't say" Robinson was next to Miller and Beath repeated it which was apparently completely different as to what Beath said. 

- Robinson said he was originally going to start Kamau because he hasn't played a full 90 minute game yet. But he was worried that since Kamau has basically played 3 games in a short span, playing him over 60 minutes again would get him very fatigue. Plus, there's four players out (Mutch, Russell, Yeboah from injury and Dorrans on suspension), Robinson had to think of tactic that could get the team to victory. Kamau and Cox produced that with a great effort off the bench.

- He was also asked about Georgievski. He replied Georgievski was on the bench and he has to wait his chance.

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I only watched the game last night on Kayo.  Overall I am satisfied to have drawn with the ladder leader given how patchy our play was.

However, I couldn't help but dwell on the penalty and non-penalty incidents. 

I am no expert on the laws of the game, but to me the first one just seemed like 2 guys in a fair contest for the ball.  If anything the Mariners player jumped in and threw himself between Baccus and the ball, so maybe he should have been penalised? He was certainly not denied a goal scoring opportunity.  (This game is the first I have seen of Kuol.  Is he the real deal or just another young Mariners player being overhyped by Fox?  All I saw was someone running around like a mad man creating a nuisance of himself.)

On the non pen - in what world is a defender pushing the attacking player in the back when he has possession in the penalty area not a free kick?  Even those of us from AFL states can understand that! if it were a Glory, City or Sydney FC player and not Kamau they would have milked it and been awarded a penalty right?  

In summary - incident 1 not clear and obvious, gets referred to VAR.  Incident 2 clear and obvious, not referred to VAR.

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