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Scotland Football (Featuring Ange at Celtic)

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5 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

Really new thread worthy?

Anyway...he better win some silverware and beat Rangers or he won't last. There is no settling in season at Celtic.

You mean he won't be able to stay if Celtic finish 8th, that's a bit harsh.......just wouldn't happen here.

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Watching the  domestic cup in Japan, this isn't news, but they're playing at a level way above us.

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A 6-2 home friendly loss to West Ham is not a disaster for Ange, it’s a friendly after all. They drew 1-1 at home to Midtjylland in Europe qualifier and now travel there for second leg, which Celtic would be expected to win..should have won the home leg.

No dramas yet, but Ange could do with a win soon.

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39 minutes ago, mack said:

On the bright side, Awer Mabil scored!

The defending on the winner had shades of old Lucas Neill with his never ending hands up asking for offside instead of trying to defend.

Going to be interesting to see if Celtic have the patience for Ange Ball, at least it is more fun that Arnie Ball

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Didn’t see the match but the stats are interesting. Midtjylland only had 37% possession to Celtic’s 63%, but had an xG of 1.60 to Celtic’s 0.24, and had 12 shots to Celtic’s 5.

I’m guessing it went a bit like their 6-2 friendly loss to West Ham. I watched some of that game and Celtic looked great on the ball but super flimsy at the back. Every time West Ham countered they looked like walking it in.

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