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  2. So who is Herr Babbel going to sign as AM. Perhaps this guy https://www.transfermarkt.com/markus-neumayr/leistungsdaten/spieler/3391
  3. Paul01

    Football Media Discussion 2

    #ALeague clubs fear another season under FFA control thanks to State Feds by @JohnStensholt John Stensholt12:00AM May 23, 2019 Wanderers chairman Paul Lederer doesn’t want another A-League season under FFA control Wanderers chairman Paul Lederer doesn’t want another A-League season under FFA control Concerns are mounting that soccer officials will fail to strike a deal to make the A-League independent of governing body Football Federation Australia by a June 30 deadline, with clubs and state federations at loggerheads. Clubs have warned, if they do not wrest control of the league, it could experience another season of declining popularity and put at risk future sponsorship and commercial deals. Western Sydney Wanderers chairman Paul Lederer, who is also the chairman of the clubs’ association, said it would be “catastrophic” for the A-League to experience another season under FFA management. The looming June 30 deadline has galvanised the sport’s state and member federations, who have the majority say in a vote on a deal and are determined to extract financial and corporate governance concessions from the clubs. Those include possible compensation flowing to the member federations, who are arguing for board representation on an independent league, a certain percentage of the league remaining owned by FFA and even club owners having to pay compensation to states when they sell their clubs. Other sticking points between the clubs and federations remain the share from the $346 million TV revenue from Fox Sports, which still has four seasons to run on the current deal, commercial rights, ownership of intellectual property, structure of the new competition and the relationship between professional clubs and the game’s grassroots.
  4. papersun

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Stuttgart in a spot of bother 2-2 at home first leg.
  5. Today
  6. papersun

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Gentner scored in the playoff for Stuttgart,1-1 halftime.
  7. Clap clap clap o how things have changed two of the most right people striving for power at the time....
  8. In the last 5mins before winning
  9. We only conceded 2 goals?
  10. Well that was an interesting couple of minutes.
  11. Sure, but our main issue is stopping the 2 goals we've been conceding in recent seasons
  12. JackDoff

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    He saves a lot of pens....
  13. Transfermarkt says retired.
  14. I checked some of his stats for the last 2 seasons. Was relegated to the bench last season and only had 3 appearances. Season before he had 34 apearances.
  15. Frankos187

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    I wonder if Tranquillo Barnetta is on the radar of babbel as well
  16. He made at least 4 massive mistakes that had nothing to do with the defence.
  17. marron

    Music Thread 3

    I was thinking, i feel like the Wizard of Oz might have a few - Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd to start. There was that Roxy music song about Casablanca. There must be hundreds of metal songs referencing horror movies. If you actually did expand it out to literary characters you'd have thousands I reckon.
  18. With 5 goalkeepers, we might stand a chance
  19. I think VJ would have done a better job if we had our back line sorted too
  20. That highlights reel the club shared is surely a piss take 😂
  21. Zero goals, zero assists. Come on babbel we need firepower.
  22. Hopefully works out like Kurto did for the Nix
  23. btron3000

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Gutsy call given it’s a visa spot AND if Vedran doesn’t leave we have 2 x starting goalie wages caught up in the cap. But at least Babbel is showing everyone he means business. Perform or you’ll get The Treatment is back!
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