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    I think the two managers are saying what the **** are we doing here
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    What annoys me the most about VAR (and there are MANY things that annoy me about it), is that for both pen decisions beath is in EXCELLENT position - exactly where the ref's manual would say he needed to be with an unobstructed view and he makes a decision based off what he sees. WTF do we need VAR for in those situations!!!!! Just let the ref make the call and get on with things. VAR on those decisions slows the game down, takes away the authority of the ref on the field and often leads to objectively incorrect decisions anyway (like the handball). It is ******* trash and little more than excuse to make everyone look at a macca's ad on the big screen. **** it off now while the league still has a handful of fans left.
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    The salty Adelaide fans on the tram back to the city was sweet
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    We deserved that win. But i am convinced there is widespread bitterness against us. We've become the team thhat they all want to fail.....other teams, other fans, Robbie Cornthwaite (wtf why???), most of the officials and fox commentary team. Seriously i dont think they've ever forgiven us for winning ACL second season in. I want us to go on a winning streak so they visibly choke on their bitterness as they struggle to find something positive to say so as to not seem utterly biased against us Mostly i want the winning streak, the rest is for amusement
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    TBH when Terek was coming in I thought no not him....he is not going to have the speed and energy to keep up.....So glad I was wrong, he completely changed the game and also a great assist.
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    This away game lark is a ******* piece of piss...all that need to happen is for me to be in attendance and we win... When the second went in DG came over and looked me in the eye and we both pumped fists and yelled 'come on'...in that moment we both knew we had this....i feel it was the pivitol moment.
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    **** it we won there’s yer match report Mack
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    This Sydney to Hobart shyte. Turn TV on this morning to some 'skipper'of a boat..jumper over the shoulders type for sure...wanker. I know these guys face some tough conditions and all...and for the 2mins they charge down the harbour it can look good..but after that who gives a shyte. Just posh rich chunts playing with their ecpensive toys. Outside of manic TV reporters desperate to make this sound like an important tradition noone cares surely.
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    Fck him. He like the whole mob of self righteousness officials and administrators should answer for their actions and decisions. It's like a politician who makes a decision and then we feel a whoa they've spoken to us plebs and we should be thankful. Beath deserves zero credit. He made a criminal call and smiled his way through a dumb answer and Hill giggled his way through it.
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    What an absolute joke - how that is a pen???!!! I cannot believe that Beath even looked at it. Absolute joke of a decision. I was about to walk away from A League in this country - the VAR, the refs... What do we have to do? Even the commentators were hoping we'd succumb. The boys can only play football in the extreme conditions - average first half, much better in the 2nd. Some good changes from Babbel - for a change! Think we deserved the win - about time luck went our way, even if the luck had to overcome stupid decisions from refs as well!! Georgevski - can't complain about him wanting to throw it in when he's called for that.
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    Media will go on and on about Duke, ignore Halloran who should have got two yellows in 5 minutes.
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    Are the Adelaide fans mental they just booed beath he can’t take the penalty for them
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    If Duke isn't pushed then there is no reaction
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    As much as I dislike Beath and think he is the worst ref in the league, Duke should have been given a red. In that heat, 10 men for 70 odd minutes we would have lost easily I feel, dodged a bullet with that call. He clearly lashed out at Halloran and connected too, straight red. Beath stuffed that too
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    Defend that Harper and Hill you total fwits
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    The header yes but what about the cross
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    that was class from both Tarek and Muller
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    That's one of the best headers I have ever seen! Get in 😍
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    Beath has lost control. VAR is rubbish. We suck, but we're trying hard. First half summary done for you Mack.
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    How in the hell does Mo Adam get a yellow for practically nothing, then O'Halloran doesn't get a yellow for bringing Duke down in full flight? Duke lucky to not get a card as well for lashing out, but that's on Beath for not taking control of the situation.
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    I just spent yesterday and today at my sisters place in The Shire. She had quite a few different friends come over with their families. I can confirm that racism is alive and well in The Shire. Some of their comments just sickened me. Thankfully, I am back home now in the multi-cultural west.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my fellow Wanderers near and far. Hope Santa was good to all of you, and I hope 2020 is a year filled with love, laughter, and good fortune for all. and remember... We are the ONLY Aussie club that has ever gone all the way in Asia. The ONLY one. Hold your heads up high and REPRESENT... for Western Sydney is where it's at!
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    Yep. much easier to recognise now..... What a dick.!! Didn't see sh!t during the game, VAR can't make the decision as it's too close to call, then goes back to the guy that didn't see it happen in front of him, cause his little screen is better than the big screens and the 3 ppl in the VAR room.. F#@ing joke.! As one of the EPL best keepers said this morning.. "I think it was a bit tough. We were in the game until the referee had to make himself a hero," Schmeichel said :-)
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    Georgievski gets a statue in the centre of Parra. One of those statues whereby the main character is urinating on those below. Beneath him are A league officials of every type......
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    Exactly what I said to the missus. Beathe is embarrassing
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    If I can type with just 2 fingers for nearly sixty years surely you can type with 1 hand for an hour! Oh! And ...
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    Meh. Give me a couple of hundred grand for running around in the heat for 90+ mins. Beats digging a ditch right.
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    Merry ******* christmas from the A League
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Getting hit in the bollocks by the corner of my sons body board, i ******* told him to keep to his own space/distance. A swollen testicle is just the job for xmas. No plans to have any more kids thankfully.
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    Man if that was a movie it couldn't have been anymore exciting. How funny is it to watch the game until the end and come on here and read everyone's comments? Somehow though in my third eye or something I could see we were always going to win this. Honestly, I think we are not far off being a really good team.
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    We should buy him one of those products with the "Old Guys Rule" slogan on it.
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    Sure he missed but dont forget...they tried to **** us again! Would have been more points stolen by this ******* **** **** broken league **** **** **** system **** refs and ****ing ****s of ****
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    Very happy but very angry, can't believe the refs ******* cheating scum
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    Sullivan and Tarek were perfect changes by Babbel. It has totally fixed up.the areas we have been having trouble with tonight and we look a totally different side since they have come on. Stoked!
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    I’m surprised you lasted this long after rage typing the last seven match reports.
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    Get in there great ball from auburn Maldini mueller pick that out
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    Geez Robbie Cornthwaite really hasn’t forgiven us has he?! I have actually been impressed with the bit of mongrel shown in midfield and up front but our defence is truly, staggeringly non-existent. May as well just come off so at least Lopar gets a clear view of the ball coming at him!
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    David Squires Cartoons

    I once said peak a-league is unachievable, but that night was the closest we've ever come to reaching that elusive summit.
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    David Squires Cartoons

    Peak A-league anniversary David Squires on ... the anniversary of the most A-League game of all time https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/dec/26/david-squires-on-the-anniversary-of-the-most-a-league-game-of-all-time?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
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    Put O’Sullivan there she’s ace
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    Oh s***** Referee: Chris Beath Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo Fourth Official: Daniel Elder VAR: Kurt Ams
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    maybe it's the alcoholic haze and sunset blazing through the blinds that firms my belief we are going to win, yep honestly believe a win in Adelaide coming up, time to upturn another bottle of red now methinks, Joyus Crimbo everyone logging off now before i embarrass myself, texting & drinking do not mix!
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    Off Topic Thread 4

    Had some last night but glorious morning here on the coast, been in the water and waves already and my son is trying out his new snorkel set going up and down the sea pool. Happy xmas to all at WSF, hope you have a great day
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    He deserves no credit for anything. I can't really say whay he deserves on a public forum...but it's certainly not good!
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    we Didn’t deserve it but who gives a stuff
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