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    Amateur Association Football

    I am in my 29th year of coaching and over the years have learnt plenty from others, here are a few tips from my experiences; - keep them happy and keep them busy, lineup type drills should be kept to a minimum, keep them active - they need structure, every session has to have a definitive starting point so do the same 'warm up' every time which is less of a warm up at that age and more of a 'ok we are in training mode now' and give them the same start to every session - don;t rant and rave at them at training. kids that play up just ask them to go sit down, none of this old school running around the field where you need to keep one eye on them, just tell them to go sit over there and if a parent asks why, tell them, also let the kids know in advance if they play up they will go sit until YOU are ready for them to rejoin - works a treat after one or two go down. - Kids are not the problem at this age, parents are. Just tell parents you are happy to talk to them and listen to suggestions after training and after games, otherwise every week before games when you are trying to get stuff done you won't have the time and they feel like you brush them. Also get kids to have their own drink bottles at games and all in one spot (with you and manager) so parents have no need to approach them at half time during games and take them away from parents on other side to sit down at half time to discuss things. - Rules, believe it or not kids love rules and I have 5 which they use like a mantra every session when they do something counter to them, have been using the same 5 rules for 20 years and if they break them I ask them to repeat the rules and it seems to work - 1. Never argue with a teammate 2. Never bad mouth the opposition 3. The referee is always right 4. Only one person talks at a time 5. Never ever give up. So if they all start talking when you are for example I say What's rule 4 and they say it and then are quiet, if two of them are having a go at training I ask them whats rule 1 and they mimick it - sounds stupid I know but it seems to work. Finally good luck with it, there is nothing like it. The day you see something you worked on at training work in a game you will be hooked for life. If you need any assistance or want to ask a question or anything just pm me as well.
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    Knowing Jaush he'll aim for Western United and actually hit France
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    Doesn't matter whether it was $18 million or $180 million, whether it's for critical, current, end-of-life or whatever the story is re the refurb vs knock down arguments. The SCG Trust is a state government body with a group of board members who have consistently and continually deflected, distracted and failed to meet the basic duty of care that they have to all of in NSW, in managing the resource in the safest and least expensive manner possible. This is borne out in their decision to install a huge jumbotron screen with its attendant multi-million $ cost when they were supposed to be focused on meeting the compliance issues that they themselves, through their most vituperative & rabid member & advocate, Alan Jones, have argued for. Furthermore, their arguments have been built on fallacious and egregiously insulting comparisons between the SFS and Hillsborough. How can anyone take their viewpoint on the SFS demolition seriously, or ignore the political implications of why they have been arguing for what they are getting seriously in light of their past management and posturing? As for the work of Stuart 'AJ's Rectum is on my Tongue' Ayres, he is still to demonstrate how a new SFS will get us the new world events we weren't getting because of what we have at Moore Park now. If that prick believes FIFA will give us a world cup because of a new SFS he is even thicker than the FFA were in 2010. And remember...this SCG Trust is the same mob who undoubtedly facilitated, if not leaked, via Boozy Becs the names and details of those members and fans of our club and others that were banned. It seems somewhat naive if not hypocritical to believe in the Trust on this issue, when they have shown they are a self-seeking bunch of Tory karnts, willing to sacrifice anyone that doesn't tow their line.
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    City Crunched 3-0

    I liked how Llorente chopped down the City player when they didn't stop play after Yeboah was injured. You can debate whether it was smart or not, but showing that passion sticking up for your mates is admirable in my book.
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    City Crunched 3-0

    Man of the Match for me was the "Headcounter" (JC was reported to have turned water into wine) He turned the crowd of 4.000 into 7.000. Give that man an Abacus.
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    Yeah it’s generally pretty **** At work I have gammarly the chrome extension look after me on my phone I got nothing so I deliver what the Aussie education system made of me 😂
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    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    I very much doubt Vedran could successfully grab anything.
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    We can stop them getting the Plate and will after we win and Perth win Sunday. So this it how it will pan out, we win 3-1 or maybe 3-2 if they get a late one, social media lights up saying WSW own this city, ESFC fire back we played ACL mid week, WSW fire back you mean that little tournament we won back in 2014 when we won more games in Asia that one attempt than you have in 5 attempts? and they all lived happily ever after and forget the **** season we had.
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    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    It's basic The team dominated for first 30 mins & then after huffing & puffing only had 1 goal to show for it Newy came out in the 2nd half & did what they had to do to get level. Then Vedran allows himself to be pushed into the goal with the pill in his useless fücking gloves, then looks around as if he's a spotlighted Roo (a sight so common this season he should be kicked to the curb the minute the whistle blows against Victory) The best Baccus is ours More defensive errors from guys who would struggle to get a start in any of our first 4 seasons teams, and are barely a step up from the likes of Golec & Mullen. Babbel has tried his best to polish a Richard the III he inherited from Gonebau, & whilst some of his signings have worked out the lead ballast in the squad is killing the club oh & a big thank you to the Little Hitlers of Newy's secco crew & their Sicherheitdienst comrades from NSW Police. They made sure that any dangerous practices like fans being active were kept under a tight lid.
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    City Crunched 3-0

    That game was a great advertisement for a top 4, rather than a top 6. Did anyone else notice the way best Baccus celebrated our third goal. His steal off Kearyn was well executed & 2 touches later, Riera had put it in the onion bag.
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    City Crunched 3-0

    How Babel has got this team up for the last couple of months of football after the season we've had, is a marvel.
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    Llorente couldn’t defend last year either, looks good going forward, great hair terrible defender He looked ok in the first few games but by the end of the Gombau reign was total **** I submit The Victory game at ANZ as evidence
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    Football Federation Australia statement on Sydney Cricket Ground How can the FFA say "Last night’s conditions were unacceptable" and in the same press release say “The processes we have in place approved the surface last night as playable and safe"? Either their processes are inadequate or they are not competent enough to follow their processes effectively.
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    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Betcha He didn't drop the Kebab.
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    Seriously, how good would it be if we could replicate this at our first game back at Parra. Whether it be the Leeds Lollipop game or our first A-League match there, it would be sensational. The FFA ain't going to do anything about atmosphere at games. They're only trying to destroy it. Well **** them, we need more of this ….. We need to bring the passion back to Parra.
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    Holy MOLY!!! I do a daily walk around Parramatta park & all the temporary fencing has come down, first time able to see around the outer perimeter. Got to walk behind the western stand, car park all done (increased the car parking 6-8x from old stadium), landscaping 99% done & the stadium I can’t tell you how incredible it looks!! Mrs Prydz is now referring to it as my girlfriend (oh what are you doing? You’re seeing your girlfriend again or do you need to walk around the park with the little one today it’s cold & rainy, oh I forgot, you’re seeing your girlfriend again ) BWS stadium Actually don’t mind that name, bottleshop stadium I like to think of it like this, all the egg ball codes can trash the stadium all they want, 3 games a week & totally ripped up. As long as the surface has plenty of time to recover (eels not making the finals is a given) so by our first game it’s pristine. I’d be happy to play our first game round 2 or 3 (isn’t the usual opening round currently booked in for a 3 day 6’s tournament?) just to make sure it’s all good to go!
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    Opening match should be our CCM friends with a nod to our first game at the old stadium. Will be nice for CCM also. Sat night WSW v CCM with the 'football comes home' banner dusted off...
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    I'm also an Eels fan and a Wanderers fan, but I don't feel the need to constantly post tripe against the Wanderers on this site just to big note the Eels. You're just being a massive douche bag by doing so. You've been caught out on LU for being a dick as well and big noting. I'd suggest you quit while you're behind. And.... when you highlight in caps about "WE SOLD OUT WITH A MONTH TO SPARE, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH YOU GUYS", I highly doubt you're a Wanderers fan at all. So, in short, **** off.
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    City Crunched 3-0

    The last time I enjoyed a home game was the semi against Roar. The last time I truly enjoyed an away game - atmosphere, performance, result and all - was the S5 4:1 in Gosford, when Tyson had himself sent off. That's a long time ago. I believe that some people appreciate the food at SOP. I don't go to football for the chow, but for the games. For me the whole SOP experience has been painful from back to front. Utter crap. The polar opposite of Parramatta. I would like to think that these three transitional years will be remembered as the darkest period of the club as time moves on. No idea if it will take time for the club to be rebooted next season, everyone will have their own thoughts about that. But I personally can't wait for SOP to disappear in the rear mirror, and for us to return to Parra Mk 2. We are nearly there.
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    The We Won The Asian Champions League Stadium
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    I don't understand how people don't see why we need it. Or at least what the purpose is. Does the Australian football community not understand how much more money CFG and SFC will spend than the rest of us if the cap is removed? Do we all understand that we will never see a 1st place or a grand final again? Who here enjoys watching Juve win Serie A every ******* season? How about the same 3 teams in La Liga? L1 and PSG? How about China? How about the oil leagues? No thanks from me
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