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    1. Get off Majok's back. Those calling him a 'poor man's Sotirio' are blind or stupid. Yes first touch was noticeably poor on occasions, but his pass selection and movement is top-notch. Still a kid, already better than Jaush and will improve with the experience. 2. Anti-Babbel brigade need to understand what a manager's role is. He has this team playing beautiful football that is a joy to watch. Mistakes made in previous weeks ARE being corrected the following week and we are showing continual improvement throughout 'the process'. Results WILL follow even with all the challenges of inheriting a young team. 3. I thought stalwarts Vedran and Ori were off last night while the oft-flaky Risdon was MotM. We need to get it together / perform as a whole and we will destroy oppositions. 4. Not long to go in the worst stadium on the planet. EDIT: 5. RBB was the best in a long time last night. Loud and proud at a false home deserves some real credit. Keep it up legends.
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    It's kind of ironic that 2 weeks ago, we all marched past cow paddocks to arrive at a stadium in a small country town with a manicured billiard table of a pitch. Last night, we all walked past the manicured Olympic Park precinct in Australia's biggest city and ended up in stadium with a cow paddock as a pitch.
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    Only one of our clubs has fans with a proven track record of burning down a stadium and it ain't us.
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    Great and now because i thumped a door in frustration after second goal my wife and daughter have turned game off and are forcing me to calm down by watching A Muppet Christmas Carol while putting up the Christmas tree. For this hellish experience I also hold the club responsible......
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    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    after the game majority of the players came to the away fans. we fans have the right to be angry and voice our opinion but I felt bad when one of our fans threw a scarf at them and said a few nasty thing. our players are human and **** like that doesn't help. its not gonna make them play any better.
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    Majok was the only one who looked like getting into a position to score tonight, but alas his 1st touch was less than satisfactory on most occasions. I hope he gets more of an opportunity as he can be effective when he gets regular minutes. All in all, my 4th last trip to that Soulless venue.
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    I honestly don't think it matters who we have coaching. While we have JT and the current board we are just going to stagger from crisis to crisis. What a ******* shambles.
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    Nothing tells you more about a person than how they go out. Just shut up and leave you pathetic man. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/outgoing-ffa-chairman-lowy-takes-final-shot-at-critics
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    Duped Arnold and Slater I like him already
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    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    @Smoggy I wasn’t suggesting I’d be alone in that I’m not a hero I think dickhead is the term We will all be there, we are alll tragics Aren’t we? This is now starting to feel much more familiar to me, the success stuff never sat comfortably. Surely football is all about pain and misery.. its not supposed to be enjoyable
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    Didn't get the result but playing a **** load better then last year. Give the coach and players a chance. RBB was great fun. Hasn't been that good in a long time and the stand in capo can take the credit becuase his enthusiam really made a difference. I'm disappointed with the result but the teams actually showing potential so lets not start crying like little bitches just yet.
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    I will always miss it, I don't care how good the new place is. I will miss the view from the north terrace. Seeing the parra skyline and the trees of the park etc. That kind of thing situates a ground and makes it feel like it's got personality, like it's part of a wider thing. The design brief talked the talked as far as that stuff goes, but it's not going to have it, I don't think, for all the steepness and everything (which is awesome). I'll miss the hill behind the north terrace outside the ground, from which you could see half the pitch if you got in the right spot. I'll miss the footpaths behind the terraces at either end, again, that glimpse of the pitch when you are still not quite properly in the stadium i.e., to the seats - but you can still feel like you are almost there. At the north end, the ridiculous garden path down to the bar, right next to the fence, and the bushes there that afforded naughty school children the chance for a furtive smoke without going out. I'll miss the **** carpark and the dusty grass outside, and the trees - the scenes of anticipation before, celebration after, the riot squad moving through.
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    When it was January transfers and we were ion desperate need for a striker and everyone was excited we were going to sign Scott Mcdonald but then we signed we signed Ryan Griffiths ahh good times
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    We seem to put too much blame on coaches ( all of them) they are the easy target. Sure you can blame them for the subs they make, the players they pick/buy and the plan for the game but they are not on the field. No matter who the coach is, if players consistently miss from a meter out you cannot win games and you cannot blame the coach. Looking at yesterday's game the plan was good, the build up good, player selection/subs ok (considering the choice) the finishing as dismal as the pitch.
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    It feels like so long ago since Castelen and Bridge toar Victory to shreds in front of a deafening full house at Parramatta... can't believe we've been shite for so long and it's definitely getting depressing at this stage. How far we have fallen in 3 years. Breaks my heart.
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    I've been resisting a visit here - partly because I thought it might make me feel sad, and partly because I thought it might take me all day to respond. But here goes...in roughly chronological order...mainly from quite a way back... The walk up O'Connell Street before the first game...high-fiving people waving their arms out of cars stopped at traffic lights. That first ever game vs the mariners - the RBB in its infancy... the rain (and not caring we were in the rain)... being relieved that, as Popa had hoped, the team was "competitive". The Adelaide 6-1 game, the "we want four...we want five...we want six''' chants around me in the Eastern Stand...and the looks on the faces of newbies near me at the WDWSF chants. Dino's first ever goal....the delirium... and the relief. The drive home after that night of Dino's first goal - and one of my sons saying to me, "So....that's what pure ecstacy feels like!" Dino's second goal. Every goal Shinji scored. Every time Shinji bowed at the end of a game. Eating out in Parra pre game - enjoying the excitement and anticipation...and the sound and energy of every march. The African drummers post game after a Harmony Day round. The first ever Victory game at AAMI - the win, the post game chants in the stadium long after the full time whistle, the walk back to the train station with a very drunk Victory supporter, who (despite his team getting beaten) couldn't help raving about our supporters as he staggered and stumbled along...and after that,... being thanked for coming down to the game by other Victory supporters at a set of traffic lights. The early Gosford games...the upper stand vibrating scarily to the Posnan….the second big "These Colours" chant away from home (as I recall). The chants in the tunnel at Newcastle...and especially....winning the Plate there. The "Campiones" chant...walking back to the train station with NTS's mum and aunty up from Canberra (who didn't introduce themselves until we were parting from them at the station). My husband getting on his knees in the railway tunnel, and kissing Nikolai's mum on the hand...in thanks for giving us her son! Meeting NTS's mum again at a restaurant before a Brisbane game, and walking to the stadium with her. Meeting FCB and his wife for the first time at Suncorps that night. All the ACL games - including the "white pitch" game. After one of those ACL games, being told by a woman who lived in Dundas that she could clearly hear the cheers from Pirtek every time the Wanderers scored! At the pub with many other supporters in Adelaide the night before the GF - and the chants there - especially Glorious - lolol - with many of those chanting pointing in my direction, since I had been very vocal in my love of that chant - NOT! I loved it at that moment though! Meeting a number of - WSF members there - including Hoops and his brother (if you read this Hoops - say hello to your brother for me!) Meeting Wanderboy again (met him for the first time the evening before) strolling through the streets of Adelaide on the morning of the game. Being outside the pub in Adelaide pre-game to listen to the chants within, and watch the antics of Hektik Hektor on the roof over the road. Having Smoggy sneak up on me from behind ...to offer condolences about the loss of that Adelaide GF "There's always next year!" he said...before vanishing into the crowd. Away from the games - feeling kind of anxious, and then ...relieved.... at liking so many of my fellow WS Forumites whenever I've joined in gatherings at the BBC, and the West Concord Pub pre SOP games. There are too many of you to name - but you will all know who you are...if in fact you read this! And finally ...getting to know many other WSW supporters who I haven't yet met, through these forums, and having interesting and engaging conversations on a hundred and one topics with them. PS Didn't take that long to compose - the memories came flooding back. Hopefully, when we get back to Parra, there will be many more to add to the list of memorable moments.
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    Markus Babbel Is New Wanderers Coach

    So in summary , were definitely a top 10 team.
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    Ris-don Ris-good
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    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Don't worry folks the new stadium will make these onfield debacles go away just you wait and see...just think we will have a much better view of the Sh@te being served up to us..
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    So.....Does anyone have any memories post beginning of November 2014? Just goes to show that we've been mediocre for 4 years.... PS only exceptions are the 5-4 semi and SFC vincible season - 2 moments in 4 years....not good.
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    Fair questions which require a long answer. At the post-season function in April Lederer made a comment along the line of "we want to be the best". When they signed Babbel my expectation was that they'd throw in a couple of quality senior players, in particular a midfielder and a winger, to back that up that claim. To my surprise, for whatever reason, that didn't happen, and we ended up playing with the youth squad instead. Go figure. Our coach is ambitious, he once said that "I am working to be successful, and I couldn't care less about my public image". Before the season MB made a comment that the team have set the bar high for themselves. They don't talk publicly about it what their aspirations are, but I doubt that they just have 4th spot in mind. In S1 WSW, after nine rounds, had 10 points and were in 8th spot. So we are still on target to win the title :-). But yes, Babbel's comments last week suggest that he doesn't see us as a genuine title contender. To be honest, I'd be more comfortable if Ziegler, Roly and Bridgey were available, we miss them badly, and we rely on young players to deliver the goods. But I don't share other people's view that out squad is not good enough. It just lacks experience right now. Still, it is quite telling that Fitzgerald is sitting in the stands, that Sotirio and Mahazi are on the bench. Younger players are overtaking them. Babbel is a marquee manager, absolutely. I've been following the career of this guy since he played for Hamburg in 1992. Does not make me an expert, but I've picked up a few things over the last 25 years which is why I rate him. He is highly respected within the German football community, he is high profile for a reason. Kicker sports mag considered the TV interview they did with him last week "very special", and the chief editor was part of those who interviewed him. Bild newspaper is coming out in January to do a feature report on Babbel and Treejack. And so people in Germany and Switzerland are hearing about WSW, the HAL is arriving on people's radar over there which is a pleasant side effect. He is considered a top manager in Germany. Right now Bayern's coach Kovac has his head on the chopping block, and the kicker guys wanted to know if Babbel would be prepared to "help" Bayern (=take over) if he was asked. The kicker guys believe that he has the goods, and so do I. He could take over any BL side. But he is not the kind of guy who puts up with the BS and the politics that comes with big league football, and they would be wary of him being as outspoken as he is. What does he do differently? He told us what needs to change: Juric, Bozanic, Ruka - they can have great games, be as good as anyone, but they only do it once every month. He doesn't rate HAL journeymen who go from club to club, it's too easy for players to move on without them having to really pick up their game. He expects his players to show up every week, be active for 90 minutes, maintain structure, keep pushing, and defend to secure a result if required. He demands that players don't touch the ball six, seven, eight times before they pass it, but once or twice. At the very least he wants WSW to be hard to beat. That's were we are heading. I am expecting WSW to be a BL2-grade side in the HAL. Performance and results will be accordingly. Not in every game, but often enough. It will keep the others on their toes, they all will have to review what they are doing. That will be the league wide transformation that I've been talking about. I know that I am leaning out of the window a fair bit, and I am doing it comfortably. Merrick gets the best out of mediocre HAL players, and good on him. But guys like Boogaard, Hoffmann, Georgievski - they ain't going to get any better from here onwards. Instead, we fielded a double six and two wingers with little HAL experience between them, and yet they had the Jets under the pump for much of the game. It's only going to get better from here. Hope that explains my position, past and present.
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    The problem is at the end of the exchange they give our refs back.
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    I'm calling it were gonna win because we have Japanese ref and we all know that Japanese refs love Wanderers
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