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    i'm lost on the internet. i came here 7 years ago looking for Laura Dundovic pics and i've been stuck ever since
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    As off this evening, Tony Abbott is a free agent. We could do with a ruthless right winger...
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    Well our defence had more holes last season than swiss cheese so a swiss keeper can help plug the gaps
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    Just think how emotional Ribery's gonna be when he has his first cevapi at an FFA Cup game.
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    Condolences (RIP)

    RIP Bob Hawke.....one of our better PM's.
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    Thank god we are part of Europe given we're in the Eurovision song contest. Failing that, we could always change Austria to Australia on the final contract.
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    FFA confirm structure of 2019-20 A-League season We've got the the point where the FFA don't even try to hide their priorities. They just come out and say that Foxtel's broadcast metrics are a higher priority than "fairness and competition integrity". Also not playing everyone the same number of times is crap. You just know we're going to get extra games against ESFC, Victory and Perth while someone else will get CCM, Brisbane and the Jets.
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    FFA thought they won checkmate after they stalled to prevent the ban appeal process coming in, along with all their other agreements. They stalled and stalled and finally got their "family friendly" atmosphere at Victory and WSW games after both clubs went in to try and kill off the active groups. What good did it do? The A-League has lost 2600 people per game from the average regular season crowd season 2013/14 the year after WSW joined the league. The TV ratings tanked so badly Fox is looking to ditch the league or at the very least pay a much lower amount for the rights. How Gallop still has a job is beyond me.
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Turkey would be an easy choice for him, but if he & his family want an adventure, then Rooty Hill it is
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Ribery has excluded France as his next destination... So we're still in with a chance!
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    My answer to that would be - "tough ****". You wanna see every game, go to the ground! In any case, you'd hope this is a short-term thing. The goal should be 14 teams, with home and away, for a 26 round season. That's the other area the FFA have failed - inspiring people about the future. AGAIN. If they stated when teams 13 and 14 could come in, and people knew the ultimate goal was an even, fair competition, they'd be more likely to put up with whatever the interim arrangement is. Instead we just get "Fox is more important than integrity".
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    LOL After copping it so hard about lack of transparency (which they haven't improved regarding financials, banned fans etc.), the FFA try and explain their decision. In doing so they openly admit that fairness and INTEGRITY of the competition are not the most important things. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a bunch of ******* idiots. Then they compound the issue by saying that Foxsports ratings are more important than fans turning up to the game. Maybe one day it will dawn on them that the ratings are linked to the atmosphere and passion of the live experience. Last night in the NRL one team demolished another by 38-12. But because this was a case of a packed home stadium in Newcastle, full of fans going off, insiring their team to beat the favourites, after the game the commentators and news articles raved about what a great night it was. Had one team beat another 38-12 in front of 8,000 people politely clapping, most viewers would turn off at hafltime. Chasing ratings by making decisions based purely on the thoughts of tv executives is a Catch 22. You make bad decisions, fans don't come, ratings dive, so you make the next decision based off what tv execs think will help, it therefore is likely to be a bad decision, fans don't come...
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    After 29 rounds there will be 3 rounds of finals. Total 32. For fairness there should be 30 rounds so everyone plays each other 3 times. Then, if they must they can have 2 rounds of finals for the top 4. Total 32. How hard is it?
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    There can't be any surprises that MB is tightening things at the back, he was quite clear about that in the presser after round 27. That's what is happening. It's a long way from the HAL to serious football. Birrighitti was in a fourth division team or something, and not playing much, yet he is seen as our saviour. In the meantime our new man managed to hold on to a contract for yonks in a reasonable European league. There is is message in this. The two Swiss guys plus ziegler will be a very different proposition when compared with JoD/GG/Mahazi, Hammer and Snake. That'll be 20 odd goals less conceded next season No more BS. No more mediocrity. And please, no more clown ball at wsw. Enough is enough.
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    Yes. Also, foreign players will have to play a couple of seasons in Nauru or PNG before being eligible for the A-League. If they get suspended they will be deported to country of origin. However there will be exemptions for white South Africans and French W-League players.
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    We'd be better off with Mr Burns. Excellent Smithers.
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    It's still more than a month away so no match thread for a while. For me I'm going because it's the new stadium.
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    I don’t believe the our club killed active support. SOP, FFA and police killed active support, the club was unable to stop them doing it, although arguably they could have tried harder. I’ll get flamed here but elements within our support don’t help either
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    WRGMG. Real Estate Property Managers. Why do they think that if you rent you're automatically a f'n moron. Painting over the top of rising damp and mould doesn't make it go away, and last time I checked skirting boards don't rot on there own. Surely painting over the top of a known defect constitutes deceptive practice and could nullify a contract. A car dealership can't sell you a car with known defect, or has it come to the stage where you're going to need to have a independent assessor check your rental property. Ffs.
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

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    ScoMo is that you?
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    Just send the 60 minutes kidnap team!
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    Nantes FC: Supporters message (Banner) to the French FA last season game at home against Lille. Would be appropriate and not out of place in the A League, especially Wanderers. " We bring the stands to life; You shut them". " We support our Club; You exploit them". "We create displays; you ban them". Do you not have, simply put, a problem with football?
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    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Now we’re talking
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    They back themselves and the boss man doesn’t give a **** what the outsiders think. There’s been calls all season for the AFL to segregate fans and they’ve flat out said: no chance. If that was the FFA in the same position, they wouldn’t just segregate the fans - they’d probably just ban away fans from attending games altogether in an attempt to seek approval from the masses...
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