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    Thought it worthwhile to put up some info here that was discussed in tonight's members committee meeting with some of the suits as it may help give forumites a handle on where the club (thinks) it's heading, where it's been, and what they are saying to us or asking for. Before I continue, a few points...first off I have no minutes or other official documents, and others who were at the meeting may interpret what I saw and put down here differently. I will try not to speak for others, but if my observations are worth correction from other forumites who were there please go for it. Now there was an agenda for those present (about 20 members) and the following points were covered: South West Sydney A certain balding club chairman fired up over this and how the FFA handled the expansion, not just with respect to SWS but also the Western Melbourne Generics. The phrase 'dutch auction' may have been used regarding the decision to expand via these franchises, and said chairman may have said that the Wanderers will continue to do what it can in servicing as much of the new mob's catchment. The club was certainly opposed to the SWS bid, especially after the two previous groups combined into one), but the opposition was left behind closed doors so as to avoid the bad look given to the sport & HAL via the smurfs stoushing with Southern expansion. Corporate facilities & western stand Bottom line the almost complete lock out of the western stand at Bankwest from members was driven by the design of the new stadium as laid out by Infrastructure NSW & the govt. Whilst the club might be able to position more members over that side further down the road, it would appear that for now politics and economics associated with the new stadium have driven the agenda. Police As had been spoken of at last year's members' forum at Marconi, the Homebush LAC have been pricks and the suits have struggled to get any lee way from them. The discussions with the North West LAC commander for the return to Parra are apparently more positive, due in some part to the chief rozzer being sokkah compliant. However said balding man with a Greek surname did reiterate that the club is very much at the mercy of the venue providers & NSW Police Farce when it comes to how games are policed. In my opinion not enough focus was placed on how dodgy seccos can be/have been, and it would appear that just like the police situation the venue management will be the one deciding how the goon squads operate. Active support & the decline in crowd attendance Plenty of chat here about how the club was supportive of the RBB but also how logistically problematic it was dealing with them at times. That same bloke with the lack of hair put as much of a positive spin on the relationship between the suits and all actives as he could...I'll leave it up to those actually engaged in those discussions to present a complementary or contradictory standpoint. The decline in crowd numbers was certainly linked to the shite venues we've endured, and also to the misfirings and bad luck seen this season on the pitch. Snakes got a few mentions for his brain explosions, whereas on the other hand the introduction of rising young talent through the academy & youff was lauded. One very telling comment was made about last season's coach...Gonebau apparently never spent any time with any of the NYL group etc after one first introductory match. Wanderland 2.0, seat allocations and 2019/20 memberships There's going to be a flood of info coming out from tomorrow onwards. Bottom line seat allocations will be coordinated initially via group leaders and by category (Red, then Black, etc etc). Membership prices are going up, but based on a desultory review of my own situation it's possibly around a hike for an individual of $30 for 2019/20. The message was the pricing modelling was extremely hard to develop and the overall aim was to keep membership prices at the lower end of the range contrasted with other clubs. General stuff Nothing was discussed re the W-League team...hope to address that later Marquee for 2019/20...see today's World Game report...it's the same we heard tonight Mudgee...the chief suit was livid that the FFA scheduled the Matildas in competition with our community round...reportedly not telling anyone until after the Mudgee announcement and then it was by email Safe standing...after a bit of argy-bargy the new safe standing fixtures will be a drop in model so as to not disrupt the poor ickle NRL twats Unless there are 60,000 people hanging to go to a derby we will never be going back to ANZ for such a game Leeds fans have at least one bay sorted in the new stadium & may be allocated more seating around the venue. Hope this gives some idea what went down. I can't speak for the others, but I'd be okay if anyone wants to DM me on something that they want the club to hear about. I might not be able to help, but perhaps I can at least suggest who and how to approach.
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    Babbel in the post-game about Majok, "he can do fantastic things, but also sometimes the touch is longer than I can shoot, but this is abe."
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    RBB Announcement | Season Boycott

    So so I Happy, So do I. But I don't want my name and face in a terrorism file. I don't want my wife to be manhandled and patted down with a metal detected "going off" for no apparent reason. I don't want to be stared down by power tripping thug security guards that try to stop you from celebrating Santa's hattrick. I don't want to have to show my membership card every time I enter the bay. I don't want to have to fear for my safety despite being surrounded by riot squad and security. RBB and like minded people have to been to a fkc tonne of terrible matches all over the country and the world, in terrible conditions, mid week where all these other so called "true fans" stay at home because the scheduling is bad, or the team is doing badly. 5k at Campbelltown for ACL and FFA Cup semi final. Low crowds when we are at bottom of the table. Low crowds when it is raining. But many other people and RBB are still there, making noise doing everything they can to lift the team despite them playing terribly. Oh, but NOW the team needs us because they've been dire the entire season. NOW they need the circus monkeys to dance to "support the team". F...u..ck. off. I've paid my money. I've travelled the country and overseas spending thousands of dollars following this team. I've spent hundreds of hours documenting the first couple years in film form. I've spent more every week producing podcasts and articles. And there are many like me. But because I choose not to go to a game and get fkd by authorities and profiled and risk my and my wife's career by getting on some "list" because someone swore is a joke. The generalisation from people like you and some in the media that the RBB is full of 20 yo lebos is entirely misguided. What makes you a true fan and someone like me, my family and friends not? I watched the game. Just at home. The best 45 minutes? I've seen better. And against better opposition. Brisbane were terrible and made us look good. Trying to guilt trip us that we should be there for the team, like numpties such as Robbie Slater. I'm not going to put aside the bs we face every week to appease people like you and "support the team no matter what" despite constantly being vilified for it. I do support the team no matter what. RBB were in a lose lose situation in people like yours minds. Win = don't need the RBB Lose = its the RBB's fault. Again, fkc off. We sing because that's how we support. We don't sing for you. You can't demand we turn up and put on a show for you. When WSW was winning, everyone got on board. But now when WSW lose, now its RBB's fault. Look around you. 5 years ago every A-League team had decent support and crowds. Now, no one is left. Why is that? Not all teams have been terrible. Its because the authorities, the clubs, the FFA have killed all organic growth and support. Its a sad sight. The Cove is only there because SFC have been handed wins and titles and have bowed down to the FFA for their goody two shoe image. People forget that Cove, NT, Red Army clashed years before WSW were around. There were flares and fights since day 1 in the A-league. This is NOT an RBB invention despite the popular opinion stating as such. The issues have been boiling since we moved to SOP. Its getting worse and worse and people are sick of it. Why have numbers ACROSS THE BOARD (at WSW games and the league) dropped the last 2 years? That is the real question. Stop trying to blame your own passionate fans for joining the long list of people that have walked away entirely from the league. We're still here though. Many that left before us will never return. EDIT: Now I KNOW Happy is a sad troll.
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    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    What a club , no coach , no active support , no sponsor and no stadium But the board stay 🤦‍♂️ JT🖕OUT
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    Here you go Wendy, I was down at Parra Park last weekend early one morning and did this for 20 mins or so-
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    I paid $47.60 (including a $6.60 'handling fee') for an active ticket. I paid that much to attend each of our GF's, if that. That's almost $50 to attend a regular round match of a stale, 10 team league with declining crowds and tv figures, on a Sunday night, 1 hour + away from home, in a section of the crowd where I'll see farrrk all and be treated like a criminal from the minute I get off the train at central... Considering that only 4 days out, there's only 2 sections of the stadium that have been exhausted (one of those sections I think is like the active ends and just passwords restricted access), I reckon they'll be lucky to crack 25k. Congratulations to everyone involved in killing what was once the most popular sporting fixture in Sydney
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    Been ages since I've posted here but last night's effort has got me off me arse so here goes. First off, the response from the players was exactly what was needed after the City match. No one likes losing, especially those of us who have been on board since before the first HAL game and know what it was like in our halcyon first season. However what really makes everyone fking rage is when players exhibit zero pride or commitment whilst repping us and the west. We saw that happen against Melchester and if the players did the same against Victory well it would've been a stab in the cruets. Thankfully the guys brought the right attitude and did far better, and dare I say played far more in a commensurate way with their (supposed) abilities. Perhaps the prime case in point was Tarek. He is a great guy & has had some banner moments over his career. However his age & lack of pace is telling against him, and to be honest I have always believed since his signing he should have been a squaddie, not a starter. Last Tuesday he was embarrassing, whereas last night he put in a big effort. Okay, he was partly responsible for the second goal, losing his man due to sheer pace. However for most of the game he used his football brain to great effect and never gave up. Obviously the find of the game (and possibly our season so far) was Tate Russell. He was a breath of fresh air and showed great promise. Of course (as pointed out on Twitter) he needs to keep posting efforts like this so as not to become our next Daniel Alessi. I'd like to be optimistic and say he will go further, partly because he has been developing for several months now (as per Taurus's reports) and also Babbel is bringing the right attitude to inculcating a squad culture where the young uns will be given chances. Majok's cameo was frustrating and entertaining; how he was called offside beats the **** out of me however his ball control is still like watching a cat and an armadillo trying to root in a sugar bag. Poor bugger is so tall it must take his feet 30 seconds for the brain to get the right message to them. He's no sure starter in the future however the lad shows promise & I hope Babbel persists. Biscuits is obviously going through a shocker right now and I really hope he can correct it. I don't want to write him off after last night, however he is certainly not leading the line as we need. Having said that, the lack of scoring issue needs to be spread across our entire attacking group. If Oriel was supported by Roly, Kamau with more goals then perhaps our resident Catalan would be less pressured. Sadly however he is at the blunt end of an attack that is a very plae shadow of those days when we had St Dino, Fat Head and Hersi, backed by Shinji. Could talk a lot more about individual players etc but will leave for later. However a few things comes to mind. First off, hats off to anyone who went last night; to keep coming to matches in such dire conditions is what you have to put in so you can savour the good times more so. Also, considering aspects of the venue and the issues that arose since the City game, respect to the RBB folk who brought the noise. We all know how scheisse ANZ is, but there was some good vibes coming out of the active end. If Babbel's Boys can continue on the trajectory we saw last night then there's hope for a reasonable end of season ladder position. Cull some of the baggage he and we inherited from last season's Gonebau clusterfuq, keep hammering the attitude, bring in a couple of higher quality recruits & cultivating our youff, then our return to Parra Wanderland 2.0 may be a good one.
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    No it wasnt the right call for a lot of reasons, here's a few. Firstly Beatth rules a DIRECT free kick (his arm clearly gives the foul signal) which means he has not given an offside decision but a foul. Second when he changes his mind at the end of the game and said it is offside, the offside rule uses the word proximity, Sotirio is never preventing Zullo from getting there for two reasons, firstly because Zullo goes down of his own accord quicker than a two bob hooker and secondly he was never going to get to boy crossing the ball, therefore cannot be offside due to being outside the proximity. Thirdly and probably most importantly whether it is a foul or offside it really doesn't matter, it is VAR, was it an OBVIOUS error, well from the reactions from everyone debating it I would say it is not an obvious anything. So Beath got it wrong, at the time, on review and after the game so not once, not twice, but three times.
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    The club throwing the supporter marshall under the bus for doing her job is pretty low. What a weak as piss bunch of soft cocks we have running our club. The only time they act tough is when they are berating their own fans. Get ****ed.
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    Popovic Abandons WSW On Brink Of Season

    I had the priveledge of watching Popa do his thing at training over a long period of time and for me every coach we have will always be compared to him. He'll always be the original. He embodied the culture of the West. He achieved something that I don't believe will ever be replicated by any Australian club. He did it with minimal resources or funds and he did it by squeezing every ounce of effort from his players through honest, hard work. It's not ideal timing but as far as I'm concerned he's earnt the right to follow his dreams. He keeps his cards close to his chest but I can guarantee that WSW will always be in Popa's heart. He's played one of the biggest roles in building the club we all love and relate to. For every heartbreak, he bought us the greatest of joys and he made us all dream and believe. So many memories I have from our first 5 years under his reign will forever be some of the happiest times of my life. At the end of the day, it may be just sport but it's really confronting at just how sad it is to see him go. Bravo Popa, what a bloody legend. King of the West!!
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    Unhappy New Year

    Well that was utter ****. I’m not even going to start with the on field stuff. However I’d like to set the record straight about some of the off field stuff I saw. I sit about 10 metres to the right of the tunnel behind the away bench so I was pretty much in the middle of what happened. I clearly heard and saw everything that happened as the players walked off. Three or four RBB members came over and stood between several police officers and security guards at the tunnel. They were a little bit intimidating however the worst they yelled was “fire the **** up” and “show some ******* passion”. While I don’t necessarily agree with what they did, to hear they’ve been banned is ridiculous. There was no violence and it was simply loud yelling. There were dozens of other members yelling the exact same things from their seats nearby. Apparently there was also some talk that the police accused them of knocking over children during the incident. This is completely untrue. If someone would like me to write a stat dec in their defence or contact the club with what I saw, I’m happy to do so on their behalf. Hope common sense prevails but I don’t see it happening.
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    Bet Roly is still doing laps of the changing room...and will be running back from Adelaide.....never stopped.
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    um sorry? where on earth did RBB announce anything about pyro before derby mate? because a pic was posted with an old derby photo that had pyro in it? no need to over analyse mate. I can categorically state that the 2 flares that went off were unknown to me (i can only speak for myself). Furthermore, if history shows anything ****in 2 flares is piss weak. U know **** was organised in the past when there was way more than that. Leadership group of the RBB (which does not include me these days but i still assist where possible) has done all they can since all the dramas of last season and the constant threats. Anybody who keeps saying its RBB responsibility blah blah..yeah no worries ill make sure i put my hand up next time to do individual pat downs of every single person that walks in. Give me a break honestly. At this point in time - RBB is just fed up with how football is run in this country. This isn't a PYRO demonstration or a hissy fit that we got in trouble because of that. These sort of Anti FFA statements and demonstrations against FFA have been occuring for 2 seasons now ever since we brought up the banning process (which FFA has done stuff all about). The naivety of some people who actually think this is all a demonstration about allowing PYRO into games is just utter stupidity. The sport we love and the game we follow so passionately is being driven into the ground and every body is happy to just carry on like nothing is happening. Yes RBB was warned that any incident may result in our area being closed down in pre season...so why the **** would we jeopardise that? For those who have attended games this season, where have there been any incidents in the active end (either home or away?). RBB has done its best to clean up its act, so it can go back to making TIFO's and an atmosphere...they have jumped hoops to get things approved only to be shut down by the FFA and our club administration despite almost a full season of good behaviour. Enough is enough in my opinion - derby actions aside (which i am sure the authorities are investigating and it is their job to do so..not ours), behaviour has been impeccable this season and yet everything that was promised to us with good behaviour has not come through from FFA or the clubs end. For example, TIFO for derby 2 which included the word 'clown' rejected after much deliberation 3 days before derby. Come derby 3..SFC have the word 'clown' in their TIFO. So this makes us wonder why does our club not have the balls to defend its fans? In summary - the state of our game is in a messy, David Gallops gets a 2 year extension and earns a wage over $1 mil a season (thats almost 50% of a clubs salary cap!) and what has he achieved? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
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    For a while it was only a certain portion of active fans within active groups that felt suppressed by rules and regulations. Then it spread to all active supporters. All the while, the non-active fans never quite understood what it was that all the actives complained about. Some even suggesting that the actives should get over themselves. Nowadays it’s the whole stadium that are being suppressed by blanket rules and double standard treatment and everyone is being effected, even the golden ‘family friendly’ groups. It’s progressively spiralled out of control to the point that we are seeing children and FFA employees copping it. The double standards and hypocrisy are being revealed and rather than believe the media hype, even non football people can see that this is not because of ‘football hooligans’ but rather a deep seated attitude of hostility and ignorance towards the game. And if people want to take the tone of: ‘well if they didn’t misbehave in the first place...’ anyone whose followed the aleague at all for the past 2 season can tell you that the behaviour of fans has never been better. Yet the restrictions keep being ramped up. Go figure. The silence is deafening from the FFA... the worth of this league from a supporter point of view is fast approaching zero and most of the people dropping off at the moment I doubt you’ll ever see again. I can see another civil war brewing between fans and the FFA (if it isn’t already) and when it finally comes to a head, it’s gonna make the boycotts from a few seasons back look like nothing. What sad times these are
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    Funny that you can have a sign saying CVNT and you get arrested and thrown to the ground, but build a residential tower that might collapse and kill thousands and nothing happens.
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    It's simple. No more away games, bare minimum commitment to home games. No more focus on other clubs or the A-League in general. Tell everyone why and make sure the feedback goes back to the clubs and the FFA. Losing a game because you are outplayed is part of the deal with football...with any sport. But having the soul ripped out of you time and time again because of the consistently anti-football measures in effect on and off the pitch is killing my love of the game & my care factor for the A-League. Always Red & Black Barely caring now about the league and those associated with the sport outside my club.
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    City Tear Maladroit Wanderers Apart

    Why stop at blaming popa. Ange is to blame. Ever since he selected risdon for the socceroos he has been shite. What about the airport in London? Those pricks keep letting herd back there when he is meant to be playing for us. Who was cejudo's u/12s coach - useless bastard didn't teach him how to pass properly. Oh and bridgey's knee surgeon. Since he had his knee done he is really slow. Man is that guy a dud. But let's make sure we don't assign any responsibility to the guy who picks the team, trains the players 5 days a week, organises the strategy and is meant to motivate them. That performance can't possibly be his fault. Ffs. Just pay milicic whatever he wants like we should have done in the first place. GUMBY OUT
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I'll do my best to answer this. its mid season 1 that I start to notice it. Its clear that the emergence of the rbb is happening and its big. its clear that some of the aspects of firms/ultras from o/s are becoming part of it eg flares & fighting they panic - this is a new thing for them. sure they dealt with pockets of fans fighting etc during the nsl but this was different - it was bigger and threatening to become huge. they had no idea how to handle it so went with the way they knew best - 'show of force', 'crackdown', 'zero tolerance' its from this point on that we have cops in riot gear on the hill at parra, kids getting threatened with ejection for confetti etc. by the second season its becoming overbearing - cops filming everyone at gosford. huge numbers, riot squad, choppers, mobile custody vans etc. its also now that police are actively stalking the bays looking to intimidate. this approach culminates with the perth pepper spray game in season 3 which was caused imo by heavy handed policing and complete over reaction by the PC involved. This one I witnessed from very close range unfortunately. This was the lowest point to date. This was also the season when the stuff at the gate became really over the top and probably the closest I have come to getting banned when they tried to pat down my daughter (who was 13 at the time) - when I protested they said she had to 'prove' she was under 18. I went off at them was walked away by police and eventually after some heated discussion allowed in. Those that know me know I am a smartarse but not really an agitator so for me to be this steamed up is something. I guess though in those first 3 years everyone was just so excited to be part of something that was as amazing as active was at that time so we put up with it, maybe not quietly - but we put up with it. I felt that things actually improved a bit in season 4 - there was support from outside like steve issa etc on issues like the proposed parra LAC restrictions. I could be reading it wrong but it felt like the authorities had done some research and were applying some of the ideas from o/s that work like supporter marshals, less visible police etc The move to olympic park has been an unmitigated disaster. bay enforcement, the lawn bar cluster****, really over the top entry procedures, moronic seccos selectively enforcing stuff in active etc etc etc. its reached the tipping point I think where a combo of friends being banned, poor on field performance, the hell hole that is olympic park and the club//ffa's really poor management of active fans and its reached the point where the hassle just isn't worth it for many anymore. I sent an email to the club last week and that is basically what I told them - I am still a fan of the club but its just become such a demoralising and unpleasant experience to attend a match at olympic park coupled with the feeling that neither the club or the league actually want us there that we just can't be arsed, at least in the short term. Hope that answers your question. Note: I did that all of the top of my head so I probably screwed up the chronology a bit
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    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Wear red and black?
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    As I mentioned in another thread... Yes yes, Riera has missed pens and those point blank headers but you cannot question his heart and passion. We're out of the top 6 and he's still trying hard. Unless Lederer is willing enough to open his wallet for a proven 30+ marquee striker with the calibre of Zlatan/Drogba/Torres we will sign another experimental #9 striker and it'll be Piovacarri all over again. Riera has been our best foreign striker by far and he deserves 1 more year. He deserves to be there when we open up Wanderland 2.0.
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    Wanderers Bombed By Newcastle Jets

    We are western sydney - the backbone of football in this country for 70 years. This sort of meek capitulation is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable, yet it has become so commonplace under gumby and now babbel that we don't even get mad about it anymore. This is ******* disgraceful and everyone from lederer down should be held accountable and should be as embarrassed and ashamed as we feel as fans. The only functioning part of the club is the academy/youth setup - otherwise we are carting a decaying corpse of a football club into a shiny new stadium. Get ****ed.
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    West Coast Collapse

    You would have a permanent look of worry with our defensive back line in front of you.....
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    So an update on this situation... This morning I received an email apology from Mr Stanley. It's not the sincerest thing I've ever read but I can tell someone has spoken to him. The apology also wasn't for the unprofessionalisim, it was for any upset he caused me. He also went on about the issues again and how they are working hard to ensure the best atmosphere for fans (blah blah blah). Sounded like it written through gritted teeth. He also offered me tickets to see Eminem to "come and see the breadth and scale of the events we host here and the communication challenges". I scoffed at that. I worked in the media zone for the FFA at multiple sold-out World Cup qualifiers at ANZ and also the WSWvCCM grand-final at Allianz. Plus every single Wanderers game at Parra in S1. Like, I ******* know how a major event at a stadium is run. Been there, done that multiple times. I will be politely declining the offer. In the end, this is the best I'm going to get. If I caused even some embarrassment or disruption to him yesterday, then that's my take away from the situation. As Whacko mentioned above, they probably don't believe he did anything wrong. We're up against it, so I'll take whatever little win I can get. Now I'm just hoping that maybe something does change. Lol, who am I kidding
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    1. Get off Majok's back. Those calling him a 'poor man's Sotirio' are blind or stupid. Yes first touch was noticeably poor on occasions, but his pass selection and movement is top-notch. Still a kid, already better than Jaush and will improve with the experience. 2. Anti-Babbel brigade need to understand what a manager's role is. He has this team playing beautiful football that is a joy to watch. Mistakes made in previous weeks ARE being corrected the following week and we are showing continual improvement throughout 'the process'. Results WILL follow even with all the challenges of inheriting a young team. 3. I thought stalwarts Vedran and Ori were off last night while the oft-flaky Risdon was MotM. We need to get it together / perform as a whole and we will destroy oppositions. 4. Not long to go in the worst stadium on the planet. EDIT: 5. RBB was the best in a long time last night. Loud and proud at a false home deserves some real credit. Keep it up legends.
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    Western Sydney Stadium Open

    Thank God.
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    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    best comment from the crowd last night was some 70yo bloke behind me who said to his mate, '**** Brosque is coming off, who is going to referee the game now?' - actually snorted beer up my nose.
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    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    My favourite moment of the game was lefondre's cowardly jump away from ABJ's deadly shin high free kick and still managing to deflect it in. HAHAHA!!!!! My least favorite moment of the game was brosque and co confronting the ref after kamau's poor tackle and ref gives a card, then minutes later O'Neill hacks down ABJ when we are on the counter, wsw players surround the ref and llorente is carded. Just sums up the league, the smurfs, the refs in a nutshell.
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    lol..we moan about player turnover..a player puts in a shift like tonight..and pretty much puts in the biggest shift of anyone this season and meh...ship him out, let him turn it on elsewhere cause we will get a better replacement ...sounds familiar...there are many more players that need to be shown the door before you get to Roly...
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    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    Some positives for me - the pregame gathering with some formites, and some great moments on the pitch by the kids. In such a makeshift squad, I thought there were some positive signs for the future, for sure. The biggest negative (apart from the incompetence of the referees - which can be maybe excused as human error, and the inexplicable inconsistencies of the VAR which CANNOT be given any such benefit of doubt) was the behaviour of numerous "supporters" around me. Constant heckling of our own players, who are battling under difficult and probably rather humiliating circumstances, disgusts me. How on Earth does being heckled with sarcastic comments, and actually being laughed at very audibly if they make a bad decision, assist a player to find confidence????? Last night's experience as a member of the crowd took me back to countless days on the sidelines of SFC games. TBH it was worse, in terms of the insults and derision being slung at our players, by a wider number of people. I absolutely could not blame people for not attending the last few games at SOP. I'm in two minds as to whether we shouldn't do it as a way to reinforce our dissatisfaction with the level of incompetence with the officiating, but accompanying that action with another letter writing campaign, such as many of us undertook a few seasons ago, to explain why this action was being taken. But if "supporters" think that they are doing anything other than compounding the problem by jeering at/mocking our own players for the entirety of the game, I hope they definitely decide not to return for the rest of this season. My 2 cents worth PS My comment wasn't directed at BBB at all! His post just touched on 2 issues I felt strongly about - ie offering support as well as protesting the officiating.
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    Those in charge of Football Federation Australia must follow the VAR out the door after another display of the VAR and Australia's inept referees cheating the Wanderers, snuffing out a potential comeback in what should have been a classic Sydney Derby. Sydney FC scored an early goal just 4 minutes into the match. Adam Le Fondre standing in an offside position at a free kick, hung around after a half-clearance, the ball fell to him after a shot back in. Vedran Janjetovic smothered his initial shot but another piece of luck had him smack the rebound into an empty net. Replays showed that not only was Le Fondre offside at the free kick (but according to the VAR, somehow not interfering with play), but that Mahazi had been interfered with by an offside Brosque. The score was 1-0, and the VAR did nothing. After the break the Wanderers were two behind having gifted their opponents a golden chance to score. On the edge of their own area, Sotirio played a hospital ball to Josh Risdon, and instead of trying to clear, he played a sideways pass intended for Mahazi that was intercepted by Ninkovic, and he pounced to play through Brosque and his first time strike beat Janjetovic at the far post. Despite going two behind, the Wanderers did show some of the vaunted mentality Markus Babbel has been trying to instill in his charges, but when they finally converted one of their chances to score, it was cruelly and idiotically over-turned by the inept Chris Beath with an assist from the VAR. Baumjohann and Risdon worked down the right flank, the Risdon cross made it's way to the other end of the area where Roly Bonevacia smashed an 18 yard first time rocket past Andrew Redmayne. With no real protests from the home side, the VAR intervened to take away the goal. Chris Beath decided that Michael Zullo had been fouled by Jaushua Sotirio in the lead up to the cross. While Sotirio was in an offside position, Zullo's choice to dive into Sotirio while meters away from the ball was rewarded with Beath over-turning the decision by declaring Sotirio had fouled the SFC defender. in the aftermath Markus Babbel exploded at the fourth official, remonstrating to show his disgust at the call. He was awarded the A-League's first "Coach Red Card" by Beath. Babbel then walked around the long boundary of the Sydney Cricket Ground, a route that took him in front of the RBB who roared their approval. The failure was compounded in the post-game with Beath being interviewed and stating that the decision was actually offside, even though vision showed clearly that his decision was that it was a foul. Additionally, his interview stated that the linesman who was as close to Sotirio as Zullo was to Risdon, had completely missed the offside/foul and that the decision was solely made by VAR and himself. It was another display of referees who aren't good enough to be officiating our most important football games. Enough is enough. This is not just the VAR. Although it needs to be cancelled immediately. The VAR failed from the moment it was introduced. Bad decisions have been made since Wellington Phoenix were robbed against Sydney FC in Round 26 in 2016/17. Perth Glory were robbed in the Semi-Final in that season. The technology failed Newcastle Jets in the Grand Final last. It failed to detect Bruno Fornaroli diving in the recent Melbourne Derby. It tonight secured another game for Sydney FC. Offsides are a lottery. Tonight WSW have a goal taken away for offside. Last year Adelaide when playing against us had a clear offside goal investigated by the VAR be allowed to stand. The Wanderers were cruelled against Perth Glory when sideline cameras failed to be in the right decision for an obvious offside, leading to a red card against us. It ignores certain laws like encroachment at penalties, and offsides against players standing offside from free kicks. When looking at holding in the penalty area from set pieces the VAR is seemingly over intended to confirm whatever decision was made on the field. When a decision isn't made on the pitch by the referee, the basic law against holding is ignored by the VAR. The level of intervention around forceful tackles once saw the Mariners reduced by two players from VAR decisions, while other tackles that could break legs are ignored in other games. This is the result of a long held refusal by the FFA to enforce basic standards of officiating skill. We have seen officials give baffling offsides against players standing behind the ball being played. We have seen offsides given from a throw in. There is zero consistency in the application of offside. There is zero consistency in the application of handball. Certain teams received baffling leniency when playing tactics that deliberately disrupt their opposition with professional fouls in the midfield. The time for incremental change is over. Now that the FFA Governance saga is over, I call on whoever makes up the new FFA Board to immediately sack FFA Chief Executive David Gallop, Head of the A-League Greg O'Rourke, FFA Referees boss Ben Wilson, and A-League referees Chris Beath, Jarred Gillett, Kurt Ams, Peter Green and Shaun Evans. The FFA/A-League positions must be filled with people passionate about football. The VAR must be immediately cancelled and never return to Australian football. Get in touch with the football associations in German, England, Japan and Holland. Ask for the phone numbers of some consistent referees, who might be inclined to spend 6 months in the Australian summer. Bring them over. The current people in charge of Football Federation Australia have lost the trust of the football community. The new FFA Board must take the chance to rebuild the foundation of our sport in a positive, intelligent matter to take the sport forward once again. We risk turning the A-League into a joke, and having it be abandoned to the ruin of all the good work done by the players, clubs and supporters up to now. If the FFA fail to rectify the situation, a repeat of the ban list fan boycott is on the cards, and was called for by Mark Bosnich in the Fox Sports post-game show. I would wholeheartedly approve of that action. View full article
  33. 23 points
    Saw this on facebook and had to share... Football **** Talk 2 hrs · Sydney FC captain Alex Brosque has revealed the inner conflict that comes with being the captain of the Smurfs, having grown up in South West Sydney. The Uruguayan-Australian said he was devastated when most of his own family stopped supporting the Sky Blues and began backing the Western Sydney Wanderers FC. “It is difficult. Sometimes I feel like a Serbian in Zagreb to be honest with you. Even when I try to fly under the radar and grab a chorizo from Greenway Plaza I get abused. When I hear the latinos in the Red and Black Bloc playing the drums while the Cove sings ‘Knick, knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone…’ I start to question what the **** I’m doing with myself."
  34. 22 points
    I love we sign a former Swiss international with 250 plus games in a top flight European league, straight out of a BL season and the comments on Facebook find something to whinge about “never heard of him” ”retirement league” what do they expect? Mo Salah to turn up?
  35. 22 points
    It's the FFA that need to be dealing with this, but as usual, they will do nothing because this incident is a result of a match under their control. It appears (via current information provided) that Rory has had accessibility to this particular disabled accessible bathroom all season while the ground has been under the control of ESFC. It makes sense. Once we get to a finals game and the FFA have control, it all turns to ****. They put in draconian controls and the seccos and cops are under instruction to enforce without restriction. It's just bewildering that we have arrived in a day and age where a person just cannot ask to go and check out a disabled toilet facility before he takes his daughter there to use. Then, it turns into this **** fight, not only at the ground itself, but all over all forms of social and electronic media. (Yes Hadley, I'm ******* looking at you!). It just sickens me. The FFA will do nothing. Pure and simple. Some of the board members may huff and puff a little, but they will NOT come out in support of this family and challenge the NSW policing nor the media. I listened to an interview on 702 this morning with an "unofficial spokesman" from The Cove. He was brilliant, and fought the fight we have all been arguing for years. Yet Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck just didn't get it. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/sydney/programs/breakfast/breakfast/11085772 It's towards the end of the show, so about 1 hr.30 in. It just saddens me, that after so many good years, with the initial introduction of our club and the lift it gave to the league and crowds in particular, that Gallop and his cronies have let it come to this. And they cry poor, now that the money is not pouring into the game and active support has all but been desecrated. The reason, you ****-knuckles that the game was riding high before WAS DUE TO PROPER ACTIVE SUPPORT! Thanks for destroying it. You wanted family friendly as well, and now you are destroying that. **** me!!
  36. 22 points
    I survived the ANZ/Spotless years and all I got was this lousy (JD) away shirt
  37. 22 points

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    I am at Blacktown and one of my kids just moved out so he could bunk in the spare room. The missus can be a pain sometimes with her whining and carrying on but I've got used to it after 25 years so he should be able to cope. Wouldn't push her cooking on him though, true story went away for work she sent me a proud picture of a chook see cooked but wanted to know why it looked different to mine, apparently you can cook them upside down (breast down) as well, breast meat was dry as the Darling River but geez that thin layer of skin on the back goes nice and crispy, the way it was sitting in the pan it looked like a girl in an NRL porn video. The son he is 19 now, he works at night so sleeps most days so he wont be any problem, he does like a few cones or shisha out the back when a dozen or so of his mates come over for a BBQ and to watch the football so that should be enticing. The other daughter she's a teacher at the local HS so she has her days, her boyfriend is a pain in the ass, dumb as a bag of hair, doesn't like sport, is vegetarian or vegan or something which is handy cos it means I don't have to feed the stupid **** when he occasionally pops in but for some reason he doesn't visit often anymore. The house itself well it's close to the Workers if you want to have a slap on the pokies or some real bad Chinese at the salmonella all you can eat. We aren't in a dangerous area but if you hear sirens you sort of close the curtains and sit in the back room instead of the front room near the road listen for the shots and there is a pathway along the side of the house where schoolkids walk past and get the occasional pre pubescent finger and blowjob on the way home from school, I know that doesn't sound appealing but if you yell out HEY they usually get scared shitless and bolt down the alley with the other one still attached which is ******* funny as. So yea I agree they should have to live here if they want to play here.
  38. 22 points

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Anyone else see farewell signs? Security got quite miffed with one at the back of our bay. "Good riddance soulless I hope we never meet again"
  39. 22 points

    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    As I think I’ve mentioned on another thread, we know Abraham and his Gran through church. My son has also had a bit to do with him as part of his work in the past using football to help refugee kids from a variety of countries integrate into the Western Sydney community. The family are typical of many South Sudanese who had to leave during the civil war and came to Australia via Kenya. In many ways these guys are emblematic of what Western Sydney can be and I for one am proud of how our often-maligned part of Australia has been able to provide such families with a second chance and a fresh start. The community is not without its problems, but seeing Abraham race up to his mate in the crowd after scoring that goal and us at home screaming at the TV, well I could forgive his poor first touches and occasional wayward passes and just enjoy that moment and what it says about our region and club. That’s not to say he shouldn’t keep working on that first touch though....😎
  40. 22 points

    Wanderers Bombed By Newcastle Jets

    Am home and dry with a strong drink and a keyboard.....I know this is a rant, but if you care deeply about something you cannot standby and watch it slowly die. I went early tonight to watch the Y League GF and watched a team that tried hard but unfortunately was outclassed on the night. Well done boys on a fine season, the first team could learn a lot from you. As for the the first team.... Newcastle had scored fewer goals than anyone this season so I was hopeful. All I witnessed was a 7th straight loss at home and the worst performance I have ever seen from the club I love. I cannot comment on the 2nd half as I was on the train home...but the first half was a disgrace. That is the first time I have ever left at half time, despite threatening to do so before. It was without doubt the most insipid, gutless and clueless performance I have seen in my 7 years as a Wanderers member. In my somewhat educated footballing opinion Roly and Bachus were the only ones having a go. Everybody else should hang their heads in shame. The atmosphere tonight was more funeral than football. God only knows how many ESFC, the Tards and the Glory will score against us As for the management.... The club is rotten from the the head down. Mr Lederer please walk away, and take all your mates with you. In 4 seasons under your watch we have gone from Asian Champions to the joke of the league. The track record under your ownership is pathetic. We have gotten progressively worse every year under your regime. Poor coaching appointments, even worse recruiting, allowing our best assts to leave or selling them and the shameful treatment of our most passionate fans is a reflection of your lack of understanding of football. You make Mike Ashley, Ellis Short and Ken Anderson look like gods. Large corporations in our situation restructure from the top down. Now is the time to start, with yourself at the head of the queue. I see the crowd posted was marginally over 7000 again. BULLS**T, lucky to have been 4000 and I reckon half of them were there for for the Y League game. Earlier in the week I posted that we as fans should NEVER GIVE UP. I still feel the same way. I feel much better now, and have talked the better half into attending next week against Mariners. She has concerns for my safety if I go on my own again.
  41. 22 points

    West Coast Collapse

    Did you notice anything unusual about the Wanderers lineup during this game – and certainly from the 61stminute when Mahazi replaced Fitzgerald? In what I am sure is an A-League and Australian National League record – well my dear old friend, stats guru Andrew Howe, can interrogate his legendary databases to try to prove otherwise – but we had seven players of black/mixed race background on the field. They were: Baccus (South African), Bonevacia (Curacoan), Kamau (Kenyan), Mahazi (Kenyan), Majok (South Sudanese) Russell (Aboriginal) and Yeboah (Ghanaian). That it is an international melting pot of a truly Western Sydney kind, though one that would have been almost unthinkable even a couple of decades ago. Ok, we did not win the game, and I appreciate that many are upset that we again lost in the final minutes. I like Babbel, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that one of Europe’s greatest defenders, could eventually teach his side how to close up shop, or at least minimise opportunities, when needed. Still, I was really proud of the effort, skill and pace shown by this pretty young team. They gave us a glimpse of what should be a positive, exciting, and, yes, colourful future.
  42. 22 points
    The difference is, Gombau was brought in because of his apparent youth credentials yet he not once went to a NYL training session nor could he name 1 youth player (legend tells he called a youth player by a wrong name once). Whereas its been widely reported that Babbel and the rest of the coaching staff all through the youth setup and academy are working together for a clear vision, especially once the facilities open in a few months. The club never wanted Gombau. He was only signed because no one else was available. Also, whenever we lost, he kept saying stuff like "we played well" whereas Babbel is p155ed big time every time we lose. This shows the difference in their approach. Gombau had Ikon to cover for him and create chances for the likes of Riera to score. Our squad is meh this season. We are struggling big time in the midfield and its an area that must be addressed either in January or the off season. Babbel was signed for 3 years with a clear vision for the club. They will give him time and a recruiting off season to really judge him. There's a difference in selecting your long term coach and giving him time to build a squad than taking whichever coach was available and allowing him to destroy the entire setup from u12s up because he had nfi and simply didn't care. The entire season we constantly heard rumours of discontent, Riera hating on Gombau, Bridge not buying into it and every other player thinking Gombau was useless. Not once this season has Babbel been labelled "under pressure" and not once have you heard of discontent from the players. That is a massive difference and another huge reason why the club isn't getting rid of Babbel. edit: Also, you could argue only the MV is the one where we completely got outplayed. Every other game has been a contest where small margins and individual errors have been our undoing. Its a far cry to what we're seeing at teams like Brisbane and CCM where they just look lost.
  43. 22 points

    Windswept Wellington Blown Away

    lel at Riera hate. Its the same stupid argument that Viduka was getting heaped crap on for the Socceroos. Riera is a workhorse on and off the ball. He probably has more defensive headers than our entire backline combined. He links up with those around him, holds the ball up for the wingers and wins most long ball challenges. Just because he hasn't scored in open play, it doesn't mean he is a massive part of this team. He's only had a couple of clear cut chances. The rest of the service he's been getting has been rather average. If people are seriously $h1tting on Riera, they can GTFO and go back to playing FIFA where every player needs to be fast and sprints forward all the time.
  44. 22 points
    Mixed emotions tonight. We were certainly poor, with touches of good or very good. It just beggars belief that Sotirio is a starter. Give me Kamau any day. I just cannot see one thing that says Sotirio is even good enough for A-League level. He works hard....fine, but he let's himself down in every other department on the field. I heard him interviewed on the radio on Friday. He doesn't come across as very bright, and that is the way he plays the game. Add to that poor decision making and poor basic skills, and you have a player hardly even worthy of a bench spot. I'm sick already of poor defensive decisions being responsible for leaking goals. Tonight's 2nd for ESFC was just shocking. Just kick the shite out of it. As for the VAR, I'm just lost for words. Pretty much everything has already been said but I'll just add one thing. The clear difference between our sport and almost all others is the excitement generated by a goal, as they are so hard to come by. It's not like the cheer-a-minute AFL (which I despise as a sport and culture), where you get to clap every few minutes, evening when you ******* miss. I follow and have attended a lot of different sports, yet there is nothing like the excitement generated by a football goal. It is the best feeling ever. What the VAR is doing, (or more importantly, the poor interpretations/decisions from the referees) is taking that away. It was never more evident than tonight. Young Wanderboy and I went crazy when Roly scored tonight. We then went through several minutes of angst and disbelief that the goal was even being questioned. Then, (as we all were) we were in disbelief when it was disallowed. But what made the whole shambles stand out to me was a few minutes later, I looked over at my son and he had tears streaming down his face. This is how much tonight meant to him, being a derby, and how a decision like last night's is destroying the fabric of what's made this game great. The spontaneity of excitement is being ripped from the game. I have no problem with the VAR in principle. It is the extraordinarily poor standard of referees in the A-League, and their inability to constantly make correct decisions that is killing our game. In the end, I had a great night at a game of football last night with my son. The whole derby day experience was fun. A meal in Parramatta beforehand, the train trip in on the RBB train, the march, etc... but we left deflated, due to the officiating. Sure, the Wanderers were quite poor, but we were always in that game, and could very easily have won it. Ultimately, that was taken out of our hands. As I said...…...mixed emotions.
  45. 22 points
  46. 22 points
    If santa says you are **** then you are ****.
  47. 22 points
    It would appear that crowds in the a league are still too high. Our club and the ffa are bravely battling to try to reduce crowd numbers. Truly heroic.
  48. 22 points
  49. 21 points

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    “Hey, international player, do you want to come and work for ... Steve Corica?” ”Hey international player, do you want to come and work for Markus Babbel?”
  50. 21 points

    Mierzejewski Brace KO's Wanderers

    This is why crowds across the competition are at an all time low. Because the FFA have banned anyone that has passion for the sport. Its also why active support is at an all time low across all teams. For the very same reason. $hit on the fans that actually care about the sport and you end up with soulless games with no atmosphere every weekend at every ground. The FFA have succeeded in ostracising every rusted on fan of their competition. Compare the active ends of ALL clubs from our 1st and 2nd season to now. They are all a joke. Its because security has clamped down on them for stupid reasons and the FFA have banned all their passionate supporters for stupid reasons with little or no evidence. Banning more people is not the answer.
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