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    There's a spring in my step this morning. It has been a long journey from the last game at parra, when castelen and vidosic brought the house down. It was an unforgettable night, and back then it seemed impossible that three mostly depressing and forgettable years were to follow. May the return to parra flush any memories of the abysmal SOP years down the toilet. No more BS. No more sub standard crap. No more mediocrity. No more half hearted performances. And it has to start tonight.
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    Often read this forum but don’t often post. Can’t help myself today however. Really excited about going back to Parramatta. Let’s hope it’s the first of many many great games for WSW. I’ll be more interested in the game experience than the result. Poznań is always a good gauge
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    Woohooo Finally the tingles are back!!! Cant wait for tonight even if we get smacked the fact I’m driving to Parra is all that matters!!!!
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    Anyone know a reliable half-half scarf supplier?
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    Beat me to it Paul! How long since anyone posted "It's game day!" with a such a sense of enthusiasm?
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    Out and about in Red and Blacktown this morning and it’s great to see a few WSW shirts and caps again. Already starting to feel like the good old days
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    Wanderers released a half half shirt, half season 3 half season 6
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    I don't get the angle that his tweet wasn't selective. Sorry, I'm not in this thread much and so I'm sure this has been discussed, but this is not about freedom of speech. It is about contract law. An employer is entitled to put a clause in a contract regarding "the best interests of the business" or not doing anything publicly that negatively affects the running of the business etc. And the implementation of that clause will depend on the person's role and standing in the organisation and in public (and therefore the impact of their comments), and what they said. If the receptionist at ARU headquarters tweeted that, no-one would care. (Well, her workmates might think she was an idiot). But Folau is high profile enough that he has to align to what the ARU values and public image is. Such is the life of a modern day sportsperson. You can't take the positives of public life like big contracts and endorsements if you don't also accept the restrictions put on you. And so it should come down to what the ARU said to him the first time he did it. I assume they have well documented records of the meeting(s) and so they can say "we warned him not to post about this" etc. I guess the "non selective" argument could be "they warned me not to post specifically about x" and I didn't, I posted about "y". But that is going to be a long bow to draw given that he had already copped backlash about religious tweets and he is defending himself on freedom of religion grounds. And the other thing is that he wasn't sacked because of his religion, which would definitely be grounds for unfair dismissal. He was sacked because he denigrated others that don't believe the same as him. He is the one discriminating here, he's not being discriminated against. What an arse-clown.
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    Yes RBB at the Crown. Me and 15 or so others, including a few forumites, will be at the Albion.
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    This is from a week or so ago...when most of us felt the same way. I know we (WS Forumites) aren't representative of the wider community, or maybe even of the wider football community, or the wider WSW community, so I might be delusional in saying this. But I sense that our atmosphere has a good chance of returning for this game...in which case, hopefully, a few eurosnobs get to see how good an A League experience CAN be , especially if the WANDERERS are involved.
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    YES YES YES Spent last 2 days singing "We all hate Leeds scum"
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    Yeah...game day vibe of old...havent felt like this in a while Even my sons enthusiasm has returned.
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    How long since a game day thread had over 5,000 views and hundreds of comments?
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    This is a big chance to instill confidence it the team AND supporters. A positive result against Leeds will lead to more fun later as the crowds flock to see the new team at the new stadium.
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    Nahhh he will have had the shyte kicked out of him...i have the song in my head now.. We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum........ There are NO friendlies against dirty Leeds when your from the Boro
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    Now I’m picturing the fat chief wigam (of after Perth game fame) cop with his little bottle of pepper spray trying to hold off an actual football riot
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    And they've left out half of each hoop
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    Hey guys,from a Perth fan great to see you guys home at long last .The league needs a successful Wanderers side. I was at the Leeds game on Weds and of all the teams that it is likely to kick off it is against Man Utd.The bar by the stadium was shut early as was getting the local gendarmes agitated and the Man Utd fans were getting some serious abuse so bound to kick off inside the stadium with no seperation of fans. Leeds have a good active support so with the RBB in full voice really looking forward to the game!
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    I agree, and I am not a fan of punishments being based off the public outrage, because then we are essentially punishing the reaction instead of the crime. I think people should have just written it off as the ranting of an idiot. But once the company pulls you up and says "shutup champ, you're affecting the popularity of the sport" you have two choices - stay and toe the line, or leave. They have every right to tell Folau that he can go and rant on his own time. Or playing NRL, or AFL or whatever.
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    Nahhhh you will never get the passion and local rivalries in the north of England...nothing like it here...yet.... A Boro FRIENDLY against Leeds once drew 40,000 at Ayresome!
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    I agree it's a totally a contract issue...it's all it is. But I still see it as a religious nutter who happens to be a footballer, going on a non specific rant about 90% of the world's population. Outrage on behalf of one small subset of the target of the rant has blown it out it out of all proportion...and an imbecilic cult has benefitted to the tune on over 2 million dollars. Out of the pockets of people who may either be outraged by this new revelation about the beliefs of this cult...or who will laugh it off as their mistake. I KNOW the targeted subset has been historically persecuted, and now is deservedly protected by anti-discrimination legislation etc. I just don't see that outrage over everything is leading us in a positive direction.
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    Of course this is true...and a win would be brilliant. But I'll settle for a competitive performance, which is desperately to be hoped for. I'll be happy if we get something like it tbh. And if the cops have nothing at all to do except wonder why they're there.
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    1-1 and no injuries would be the ideal result.
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    We're not famous anymore.
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    Just as long as that stays in your imagination. I couldn't care less about the result...I just hope everyone has a great time, immersed in a great atmosphere...with some entertaining football on the pitch. What else matters?
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    I think you put the apostrophes in the wrong spot. I have changed it for you.
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    Yep btron, totally agree. Yes we have had that convo, totally a contractual issue. I was being sarcastic when I mentioned free speech just before. Great post.
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    What!? You haven't already got your half-half shirt, scarf, and beanie?
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    Also seen on Bankwest blurb, all rail & bus travel to and from the game cost is covered in the price, just show your ticket ! Does this morning get better and better, pumped!
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    They better not be thinking of taking on the WSF firm on our on manor, proper naughty...* * to be read in a Ray Whinstone voice
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    It’s a game of two halves...
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    they are the dangerous ones LOL original hooligans from the eighties who still think they are 21
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    In the interests of getting all the cliches out of the way. Our season starts here
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    PS I can't wait to see what the satirists do with this!
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    Probably my reaction of is a bit inappropriate? But that's what the whole thing deserves in my opinion. And this idiotic mob have had a couple of million bucks deposited in their bank account? Unbelievable.
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    Wish I was going....
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    Now with all this freedom of speech Folau has claimed....why hasn’t he mentioned this...? https://www.smh.com.au/sport/why-the-pm-and-most-christians-are-going-to-hell-20190719-p528xx.html
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Yeah...you and Ed both would...
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    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    No , I’d say it’s the right one.......
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    Merchandise & Playing Kit 2019/20

    This was clearly a ploy to get people to buy jackets.
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    Merchandise & Playing Kit 2019/20

    The golden rule with WSW home shirts is hoops should always go right around the shirt...preferably of an equal decent width. Not keen..
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    Well, he is entitled to an opinion. But this white supremacist was part of a witch hunt. I guess that's a form of free speech. Or was it hate speech? Or just being ignorant and uneducated? Either way, he killed himself off in the process. Prost!
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    On the plane from Perth to Sydney, I can confirm a majority of Leeds fans were about 50 years+.
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    Wow!! Channel 7 news sport tonight. In order. 1. NRL 2. Wanderers vs Leeds. 3. Womans Ashes test. 4. Netball world cup. 5. British Golf Open. 6. Tour de France. Then some other basketball ****. No AFL!!! Unbelievable!!
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    I love the ABC but not where any sort of football coverage is concerned. They are hopeless.
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