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    Yep, a cool change should drop the temps down from 45 to 35 . I'm bringing my parka just in case
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    Don’t get married then that would be my advice
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    We are all mental.. But from 'mental;' comes 'mentality'. As long as they don't serve up the garbage we had to suffer against City, that was a disgraceful performance. Since then, lose or lose, the effort has been top notch. Happy to go and support them if they give it everything
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    **** I hate puns. Looking forward to another big effort from the boys, that's all I ask
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    I disagree...curry is a hot topic....
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    I will have to iron(y) it out first..!
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    It's not as if Adelaide United wouldn't be used to playing in the heat. Gets pretty hot there too. It'll be the extra humidity that they might struggle with.
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    That doesn't curry favour with me!
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    Ahhhh yes the Penrith game...my shadow was burnt in to the wall there and not seen it since...that was bloody hot.
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    That southerly wont do much...other make than it hot rather than roasting hot.... It will be hot at the game still tonight..but not east stand esposed to full afternoon sun Gosford hot.....i am having a curry pre game tonight anyway....
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    More worried for myself dehydrating, will have to take on extra liquids tonight (cough cough)
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    David Squires Cartoons

    Brilliant takedown of Morrison and Anning.
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    Hopefully all the pea hearts who haven't been attending can find it within themselves to come support the boys. They've been putting in the effort lately and no matter the results its about time people show their support. 17000 members and last few games have looked like 4000.
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an open day at the stadium. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 10:30 in the morning on a weekday.
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    Monte was in last year's winning NYL squad along with Suman, Russell, Mourdoukoutas, Cordier, Grozos, Majok. He is DM/CM but I hope he has bulked up on last year. Has a goal in him. Agamemnonos is in our NYL squad and appears to more of an AM but has played CM. The NYL squad has a winning mentality.
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    Im tipping 2-1 win. Purely from the fact with unknown faces most teams won't know what to expect. That and the rohypnol I've put in Adelaides water. Shhhh.
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    Nothing like an early evening chilli change..........!
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  19. 2 points
    I thought it might be relevant for out of town Wanderers fans who might one day be looking for accommodation.
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    We beat Wellington at Penriff in 37 degree heat the other year.
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    David Squires Cartoons

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    I dont think I can go four weeks without a BJ 😋 Happy to see the kids on the field, just hope they can handle the reds midfield or we'll get destroyed and they get demoralised by a heavy loss.
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    i recall a few 5pm games at parra well into the 30's and victory at aami a few years ago was a cracker 37 at 8pm
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    We're a Team of youngsters, we should be able to run em round have them ragged and suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration by half time.
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Has Bridge even played 1min this season? I'm getting old and my memory is failing me.
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