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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    Babbel in the post-game about Majok, "he can do fantastic things, but also sometimes the touch is longer than I can shoot, but this is abe."
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    Bet Roly is still doing laps of the changing room...and will be running back from Adelaide.....never stopped.
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    lol..we moan about player turnover..a player puts in a shift like tonight..and pretty much puts in the biggest shift of anyone this season and meh...ship him out, let him turn it on elsewhere cause we will get a better replacement ...sounds familiar...there are many more players that need to be shown the door before you get to Roly...
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    We played with 2.5 imports and five youngsters. Our defense is a collection of the young, the slow, and the error-prone. Only very few of last night's team can expect to be around next season, or to be starting players. But we worked as a team, were clinical up front, didn't play goofball, stuck to the game plan, had legs for 96 minutes to defend the lead, and would you believe it? We won the game. Imagine what we can do if/when we have five imports, Ziegler (as Aussie), Yeboah and Duke fit and healthy, Snake error-free, a few quality local players like Mileusnic and Brattan, Hamill, Elrich, Kamau and Sotirio available as squaddies, and the young players continue to improve! MB is not getting too excited about Roly, he regards him as a "good player", and these kinds of performances are what he is "expecting from him". But MB's Roly is twice the player he was last season.
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    Brendon Santalab

    So I’m in Perth for work - so sent him a quick message to let him know and see if he’d be free to say hi. He ended up arranging to meet up with me before Perth’s match - and he got me a ticket for the match! He’s a f ucking legend. 🙌🙌🙌
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    Great write up Mack. I've got to say, that's the most enjoyable game (especially the second half) I've watched in the last two seasons. Best part was the urgency shown in defence late in the game. The real test comes next week.
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    Well..I would be sad to see Roly go (not just based on tonight).....I think in the post match game interviews this season you can see how much it means to him, player of the season for mine...but anyway...
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    The problem is that we cannot replace the whole team (I know it would be nice) You have to hold on the the better more experienced players and built around them. Roly is one of those players
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    For all his weaknesses this season Riera played a decent game, scored the much needed opener. Worked hard in the first half, dropping as deep as an 8 to move the ball upfield when we were bogged down. Should have put away the second, but on balance, a better performance. Roly dominated Isais and that was the story of the night. Duke hardened the team up, and Baccus and the back 4 closed down the dangers in 2nd half. O'dougherty had a weak game and was in no mans land for much of the time when we defended. 2 in a row and no late collapse, gotta be happy with that.
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    I think he has been good for a number of weeks in a very poor side...
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    I think he was trying to trap it.
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    Couple of comments re some of the pics I posted yesterday. 1. I really don't expect much noise out of that western stand. Not much capacity, and full of champagne sipping, prawn sandwich eating wankers. Probably worth giving that side a miss in future for the WDWSF. 2. I like the fact that the concourse between the lower and upper tiers has a view of the field. It opens up the possibility of selling standing room tickets like they currently do at some other stadiums like the MCG. I remember reading something earlier on in the design phase that there would be around a 2000 standing capacity. I wonder if this is what they meant, and whether they will ever do it. And, it wasn't the safe standing/rail seating bays that they were talking about. 3. The fan forums that were held early on in the design phase appear to have all played out in the design. Steep stands, full roof coverage, plenty of food and beverage outlets etc.... The only thing they haven't built (thank ****) is the stupid idea from (some) Eels fans of a covered walk way from the Leagues Club to the stadium. Stupid ****ers obviously requested that. The place is looking amazing, and I really can't wait to check it out. I also really hope that the RBB return in force. It will be the most intimidating stadium for away teams in the country. In any sport.
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    Resigns or re-signs?
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    Second half was fantastic. Very enjoyable. Whilst Duke was pretty quiet, he’s absolutely fantastic when trying to control a lead. Every time he got the ball (barring one average distribution) he held on to it and kept his head up. Each time, he looked off the first option and placed the ball in space to a free man. His time in Japan has definitely improved his technique and vision. In days gone by he’d simply smash past people with relative success. Very much looking forward to seeing him get lots of time in the last few games with ABJ, they will create crap loads of space working along side each other
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    Can you tell it's contract time?
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    I have been asked to watch injury time in the other room. Lol. Victory lap around the house coming up.
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    So I’ve been overseas for a large part of this season. Up two to go with 15 left - no sweat, right?
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    Looking forward to seeing my traveling red & black family at the Gov later today, followed by the game itself. Remember to say ‘pint of pale’ at the bar & you’ll be good. Hope for a win, expect a great away experience.
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    Just sign in multiple times and sign the petition. If it’s good enough for an FFA survey...
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    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    A 3-1 win for the Western Sydney Wanderers has continued their mini-revival, with their second win in a row keeping them within touching distance of the Newcastle Jets on the A-League ladder. Adelaide kicked off on a perfect evening for football, Adelaide in 4th place wearing their all red kit, and the Wanderers in 8th and their change black kit. Adelaide set the tone of the game early, with Isaías scything down Roly Bonevacia from behind with a disgraceful kick out. The referee awarded a foul but not the clearly deserved yellow card. The home side went to the professional foul well once too often and they were punished by the Wanderers after 10 minutes. George Blackwood gave away the foul and then was beaten all ends up on the resultant cross by his marker Oriol Riera, the cross from Bonevacia found the big strikers head on the edge of the 6 yard box, Adelaide keeper Izzo stayed on his line and Riera found the back of the net for his first goal of 2019. Kris Griffiths Jones managed to insert himself into the game from his VAR position shortly after the goal. Despite the centre official waving away a soft penalty shout, he was called to the sideline by the VAR and his decision was over-turned. Brendan Hamill had stuck out a foot to try and block an incoming cross, he missed Jordy Thomassen only for the Dutch striker to dive over Hamill's leg. Justice was done from the penalty spot, with Goodwin's awful penalty being saved to Vedran Janjetovic's right side. After half an hour of backs to the wall defending for Western Sydney, Janjetovic cancelled out his penalty save with another example of poor goalkeeping this season. An aimless Adelaide cross from Jakobsen was nowhere near the attacking players, Vedran leapt into the air, but instead of simply catching the ball he 'punched', for lack of a better term, with the ball dribbling about 3 yards forward into the pitch, Ryan Kitto ran onto the ball, got to it before the Wanderers defence could react and he smashed it past a stationary Janetovic. Replays showed that Thomassen was in an offside position when the cross was taken, and subsequently he knocked into Brendan Hamill, unfortunately as is the normal case with the linesman when the Wanderers play Adelaide, they ignored the offside, and then the VAR didn't bother checking. After such a huge fuss was made about Jaushua Sotiro's "offside" offence in the first Sydney Derby, surely if the VAR was being consistent Thomassen would have been called offside on review and the goal chalked off. The Wanderers regained their lead with a goal very much against the run of play 10 minutes after the interval. A right side throw-in from Tate Russel rolled through for Roly Bonevacia, and he took an invitation to run into the Adelaide defence and fire a strike that took a heavy deflection from an attempted block, leaving Paul Izzo wrong-footed and unable to even attempt a save. The visitors took a commanding 3-1 lead 20 minutes from full time. Roly Bonevacia, having an absolutely storming game, was found by a Riera flick-on, the midfielder watched the ball drop then hit an elevated through ball for the excellent run of Abraham Majok and with Izzo rushing out the young striker perfectly executed a lob that dropped gracefully into the empty net. Bonevacia could have had a double right before stoppage time, as he went on a length of the field sprinting dribble into the Adelaide penalty area only to have his attempted nutmeg shot blocked by Izzo, the rebound kept out again and a lay off to Majok being slightly overhit and not giving him a chance to put away the fourth. Adelaide pressed hard, and despite a number of Wanderers going down with cramp, the Red & Black held their lead, refusing to even give up a consolation goal. The clear man of the match was Bonevacia, who arguably had his best game at the club since his arrival. Markus Babbel had said in the media that he would refuse to give away the rest of the season, and it appears his mentality has filtered down onto the pitch tonight. The Wanderers have closed the gap to Newcastle Jets in 7th to 6 points, and face Perth Glory at the Sydney Showground Homebush next Sunday the 24th at 7pm. View full article
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    So the RBB got turfed from Coopers.....should of had a back plan ready to go.............lol https://wwos.nine.com.au/news/banned-turkish-football-fan-hires-crane-to-watch-team/9ed640ee-bb52-4936-a174-89402200af29
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    I spoke to an agent friend this week. ABJ's apparently having trouble convincing clubs of his fitness, and so he should. He played 7 games in 2 seasons then came to us he where has had one short injury and one extended one. He's got massive potential in this league, but clubs will want to know he can start 80% of games. He's heavily weighted as an attacking midfielder, he shouldnt be burning out and picking up niggles constantly.
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    wtf, Wanderers win and Rolly the man of the match
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    David Squires Cartoons

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