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    Not sure if the cameras showed it, but Roly stepped up to take the pen last night, ABJcame over and took the ball off him. I thought they were gonna argue over it. ABJ then called Bridge over and gave it to him. We may have conflicting views about how he played last night but this was one small positive in a terrible away performance...
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    I’m relatively pleased with his effort overall this season, it’s definitely ten fold compared to ABJ anyway. There’s not too many strikers in the aleague who drop back and defend as much as he does. That’s something you definitely can’t fault him on
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    Going through our results as a Mentality Tracker™ I come up with about 17 points dropped due to a lack of mentality and/or missing simple chances at goal, and only a handful of points won because we stuck it out to hold onto a win/draw, or put on a come back (eg, the last home game vs Perth with Elrich's last minute equaliser). There were also several games where there was just a complete lack of anything remotely resembling desire or respect for your opponent that I don't class as dropping points but should be included. R4 - Collapsed after going 2 up against Roar, the 2nd worst team in the league. Lucky not to have lost. 2 points dropped. R5 - In 5th place with Newcastle in 9th. At home. Riera & Majok both miss point blank headers. Switch off at a free kick and concede, then 2nd on counter in stoppage time. Draw should have been minimum result. At least 1 point dropped. This loss set our team as a bottom half club for the season. R8 - Vedran brain explosion 3 minutes after we go ahead. Mental collapse from then on. Only game Baumjohann looked like dominating, he got taken off & never played like that again. Not sure we could say we dropped points but the chance of winning evaporated after Vedran. Losing was the only result after that happened. R9 - Play half an hour with Adelaide a man down. Kamau equalises straight away, then nothing. 2 points dropped. R10 - City go two up in first half after Llorente switched off from a throw in. City have a player sent off & we see another half hour of man up nothing from WSW. Baumjohann missed point blank shot, Roly misses rebound & Riera misses a penalty. Home crowd were absolutely furious that night. Should have got a point. R11 - Ziegler misses point blank free header at a corner, defense goes missing & lets Toivenen waltz into area & score as Vedran does his usual dive before shot and lets it go past. Fitzy gets past keeper Thomas then can't score past outfielders on line. Cop late goal to lose. Point dropped. R12 - Vedran has another brain fade to gift Nix a goal, Baccus equalises, and then Elrich gets torched, Hamill doesn't mark up and Vedran gets beaten near post. 3-2 loss. Point dropped. R13 - Away to Perth. Go 2-0 up until the 70th minute, then go 3-1 up in the 76th. Majok completely out of place as a left fullback. Proceed to cop three goals in 10 minutes to lose. Three points dropped. R15 - Away to City. Switch off after kick off and let in De Laet to get past Suman for a goal in 30 seconds, I think we even kicked off and turned it over for the goal. Go 3-2 up, Baccus gets a stupid second yellow and then concede equaliser and last second winner from a corner when we leave two players unmarked, including the tallest player on the field, Schenkeveld who scores. At least 1 point dropped. R16 - Away to Roar. 2-0 up until the 91st minute When defence falls to pieces against inferior numbers & Vedran gets nutmegged for 2-1. Then Vedran kicks it over the touchline and we let Taggart get a header. 2 points dropped. R17 - Home to Newcastle. Lost 5-1. Enough said. R24 - Away to Newcastle. Lost 3-2. Vedran punches ball into own net. Should have won. 3 points dropped. R26 - Away to Mariners. 3-1 loss. Didn't show up. Played 20 minutes against 10 men. Didn't score. Half the games we've played this season have exposed players for a lack of basic skills attacking, defending or goalkeeping, or the squad as a whole showed up with an absent will to win. We lost three games to our "rival" for 7th spot Newcastle as well as losing 2 of the 3 games against 6th placed City. There's little wonder more than half the squad are going to have their contracts expire or be sent into purgatory until they leave.
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    All the understanding of the league won’t fix GK Vedran (12 points of mistakes) Llorente can’t defend and knows he’s leaving Hammil - 100 games and still struggles to pass to his own team and gives away stupid free kicks on the edge of the box elrich - trys hard was a great player but isn’t getting younger and is playing out of position Kamau - average right winger playing out of position at RB mahazi - NPL player (try’s hard) gg - serie C player (who has had one decent half of football so far) Duke - only player who started who I’d keep for next year ab 10 - on holiday Roly - player of the season? reira - over a million a season to miss sitters not that Babbel hasn’t made mistakes saturday night was a new low in a season of lows The problems of the club are deeper than our stylish German friend
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    80% of the team have been told they are not required for next season. The other 20% are injured. Must be frustrating for a coach to come up with a game plan and put out players to win a game that have a meh attitude and cbf. ALeague refs don't help. Their first 2 goals came off fouls that weren't there. Then he allows AB10 to get hacked all game and waves play on. Out midfield has been dire all season. When you have to put in injury replacement from NPL2 and Serie C, what do you expect will happen?
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    Let's see: They didn't hire an AFL fitness coach and ended up with way to many soft tissue injuries. They had a goal keeper and a goal scorer. Their main CB wasn't injured most of the season, they didn't forget to sign an injury replacement, and they didn't field makeshift lineups all season. They didn't have two kids run midfield, and had two squaddies playing CBs for most of the season. They didn't start the season with toothless wingers. They didn't start the season with too few senior players, had too many of those being injured or not up too scratch, and they weren't forced to play up to 5 youth players in the most congested phase of the season. They had a coach who signed players, while our coach mainly worked with what he inherited. The majority of their squad wasn't told prior to their Rd 26 game that they would not be at the club two weeks later. In a nutshell, Krishna scored the goals that Riera didn't score, their GK did the opposite of Janjetovic, and their defense sat tight all season. That's the difference between 8th and 5th spot.
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    I agree in that we shouldn’t lose to the mariners, maybe there is enough skill in the team, but they are as a team piss weak. The free kick goal sums it all up, starts with our captain giving a stupid soft free kick away on the edge of the area, and then the wall parting rather than letting ball hit them The whole squad should be ashamed of themselves but they really couldn’t care less. Our number 10 is basically here on holiday Sorry I’ll change change it we are shite and piss weak As for Babbel He can go too for all I care right now drove over an hour to watch that **** And then the club post happy Easter messages on Facebook and the typical “tough night twitter response” Somebody else said it, failure starts at the top, and that’s above Babbel, this isn’t one season of failure it’s the result of the last three years of poor management (we have had 4 managers in that time)
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    That penalty was ridiculous. If you go back and look at the replay, our defender headed the ball away first then two players who didn't get the ball collided. How that results in "penalty against the keeper and a yellow card" is beyond me, just another typically inept A-League referee. Compound that with the guy completely missing a foul that was worth two red cards and waving play on like nothing happened and he needs to be done for the season.
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    Tonight we learned that a couple of players are definite "no's" for next season. 1. Baumjohan - pussys out of the wall, just sad. Goodbye. 2. Majok - dude... That complete lack of composure. Goodbye and good luck. Mariners played well, we lack leaders.
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    Reports were Hamill was concussed. He didn't walk out lol. If anything he remained on the pitch for too long.
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    What good is holding on to players with deficient basic technical skills or where their skills have massively degraded? Vedran & Nizic aren't good keepers, Hamill & Llorente can't defend while Elrich is too slow to play fullback and isn't a central defender, Majok can't take a first touch without it going into the stands, Riera is missing sitter headers & penalties, Baumjohann can't do anything but make the occasional neat pass. Risdon was a non-entity for 2 seasons and missed many games while playing for Australia & getting hurt. Bridge, Ziegler hurt all year. Mahazi is barely capable of doing the absolute minimum level of technical play as a central midfielder and the younger midfielders Tokich & Grozos were constantly getting hurt. Fitzgerald & Kamau didn't get better or worse but Fitzgerald doesn't appear to have interested Babbel enough to bother with him & Kamau is playing fullback and looking about as good as Elrich & Llorente did (which is bad for the 'real' fullbacks). Who improved this year? Baccus apart from still getting sent off & suspended for yellows. Russell, Tass, Suman & Roly who is probably leaving anyway because Babbel doesn't want to keep a player who can't play in the middle but isn't a real winger. O'Doherty looked okay as a squad player but did an ACL and will be irrelevant for next year's success. It took Duke to fire up the side and he got the same pushback from existing players that Gombau got when he told them all how **** they were playing. When it comes down to it, if you were starting a side from scratch based on last year who would you sign? I'd only 100% want to sign Baccus, Russell, Tass, Duke, Yeboah and Suman. There's a handful more that you could fit into squad roles like Ziegler (as an Australian, as a foreigner he's been a complete dud so far), Kamau or because they are young and hopefully do better (Monge, Grozos) and maybe Gallifuoco as a hardman central midfielder/backup CB. This and last season were utter garbage, 3 seasons was dismal and the 4th last was a massive choke. JT must be thanking his lucky stars that 3 years of total failure hasn't resulted in his sacking. Although for all we know he might be on the way out after the Wanderers Team Night in 2 weeks.
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    Notre Dame has a billionaire who actually wants to spend the money.
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    A manager of his quality should be able to coach in ANY league......... anywhere.......... and adapt. He's getting paid top $'s for a reason. All we got was more of the same and the same excuses week in week out. The players didn't do this or the players didn't do that.....etc etc etc....rinse and repeat. As I said at the start of the season what he achieved elsehere with other clubs is irrelevant, it's what he achieves with WSW that matters. He's achieved nothing this season....we have gone backwards on the ladder. He has improved some players we have and and signed a couple who put, in but he still has to accept some of the blame. If it takes a massive cleanout to right what is wrong then so be it. It appears he will be given the opportunity to do just that. For the sake of the club I hope he succeeds because another season like the last 3 is unacceptable.
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    Basically what FCB said They have a decent defence, an excellent goalkeeper, a solid midfield and a striker who is golden boot Vedran alone has litterally thrown 12 points away this season
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    There’s been very few times during the season where he does give a stuff tbh. Other than appealing for a free kick after being tackled (for holding the ball for too long), I can’t think of a moment he’s displayed even a slither of passion for the teams cause. Outside of game days and training, I don’t think he’s actually ever set foot in Western Sydney... he’s got that smug wanker look about him too. I’m a big fan as you can see
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    I can't see how anyone would be against a massive squad overhaul after the season we've just had. There's barely a handful that deserve to remain and most of them are in the NYL that only got promoted because the seniors that were supposed to perform every week were rubbish. You talk about loyalty. Majority of these players can **** off and take cap space elsewhere so others that actually want to have a chance of being loyal to this region and colours can do so.
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    Was breath-tested by police at Mittagong this morning. The officer, aged about 30, looked inside my car and noticed the mini Wanderers scarf attached to the left hand side of the front window, then said: "I have to warn you that you are displaying the colours of a trash team in the Wanderers!" He said this straight-faced and then smiled. I just laughed and said: "I would have to agree, but just hope we improve by the time we play at Bankwest Stadium." He agreed, then wished my wife and I a happy Easter break.
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    I am so over the sh-t performances of team this season and the questionable substitutions by Babbel. The management and team have sucked he heart and soul out of this club.We will try and regroup when we go to our new home but the club and team need to show a commitment to mach that of their fans.
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    Hamill nearly gets sent off then gives away a second foul straight away, and the wall parts like the Panama canal. It's Matt Simon ffs he's not going to do anything but smash it through the wall. Stand still, don't jump, stay shoulder to shoulder. That is pathetic defence.
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    A-League 2018/19 Predictions

    ... well ... three out of ten isn't too bad
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Germany is the new Spain
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    That is, in part, the answer to your earlier question re: comparing Nix with WSW. They have a squad who are essentially consistent. We ahven't had a consistent squad since about S2. Popa changed players like his underwear. Gumby refused to use players last year who would have made a difference - there was other stuff as well, I know. This year, of out mostly 1st 11, who was there last year? Who was there the year before? It will once again be who are these players next year? Hopefully, Babbel will bring the right players, keep the right ones and allow us to build a consistent sqaud for the next few seasons. Whilst there needs to/will be turnover each season, the extent of ours has been deplorable. It seems like Popa was experimenting with us for 5 years to work out what he wanted/needed. Made the mistakes from S3... and then learned enough to get it right somewhere else. Gumby didn't like Popa's squad and changed a lot and we had a completely misshaped, unbalanced, inexperienced squad when Babbel came. I think he has steadied a really unseaworthy ship, learned the realities of a provincial league with strange parameters and ordinary officiating. The challenge for him is to build a team who is competitive and balanced, can work together, keep them injury-free and stamp WSW authority on the league once more.
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Mahazi spent the first half trying and failing to close down the opposition quickly enough so he could put in a yellow card earning tackle. He's done more than anyone expected as an NPL Rookie player and being Mahazi, but we can't keep him in the side again. He simply isn't even close to good enough.
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    I used to think that way he misses sitters
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    A few years back I was in Gosford and there happened to be a Mariners game on against Adelaide so I went. This was back when NTS played for us and had played against the Mariners a week or so earlier. The Mariners fan behind me took one look at Osama Malik and said “I didn’t know Topor-Stanley transferred to Adelaide”.
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