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    RBB Announcement | Season Boycott

    So so I Happy, So do I. But I don't want my name and face in a terrorism file. I don't want my wife to be manhandled and patted down with a metal detected "going off" for no apparent reason. I don't want to be stared down by power tripping thug security guards that try to stop you from celebrating Santa's hattrick. I don't want to have to show my membership card every time I enter the bay. I don't want to have to fear for my safety despite being surrounded by riot squad and security. RBB and like minded people have to been to a fkc tonne of terrible matches all over the country and the world, in terrible conditions, mid week where all these other so called "true fans" stay at home because the scheduling is bad, or the team is doing badly. 5k at Campbelltown for ACL and FFA Cup semi final. Low crowds when we are at bottom of the table. Low crowds when it is raining. But many other people and RBB are still there, making noise doing everything they can to lift the team despite them playing terribly. Oh, but NOW the team needs us because they've been dire the entire season. NOW they need the circus monkeys to dance to "support the team". F...u..ck. off. I've paid my money. I've travelled the country and overseas spending thousands of dollars following this team. I've spent hundreds of hours documenting the first couple years in film form. I've spent more every week producing podcasts and articles. And there are many like me. But because I choose not to go to a game and get fkd by authorities and profiled and risk my and my wife's career by getting on some "list" because someone swore is a joke. The generalisation from people like you and some in the media that the RBB is full of 20 yo lebos is entirely misguided. What makes you a true fan and someone like me, my family and friends not? I watched the game. Just at home. The best 45 minutes? I've seen better. And against better opposition. Brisbane were terrible and made us look good. Trying to guilt trip us that we should be there for the team, like numpties such as Robbie Slater. I'm not going to put aside the bs we face every week to appease people like you and "support the team no matter what" despite constantly being vilified for it. I do support the team no matter what. RBB were in a lose lose situation in people like yours minds. Win = don't need the RBB Lose = its the RBB's fault. Again, fkc off. We sing because that's how we support. We don't sing for you. You can't demand we turn up and put on a show for you. When WSW was winning, everyone got on board. But now when WSW lose, now its RBB's fault. Look around you. 5 years ago every A-League team had decent support and crowds. Now, no one is left. Why is that? Not all teams have been terrible. Its because the authorities, the clubs, the FFA have killed all organic growth and support. Its a sad sight. The Cove is only there because SFC have been handed wins and titles and have bowed down to the FFA for their goody two shoe image. People forget that Cove, NT, Red Army clashed years before WSW were around. There were flares and fights since day 1 in the A-league. This is NOT an RBB invention despite the popular opinion stating as such. The issues have been boiling since we moved to SOP. Its getting worse and worse and people are sick of it. Why have numbers ACROSS THE BOARD (at WSW games and the league) dropped the last 2 years? That is the real question. Stop trying to blame your own passionate fans for joining the long list of people that have walked away entirely from the league. We're still here though. Many that left before us will never return. EDIT: Now I KNOW Happy is a sad troll.
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    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    What a club , no coach , no active support , no sponsor and no stadium But the board stay 🤦‍♂️ JT🖕OUT
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    The club throwing the supporter marshall under the bus for doing her job is pretty low. What a weak as piss bunch of soft cocks we have running our club. The only time they act tough is when they are berating their own fans. Get ****ed.
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    um sorry? where on earth did RBB announce anything about pyro before derby mate? because a pic was posted with an old derby photo that had pyro in it? no need to over analyse mate. I can categorically state that the 2 flares that went off were unknown to me (i can only speak for myself). Furthermore, if history shows anything ****in 2 flares is piss weak. U know **** was organised in the past when there was way more than that. Leadership group of the RBB (which does not include me these days but i still assist where possible) has done all they can since all the dramas of last season and the constant threats. Anybody who keeps saying its RBB responsibility blah blah..yeah no worries ill make sure i put my hand up next time to do individual pat downs of every single person that walks in. Give me a break honestly. At this point in time - RBB is just fed up with how football is run in this country. This isn't a PYRO demonstration or a hissy fit that we got in trouble because of that. These sort of Anti FFA statements and demonstrations against FFA have been occuring for 2 seasons now ever since we brought up the banning process (which FFA has done stuff all about). The naivety of some people who actually think this is all a demonstration about allowing PYRO into games is just utter stupidity. The sport we love and the game we follow so passionately is being driven into the ground and every body is happy to just carry on like nothing is happening. Yes RBB was warned that any incident may result in our area being closed down in pre season...so why the **** would we jeopardise that? For those who have attended games this season, where have there been any incidents in the active end (either home or away?). RBB has done its best to clean up its act, so it can go back to making TIFO's and an atmosphere...they have jumped hoops to get things approved only to be shut down by the FFA and our club administration despite almost a full season of good behaviour. Enough is enough in my opinion - derby actions aside (which i am sure the authorities are investigating and it is their job to do so..not ours), behaviour has been impeccable this season and yet everything that was promised to us with good behaviour has not come through from FFA or the clubs end. For example, TIFO for derby 2 which included the word 'clown' rejected after much deliberation 3 days before derby. Come derby 3..SFC have the word 'clown' in their TIFO. So this makes us wonder why does our club not have the balls to defend its fans? In summary - the state of our game is in a messy, David Gallops gets a 2 year extension and earns a wage over $1 mil a season (thats almost 50% of a clubs salary cap!) and what has he achieved? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
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    It's simple. No more away games, bare minimum commitment to home games. No more focus on other clubs or the A-League in general. Tell everyone why and make sure the feedback goes back to the clubs and the FFA. Losing a game because you are outplayed is part of the deal with football...with any sport. But having the soul ripped out of you time and time again because of the consistently anti-football measures in effect on and off the pitch is killing my love of the game & my care factor for the A-League. Always Red & Black Barely caring now about the league and those associated with the sport outside my club.
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    City Tear Maladroit Wanderers Apart

    Why stop at blaming popa. Ange is to blame. Ever since he selected risdon for the socceroos he has been shite. What about the airport in London? Those pricks keep letting herd back there when he is meant to be playing for us. Who was cejudo's u/12s coach - useless bastard didn't teach him how to pass properly. Oh and bridgey's knee surgeon. Since he had his knee done he is really slow. Man is that guy a dud. But let's make sure we don't assign any responsibility to the guy who picks the team, trains the players 5 days a week, organises the strategy and is meant to motivate them. That performance can't possibly be his fault. Ffs. Just pay milicic whatever he wants like we should have done in the first place. GUMBY OUT
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I'll do my best to answer this. its mid season 1 that I start to notice it. Its clear that the emergence of the rbb is happening and its big. its clear that some of the aspects of firms/ultras from o/s are becoming part of it eg flares & fighting they panic - this is a new thing for them. sure they dealt with pockets of fans fighting etc during the nsl but this was different - it was bigger and threatening to become huge. they had no idea how to handle it so went with the way they knew best - 'show of force', 'crackdown', 'zero tolerance' its from this point on that we have cops in riot gear on the hill at parra, kids getting threatened with ejection for confetti etc. by the second season its becoming overbearing - cops filming everyone at gosford. huge numbers, riot squad, choppers, mobile custody vans etc. its also now that police are actively stalking the bays looking to intimidate. this approach culminates with the perth pepper spray game in season 3 which was caused imo by heavy handed policing and complete over reaction by the PC involved. This one I witnessed from very close range unfortunately. This was the lowest point to date. This was also the season when the stuff at the gate became really over the top and probably the closest I have come to getting banned when they tried to pat down my daughter (who was 13 at the time) - when I protested they said she had to 'prove' she was under 18. I went off at them was walked away by police and eventually after some heated discussion allowed in. Those that know me know I am a smartarse but not really an agitator so for me to be this steamed up is something. I guess though in those first 3 years everyone was just so excited to be part of something that was as amazing as active was at that time so we put up with it, maybe not quietly - but we put up with it. I felt that things actually improved a bit in season 4 - there was support from outside like steve issa etc on issues like the proposed parra LAC restrictions. I could be reading it wrong but it felt like the authorities had done some research and were applying some of the ideas from o/s that work like supporter marshals, less visible police etc The move to olympic park has been an unmitigated disaster. bay enforcement, the lawn bar cluster****, really over the top entry procedures, moronic seccos selectively enforcing stuff in active etc etc etc. its reached the tipping point I think where a combo of friends being banned, poor on field performance, the hell hole that is olympic park and the club//ffa's really poor management of active fans and its reached the point where the hassle just isn't worth it for many anymore. I sent an email to the club last week and that is basically what I told them - I am still a fan of the club but its just become such a demoralising and unpleasant experience to attend a match at olympic park coupled with the feeling that neither the club or the league actually want us there that we just can't be arsed, at least in the short term. Hope that answers your question. Note: I did that all of the top of my head so I probably screwed up the chronology a bit
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    Those in charge of Football Federation Australia must follow the VAR out the door after another display of the VAR and Australia's inept referees cheating the Wanderers, snuffing out a potential comeback in what should have been a classic Sydney Derby. Sydney FC scored an early goal just 4 minutes into the match. Adam Le Fondre standing in an offside position at a free kick, hung around after a half-clearance, the ball fell to him after a shot back in. Vedran Janjetovic smothered his initial shot but another piece of luck had him smack the rebound into an empty net. Replays showed that not only was Le Fondre offside at the free kick (but according to the VAR, somehow not interfering with play), but that Mahazi had been interfered with by an offside Brosque. The score was 1-0, and the VAR did nothing. After the break the Wanderers were two behind having gifted their opponents a golden chance to score. On the edge of their own area, Sotirio played a hospital ball to Josh Risdon, and instead of trying to clear, he played a sideways pass intended for Mahazi that was intercepted by Ninkovic, and he pounced to play through Brosque and his first time strike beat Janjetovic at the far post. Despite going two behind, the Wanderers did show some of the vaunted mentality Markus Babbel has been trying to instill in his charges, but when they finally converted one of their chances to score, it was cruelly and idiotically over-turned by the inept Chris Beath with an assist from the VAR. Baumjohann and Risdon worked down the right flank, the Risdon cross made it's way to the other end of the area where Roly Bonevacia smashed an 18 yard first time rocket past Andrew Redmayne. With no real protests from the home side, the VAR intervened to take away the goal. Chris Beath decided that Michael Zullo had been fouled by Jaushua Sotirio in the lead up to the cross. While Sotirio was in an offside position, Zullo's choice to dive into Sotirio while meters away from the ball was rewarded with Beath over-turning the decision by declaring Sotirio had fouled the SFC defender. in the aftermath Markus Babbel exploded at the fourth official, remonstrating to show his disgust at the call. He was awarded the A-League's first "Coach Red Card" by Beath. Babbel then walked around the long boundary of the Sydney Cricket Ground, a route that took him in front of the RBB who roared their approval. The failure was compounded in the post-game with Beath being interviewed and stating that the decision was actually offside, even though vision showed clearly that his decision was that it was a foul. Additionally, his interview stated that the linesman who was as close to Sotirio as Zullo was to Risdon, had completely missed the offside/foul and that the decision was solely made by VAR and himself. It was another display of referees who aren't good enough to be officiating our most important football games. Enough is enough. This is not just the VAR. Although it needs to be cancelled immediately. The VAR failed from the moment it was introduced. Bad decisions have been made since Wellington Phoenix were robbed against Sydney FC in Round 26 in 2016/17. Perth Glory were robbed in the Semi-Final in that season. The technology failed Newcastle Jets in the Grand Final last. It failed to detect Bruno Fornaroli diving in the recent Melbourne Derby. It tonight secured another game for Sydney FC. Offsides are a lottery. Tonight WSW have a goal taken away for offside. Last year Adelaide when playing against us had a clear offside goal investigated by the VAR be allowed to stand. The Wanderers were cruelled against Perth Glory when sideline cameras failed to be in the right decision for an obvious offside, leading to a red card against us. It ignores certain laws like encroachment at penalties, and offsides against players standing offside from free kicks. When looking at holding in the penalty area from set pieces the VAR is seemingly over intended to confirm whatever decision was made on the field. When a decision isn't made on the pitch by the referee, the basic law against holding is ignored by the VAR. The level of intervention around forceful tackles once saw the Mariners reduced by two players from VAR decisions, while other tackles that could break legs are ignored in other games. This is the result of a long held refusal by the FFA to enforce basic standards of officiating skill. We have seen officials give baffling offsides against players standing behind the ball being played. We have seen offsides given from a throw in. There is zero consistency in the application of offside. There is zero consistency in the application of handball. Certain teams received baffling leniency when playing tactics that deliberately disrupt their opposition with professional fouls in the midfield. The time for incremental change is over. Now that the FFA Governance saga is over, I call on whoever makes up the new FFA Board to immediately sack FFA Chief Executive David Gallop, Head of the A-League Greg O'Rourke, FFA Referees boss Ben Wilson, and A-League referees Chris Beath, Jarred Gillett, Kurt Ams, Peter Green and Shaun Evans. The FFA/A-League positions must be filled with people passionate about football. The VAR must be immediately cancelled and never return to Australian football. Get in touch with the football associations in German, England, Japan and Holland. Ask for the phone numbers of some consistent referees, who might be inclined to spend 6 months in the Australian summer. Bring them over. The current people in charge of Football Federation Australia have lost the trust of the football community. The new FFA Board must take the chance to rebuild the foundation of our sport in a positive, intelligent matter to take the sport forward once again. We risk turning the A-League into a joke, and having it be abandoned to the ruin of all the good work done by the players, clubs and supporters up to now. If the FFA fail to rectify the situation, a repeat of the ban list fan boycott is on the cards, and was called for by Mark Bosnich in the Fox Sports post-game show. I would wholeheartedly approve of that action. View full article
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    If santa says you are **** then you are ****.
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    It would appear that crowds in the a league are still too high. Our club and the ffa are bravely battling to try to reduce crowd numbers. Truly heroic.
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    Yeah we have been totally falling apart when we go behind for a while now. Mental resilience can obviously come from within, it can be ingrained in the DNA of a place, and it can be learnt or improved upon through experience. It also comes from knowing your role, trusting the guy next to you and trusting that if you stick to your guns when things go wrong you will come through it. We have young guys in the middle of the pitch who haven’t learnt how to deal different situations, and we’ve also had four coaches in one year. Even though the appointment of Corica looks like a cheap, easy appointment, he can stay with the same structures that they have been using successfully and that the players know so well. Their back 7 has only had one change, and that was bringing in a Dutch CB. So as far as resilience goes, those guys all know their roles. When things start to go wrong, or when they are under the pump, they all know what to do. Our guys, because of their inexperience and the instability they have faced, don’t know what to do. Our midfield in particular, can’t tell when to put a foot on the ball, speed the play up, kick someone, needle someone in back play to put them off etc. They’re a bit lost. Also, when we got behind, a few of our players started trying to do things on their own that they don’t normally do, like beating a man or trying passes they don’t normally. This is a sign that they don’t trust the team or the tactics. It’s also not uncommon in a team with a new coach because players want to win and so start doing their own thing as they have no norms to fall back on. When the smurfs get behind, they all just fall into the roles they know so well. Whilst it wasn’t an enjoyable experience, last night was a really good opportunity for the coach to help his players grow, to teach them about how to react in certain situations. But mostly, we need experience in the centre of midfield. Without it, this will be a season of growing pains.
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    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    “Hey, international player, do you want to come and work for ... Steve Corica?” ”Hey international player, do you want to come and work for Markus Babbel?”
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    He's Bavarian. And he used to be married to a girl from my home town. I remember him playing for Bayern and winning the Euro in 1996 with Germany. He was part of the side that knocked Cryff's Braca out of the UEFA semi in 1995. He's more accomplished as both coach and players as Kurz. Top knotch coach, top knotch guy. Babbel in the HAL is something else. I am very very happy. Unfortunately he won't know what hit him once he experiences Gillet et al, but he is bound to give them an ear full.
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    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    Well would you believe it.........Sydney fans all over social media today decrying the finals system !! Suck it up princesses.
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    Riera Roars Against Brisbane

    needs more maps
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    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    “We must hand out long term bans for people that rip flares because it hurts the game and people hate them and will stop going to games.” “We must introduce pyrotechnics because no one is going to games.”
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    Mierzejewski Brace KO's Wanderers

    This is why crowds across the competition are at an all time low. Because the FFA have banned anyone that has passion for the sport. Its also why active support is at an all time low across all teams. For the very same reason. $hit on the fans that actually care about the sport and you end up with soulless games with no atmosphere every weekend at every ground. The FFA have succeeded in ostracising every rusted on fan of their competition. Compare the active ends of ALL clubs from our 1st and 2nd season to now. They are all a joke. Its because security has clamped down on them for stupid reasons and the FFA have banned all their passionate supporters for stupid reasons with little or no evidence. Banning more people is not the answer.
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    I’m just here to say I love Markus Babbel and I love Mark Bosnich
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    WSW have been invited to play in an u17's tournament in China, against clubs from other conferences including Benfica & AC Milan. Tournament will take place in mid August & will necessitate our u18's NPL2 game v's Bankstown Berries on the 18th, being rescheduled. Participation in the tournament will be financially lucrative for our club, as we'll receive an appearance fee & all expenses are covered by the hosts.
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    That's because there hasn't been a Wanderers home game in a while.
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    City Tear Maladroit Wanderers Apart

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    Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    It won't be because of 2 flares. It'll be because NRMA aren't getting the same value as they did during the "ACL Era". Ratings, crowds and general interest has cratered. It's the worst since the dismal 2011/12 season 5 years ago. This season WSW are heading for their lowest seasonal average crowd average. We just had our worst ever home A-League game attendance. SFC look like dropping ~2500 from last years average (which will probably be their lowest since 2011/12). Victory will probably drop below 20k (again the first time since 11/12). The only improvement has been Newcastle. The overall league per game average looks like it'll also be the lowest since 2011/12 and be the 4th lowest in the league history. We got a very big deal because the A-League and WSW had a lot of eyeballs on it. Companies don't enter into sponsorships just out of the goodness of their heart or because they think the club is "family friendly", they do calculations and metrics and look at what they are getting back in exchange for their cash. WSW aren't worth the $1m plus a season any more. And the club owners, the CEO, the coach/players who have been around in the past few years are more to blame for that than anything the RBB has done.
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