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  • The A-League has been shut down as a result of Australia wide lockdowns & border closures.

    A week and a half after the A-League went behind closed doors, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced Governments across the world to issue severe public restrictions on public gatherings, which have lead to suspensions of all levels of sport, which now includes the A-League. Multiple States have closed their borders and asked all but essential services to shut down, with the situation in New Zealand also playing a role with the Wellington Phoenix potentially stuck in Australia for 6 months if they had remained here beyond this week.

    The A-League had attempted to go on, including playing games behind closed doors and planning to complete the season in Sydney alone. These games and plans appear all for nought, as the rapid spread forced the closure of the league despite attempts by Fox Sports to threaten to cancel the A-League broadcast deal should it occur. No reopening date has been set due to the rapidly changing situation.

    If the closure goes on long enough to see the season ended as it currently stands, there may be a 7 month wait before the top flight of Australian football begins again in this coming October.

    The final Sydney Derby of the A-League regular season has ended in a 1-1 draw that the Wanderers were lucky to receive.

    With the game locked out to the public the match took on an eerie quality completely unlike those of derbies past. Both sides had to work into the contest, jockeying for control and it took until the 35th minute for Sydney FC to open the scoring. Kosta Barbarouses turned and shot at goal, forcing Daniel Lopar into a save where he pushed the ball back out towards his right. Adam Le Fondre pounced on the rebound with the Wanderers defence static, a tap-in into the empty net.

    The Wanderers came back out in the second half with a renewed sense of purpose but had trouble penetrating the Sydney FC penalty area. In particular, the Wanderers fullbacks seeing a lot of ball in the attacking third but they were incapable of finding a team-mate with a cross or cut-back.

    It was one of those poor crosses that eventually resulted in the Wanderers equaliser. A pair of deflections from Sydney FC saw the ball roll out to the edge of the penalty area, Simon Cox fired a first time strike that bounced off the feet of Kwame Yeboah and left Andrew Redmayne completely wrong-footed with no hope of a save. It was hardly a deserved equaliser if not for the effort in the 2nd half, and they pushed ahead to try and find a winner that would have put them back in the top 6. Unfortunately for the home side the inability to find the final ball reared it's ugly head once again and the game ran out as a 1-1 draw. It left Sydney FC without a Derby win this season but is unlikely to do much to halt their ascent to another A-League Premiership.

    The Wanderers next game is scheduled to be against Western United in Ballarat, Victoria on Saturday 29th March.

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    • I've been looking at the same site as well. A stat not mentioned in the news coverage is the cases per 1m of population. Seeing high numbers for some countries not usually mentioned has me wondering how their medical services will cope. Switzerland is an example. They have been consistently above Italy and Spain until Spain's situation escalated even more in the past couple of days. There is also a few small countries with much smaller case numbers but even higher ratios per 1m of double or triple Switzerland's that must be under stress. Another stat that is getting progressively worse is the death rate compared to resolved cases (dead or recovered). It is now 20%, up from 12% less than(?) 2 weeks ago. France has had a really bad day with 1355 deaths, the biggest single day toll anywhere since it all started. 884 of them in nursing homes. My wife visits her Dad in a nursing home twice a week (I've stopped going to minimise the risks both ways). Last visit was yesterday. The staff have told her that she can still visit under the allowed exceptions. But she is questioning whether she should. That stat from France gives more food for thought.
    • considering scott morrison is a wannabe dictator i very much doubt they will but who knows if he will still be our pm by the time this is over
    • It’s not about civil liberties being taken away for me because now is the time we need to do whatever is necessary. My concern is that once a government has taken these liberties away do they ever give them ALL back? 
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