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  • The last Sydney Derby of the Wanderers nomadic three year existence away from Parramatta ended in a 1-1 draw with a goal in each half.

    In front of a 21,000 strong crowd, Sydney FC opened the scoring 7 minutes in. When Alexander Baumjohann and Keanu Baccus made a mess of possession in midfield, Anthony Caceres released Alex Brosque who fired a low left footed shot from the edge of the area past Vedran Janjetovic.

    With the Wanderers looking the better of the two sides after half-time, the Wanderers equalised in the 57th minute. Baumjohann stepped up to take a free kick just outside the edge of the area after a Brandon O'Neill foul. Off a short run he blasted at the parted wall and it took a deflection off Adam LeFondre and beat Andrew Redmayne in goal.

    Around the hour mark Baumjohann found Oriol Riera with a looping cross, the marquee striker rose for an uncontested header from point blank range but only nodded the ball onto the base of the post and away from goal.

    Deep into stoppage time Giancarlo Gallifuoco delivered an outstanding cross into the middle of the area for Abraham Majok but the striker's touch took the ball over the bar, and he may have been offside in any case. The final action came from LeFondre as he curled a wonderful strike towards the top far corner only to have it tipped around the post by Janjetovic. The draw means that Perth Glory have one hand on the Premiers plate going into their match against Newcastle tomorrow, 

    The Wanderers play Central Coast Mariners on Saturday 20 April in Gosford.

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    • LOL After copping it so hard about lack of transparency (which they haven't improved regarding financials, banned fans etc.), the FFA try and explain their decision. In doing so they openly admit that fairness and INTEGRITY of the competition are not the most important things. HAHAHAHAHAHA what a bunch of ******* idiots. Then they compound the issue by saying that Foxsports ratings are more important than fans turning up to the game. Maybe one day it will dawn on them that the ratings are linked to the atmosphere and passion of the live experience.  Last night in the NRL one team demolished another by 38-12.  But because this was a case of a packed home stadium in Newcastle, full of fans going off, insiring their team to beat the favourites, after the game the commentators and news articles raved about what a great night it was. Had one team beat another 38-12 in front of 8,000 people politely clapping, most viewers would turn off at hafltime. Chasing ratings by making decisions based purely on the thoughts of tv executives is a Catch 22. You make bad decisions, fans don't come, ratings dive, so you make the next decision based off what tv execs think will help, it therefore is likely to be a bad decision, fans don't come...
    • This seems a  very balanced analysis...with a historical perspective. Surprise win held a warning for PM. And the first sign of trouble is already here
    • Thank god we are part of Europe given we're in the Eurovision song contest. Failing that, we could always change Austria to Australia on the final contract.
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