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  • FOOTBALL Federation Australia are tomorrow set to announce a new Western Sydney side for the A-League next season.


    The FFA are tipped to be investing $5 million into the Government-backed community-based model club, according to Sydney's Daily Telegraph.


    The new team will be fast tracked into existence to make it in time for the start of the new season, just seven months away, with recruitment for coaching and playing staff beginning almost immediately.


    Four Four Two Australia

    Speculation mounts that Western Sydney is going to be rushed into the A-League to replace Gold Coast United.


    Harry Kewell has a release clause written into his Melbourne Victory contract that allows him to terminate the contract after 1 season.


    Meetings are ongoing between the league, Kewell, his management and Melbourne Victory management.


    A rushed launch for Western Sydney will likely create a situation where substandard marketing, promotion and organisation will take place before the launch.


    Is Harry Kewell part of the answer to this issue if the FFA choose to press ahead with a rushed launch?


    I categorically say yes.


    Harry Kewell was born and bred in Western Sydney. He played junior football in Fairfield. As we have seen with Melbourne Victory, Kewell provides a big publicity boost, his return was hailed by all codes and interested was widespread.


    Having performed this role for the FFA in the AFL state, I believe it is time for Harry to come back and do the same for Western Sydney. He still has the ability on the pitch, being the bright light in a very mediocre Melbourne Victory lineup. His value to Football goes far beyond his ability on the pitch. Harry Kewell ranks with the greats of Australian sport. Playing for Western Sydney in the A-League would give the team an exceptional introduction that no player barring perhaps Tim Cahill could provide.


    If the FFA are serious about Western Sydney they need to make this happen.


    What are your thoughts?


    Picture licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license - Author - Kevin Airs - Source = Four Four Two Australia

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    • Looks like Danny Choi has become an Australian Citizen...but going to play for a 4th tier club in Portugal. 

    • Membership prices haven’t gone down and it’s evident that they spent less in this years pack. we used to get key rings, scarfs, air fresheners etc. red/black members used to get added extras that rbb and white memberships didn’t get. Yes I’m having a whinge because like you said half the fun was seeing what’s in there and it was met with massive disappointment. but anyways it’s game day.          
    • I wonder what membership would cost if there were no extras.  If it's negligible and the stuff is just added for advertising/marketing purposes, then who cares. But if it is going to reduce the cost by like $20-$30 dollars, maybe that would be an option. Outside of the tickets, half the fun is waiting to see what's in it! 
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