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  • The FFA have announced the sixth in a series of community meetings to be held regarding the new Western Sydney A-League team.


    The sixth meeting is to be held at Wests Leagues Club on Tuesday 1st May 2012


    Time 7:30-9:30pm.


    The meeting will involve discussions around the team name, colours, logo and culture.

    Today the FFA launched a survey to 40,000 people through email.


    The key topics for this survey include all the items spoken about at the supporter forums. Club Culture. Name. Colours. Values. Playing Style. Personnel. Home Venue are all up for discussion and submission to the FFA.


    Please check any email address you have used to register interest in the club or have affiliated with any previous FFA email campaigns to find details on how to complete the survey.


    The FFA have announced that by completing the survey you will go into the draw to win two VIP tickets to the Club launch that will happen later this year.