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    Mile Sterjovski, Shannon Cole and Clint Bolton are West Sydney Targets according to a World Game article released to day. To read the rest of the story click here.

    The World Game has reported that Mile Sterjovski, Shannon Cole and Clint Bolton.


    Sterjovski is unhappy in China, and may be able to persuade his club to cut him loose.


    Bolton is out of contract at Melbourne Heart and could be interested in finishing his career in the city he played 5 seasons at Sydney FC.


    Cole has been released by Sydney FC and is said to be close to agreeing terms with the club.


    Fabio Grosso has been said to be looking at the A-League, but having priced himself out of a move to Melbourne Victory is unlikely to end up at West Sydney.


    Opinion: I don't believe Bolton should be approached. He is an ex-Sydney FC player and his last season at Heart proved he is on the way out as a top level keeper. He is also likely to be overpriced compared to similarly performing keepers. Sterjovski is notorious for his lack of effort until his contract is about to expire. His recent form goal-wise has been quite poor. He has only scored 17 goals in the last 4 years. Cole is a useful player who I believe was not given enough of a chance at Sydney FC along with some changes to coaching that inhibited his natural ability.


    Source: The World Game

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    The first official Supporters Meeting for the New Western Sydney A-League team will be held at the Woolpack Hotel, Parramatta, on June 3rd at 6:30pm. Topics to be discussed will include active support, fan/supporter gear and much more. All are welcome, and a few of the members of the forum will be heading down early for a few drinks, from about 2pm.

    6.30pm for the official kickoff. Anyone who can't make that but would like to catch up, or anyone just wanting to get there early for brewskis, 2pm.