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  • The FFA have announced the fourth in a series of community meetings to be held regarding the new Western Sydney A-League team.


    The fourth meeting is to be held in Penrith, at the Joan Sutherland Centre on Tuesday 24th April


    Time 7:30-9:30pm.


    The meeting will involve discussions around the team name, colours, logo and culture.


    Google Maps Link

    This won't be as long as the last one. Pretty much the same ground was covered as the first supporter forum.


    Good news is what our community has spoken up in support was again spoken of highly. Colours, Name, Culture were all again what people in our community have voted in favour of.


    There was very little off-topic discussion this time around. I personally asked a question about the MSL ex-Chicago Fire CEO Peter Wilt. The Lawrie McKinna as manager rumour has been squashed, but I wouldn't be surprised if he turns up in some capacity given his knowledge with starting up the Central Coast.


    This time around a roll call so to speak of members from this forum was taken, and I'll list who was ticked off as attending:


    azza, charonis, DiscoD, Erebus, Gonzalo, julyaugustreno, myself, MarcelFC, MattyB, mltezr, Taurus, TheGoatOfDoom, TWayServiceCrew and TWG. There may be some names missing from that if so I apologise. So 14 out of our membership of approximately 220 (about 6%) attended a great turn-out and one that can only enhance our views coming across to the FFA, the other supporters and the people in charge.


    I got in touch with the FFA's digital people and there may be news coming on that front in the next few days. I spoke with a young journalism student whose name escapes me about the new team so I hope we can be posting up that news article in the next few weeks, and finally we should also get a mention on the Football segment on Alive90.5 FM Saturday Morning Sports Round-Up from 8am.


    The next meeting is in Rooty Hill on Thursday.

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