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  • This is a poll about the colours and kit you want the team to have.


    Since Red & Black is so heavily favored I'm simply going to have it up against all other colours.


    The shirt poll is about the home kit and has a wide variety of options that I believe cover almost if not all standard variations on kit type.


    To vote in the poll go here. Voting requires a site account.

    The FFA have announced the second in a series of community meetings to be held regarding the new Western Sydney A-League team.


    The second meeting is to be held at The Riverside Theatre in Parramatta on Tuesday April 17th. Time 7:30-9:30pm.


    The meeting will involve discussions around the team name, colours, logo and culture.


    Getting to The Riverside Theatre: Google Maps Link


    By Train/Bus:

    Train to Parramatta station followed by walking down the hill towards Hungry Jacks, then follow the pedestrian only part of Church Street until you reach the road. Cross and follow Church Street. It is on the left hand side coming from the station.


    Catch any normal Parramatta bus service and follow the same directions.



    The closest carpark to the theatre is the Erby Place Carpark, Erby Place (just off Phillip street and opposite Park Royal Hotel). This does cost money. More information as it comes to hand.

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    • One thing I am thankful for in relation to coming from Middlesbrough is the multiculturalism. It is not a traditional English town. Pre 1860 there was nothing there but empty fields and a farm, the town was built on immigration, straight grid roads and no building older than 100 years, the heritage is in the industry, hard graft and the people who moved there to have a go, the Irish to begin with, then the people from India, Pakistan and more recently Africa. When I was at primary school in the mid 80's we went on an exchange to spend a week at a muslim school, that was the mid 80's! People are only shouting about this kind of thing now. The only thing ant annoyed me was the fact that the local takeaways back then did an anglo version of their home food because back then they thought no one would like the real traditional stuff. Therefore it was omelette and chips from a chinese takeaway lol The curry from the Indian takeaway would taste much like Sunday roast gravy. It was only from the mid 90's on wards that this changed.
    • Looks like May ended a week early in the UK.
    • How hard would ot be to insert mid week games to fit those 3 weeks. F***, we do it over January already don't we?  I swear that the ffa are on the afl's books. No other explanation...
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