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  • For the 3rd time this season Vedran Janjetovic has made a complete brain snap, this time an error in the 95th minute to gift Brisbane Roar a corner that Adam Taggart nodded home to give the Roar a dramatic 2-2 draw.

    The Wanderers controlled the game for the entire first half, giving the Roar precious little to come at them with. Roly Bonevacia opened the scoring in the 18th minute, latching onto a long ball over the top of the Roar defence by Brendan Hamill. Roly picked up the ball about 12 yards out from goal, he cut back inside and fired through the legs of Luke DeVere before beating Jamie Young at the near post.

    Western Sydney were cruising when Kwame Yeboah continued his good start to his career in the Red & Black. Oriol Riera found Bruce Kamau with a neat ball into the area, he tapped it back for Yeboah and the new striker turned Connor O'Toole and rippled the back of the net on the far side.

    After half-time the Wanderers & Roar ambled along to what looked like an inevitable win for the visiting team, only for the 5 minutes of stoppage time to produce the dramatic ending and yet another Wanderers collapse. 

    Firstly the Roar saw Taggart and Tobias Mikelson play a neat one-two pass to put Mikkelsen one on one against Tate Russel, and the Danish midfielder went around and shot through the legs of Janjetovic to put the Roar within striking distance of a point.

    Secondly, as the Roar launched an aimless ball into the Wanderers penalty box with 30 seconds left of injury time, all Janjetovic had to do was let it roll out for a goal kick, or smother it 8 yards out from goal and boot it up-field to give Wanderers their breakthrough 2019 win. Instead, he let it roll slowly toward the goal line before inexplicably throwing out a right foot as the ball reached the by-line. 

    Having won a corner off the brainless stupidity of the Wanderers keeper, the Roar threw the kitchen sink and their own keeper Jamie Young into the penalty box, followed by a ball into the 6 yard box. Young, Taggart and Tarek Elrich threw themselves at the ball, it connected with Taggart's head and the ball flew past Janjetovic for a stunning equaliser.

    As the Roar ran off in celebrating the dumbstruck Wanderers had to rue the 3rd brainsnap of the season from Janjetovic, another two points dropped from a seemingly unassailable position. While Markus Babbel could only laugh in reaction after being questioned in a post-game interview, he must surely be absolutely livid internally. That 3rd mistake should mark the end of the Wanderers career for Janjetovic, who has been a disaster in goals since swapping with Andrew Redmayne.

    The Wanderers now have to pick themselves up to face Newcastle on Friday, February 1st with a 7:50PM EDT kick-off at ANZ Stadium Homebush.

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    • The nats candidate in Armidale is very popular and focused on local issues- to his credit he is very active in the community. He has managed to avoid the general stain of the nats because the big failings (csg/mining, water etc) aren't as critical here. The SFF guys are the big winners - they have totally revamped their image in country nsw from the gun nut party to the party who backs the interests of farmers - they ran succesful/popular farmers as candidates in most electorates and did really well - would expect trend to continue at federal election. People are looking for an actual country party not an arm of the mining/big cotton lobby that the nats have become. Interesting times.
    • Depends on the wording on the contract too.  Introduce a 100m fine for coming last and see those at the bottom of the table hand back the license Tinkler style.
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