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  • The Western Sydney Wanderers improved to complete a professional 2-0 win against the Central Coast Marinres tonight.

    Both sides began the game with a desire to attack, Michael McGlinchey could have opened the scoring within minutes, but after a good near post run he hit a shot straight at Vedran Janjetovic. Jaushua Sotirio broke down the right flank for the Wanderers, but stuck in two minds, he put a cross in front of an offside Riera instead of taking a shot at goal.

    After half an hour Riera had a free header after getting onto the end of a free kick, but he touched it over the crossbar. The typically poor refereeing standards continued to hurt the Wanderers, as Matt Simon decided to stamp on the foot of Keanu Baccus off the ball, but apparently no action was taken, nor did the VAR intervene like it should have. 5 minutes before half-time Riera had another free header, this time after Josh Risdon hung the ball on the 6 yard box, but the finish was a repeat of the earlier ball over the bar.

    Deep into the two minutes of stoppage time the Wanderers finally put the ball in the back of the net. After winning a late corner, the Mariners couldn't clear the danger and it was worked around the edge of the area until it reached Keanu Baccus. He lined up a strike and blasted the ball through a sea of bodies and left Ben Kennedy flailing at thin air.

    Jack Clisby nearly made his introduction to the game for the Mariners after an hour a scoring one. After stepping onto the pitch, he took a free kick a long way out and nearly embarrassed Janjetovic by shooting at the near post, the ball almost bouncing over the hands of the keeper.

    Bruce Kamau set the stage for the Wanderers to double their lead, Riera & Baumjohann combined on the edge of the penalty area, before Riera fed Kamau the ball to shoot from long distance. Ben Kennedy made a hash of the shot, spilling it to his right. Jaushua Sotirio pounced on the rebound for a simple tap-in.

    The Mariners huffed and puffed but they had little penetration up front, and the Wanderers ran out as comfortable 2-0 winners. It elevates the Wanderers into the top 6 pending other results on the weekend, and sets them up for a Sydney Derby game next week.

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    • seriously we just need our higher up's to talk to the FFA and tell them they do not want KGJ involved in any of our matches because he always does a ******* terrible job
    • Can't see a second division being fully pro in my lifetime.  (the next 40 years) 
    • Implicit bias.  "... the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner."  Ever been at a work place where a certain client had a bad reputation and no one wanted to deal with them? What about a certain manager that knew how to sweet talk people in the lunch room and never seemed to get called on his **** whereas you stuff up once and it's the talk of the office? What about at school? Or society in general, rock up to ask for a refund wearing a suit and tie as opposed to a beanie and a skateboard and see what happens.  Bias is everywhere, it's life and people talk, we're only human. I don't think this is even all that unconscious. To think officials don't mention clubs, players or staff in the corridors is naive.  What's less likely, some bias (implicit or otherwise, based on perceiption and reputation, or even personal experiences)  Or its all coincidence? 
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