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    • Genuine question. Have proven foreign goal scorers ever kicked on here in the a-league? When i ask this i am more so referring to cases like the above when a player is an absolute poacher and has a high goals to games ratio. Because i have always felt here in the a-league it is more so ability, movement, touch and class that kicks on. And those with abit of end product find their feet more so then "proven regular goal scorers"  
    • The stadium needs 2 winter tenants (Wests-Tigers & Union) to meet the payback period set forth by the NSW Conservatives (Misnamed Liberal Party & Nationals) Probably see concerts in the summer. I blame the f*** w**s in the NSW Treasury more. They pull the puppet strings of the current NSW Cabinet.
    • Interesting to see the fixture list Union  - may as well have tractor shows as well, similar pitch damage. And why the **** are Wests playing home games there, I thought they played out of Campbelltown and Leichhardt ?? Happy days  
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