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    • Western Sydney Wanderers vs Newcastle Jets VS Date: 29/01/21 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:05PM EDT Round: 22 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Parramatta, New South Wales Stadium: Western Sydney Stadium View full record
    • nah, it was an "injured shoulder" obviously, that definitely caused him to do fancy footwork. Like whenever I break my arm I just start doing stepovers and around the worlds in my 6 yard box. I was at this game but I kinda find it funny now.
    • The fact that he was given a 4(?) year deal was absurd, one of the worst bits of signing business by the club. In a salary capped league, to do that with a keeper was unfathomable. Maybe you'd pull that with an amazing young talent, but a middle of the road keeper? I was just as annoyed that they did the same with King Bridge (5 years I think?) but at least we got a transfer fee when he went to Thailand.
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