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    • All these newbies will be happy with is an autograph and the chance of a selfie with him...that would keep them happy. They have no interest in foitball.
    • Its the special 'world sprint superstar allocation' outside the cap..been a clause for years apparently. ...but only triggered now.
    • Wait, so he's not in the squad?  So all the non football watchers who have taken an interest will find out he's not actually going to get game time and they won't be interested anymore. And then in 12 months time if he's good enough then they get the publicity again.  But if he's not, then what? All for nothing? Or as Mack said do they force Mulvey to pick him? If so, why the trial? Is it because of all the initial backlash? Because originally he was "marquee and we hope the FFA will get on board". Now it's a year long trial. This whole thing is weird.
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