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    • This club was at its peak when it didn’t have a lot and made the most of what it did have. Any review needs to look at going back to this mindset of an honest, hard working attitude where you don’t need all the bells and whistles to succeed. I think employing more personnel in the football side of things would be a too many chiefs and not enough Indians type deal. When Popa was at the club, he was the top dog and that was that. 
    • Sacking him alone won't solve the problem but you have to start somewhere. The problems are obviously much more deep seated and relate to the club as a whole, which is why I think an external review is required. As far as the team is concerned might have to consider giving young Pagden and one or two other youth players a  start.
    • Ps. Can someone explain to me what the low pitched droning noise is prior to kick off that makes me want to rip my ears off and why it takes the players 10 mins to appear from the tunnel?
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