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    • I have a suspicion that a review would recommend changes in personnel more than increasing headcount, but I think there's merit in having a position created overseeing and making recommendations regarding all the football functions of the club including coaching appointments and recruiting.
    • while it didnt bother me too much i am not sure what it was about, i feel it was made to build suspense however if its going on for 10 minutes then it doesnt really build suspense   its depressing how we have not been stable for a while, i just want a season or two with stability but i feel a lot needs to change before that happens
    • This club was at its peak when it didn’t have a lot and made the most of what it did have. Any review needs to look at going back to this mindset of an honest, hard working attitude where you don’t need all the bells and whistles to succeed. I think employing more personnel in the football side of things would be a too many chiefs and not enough Indians type deal. When Popa was at the club, he was the top dog and that was that. 
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