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    • Apparently somebody yelled out to Babbel “Have yer got yer man yet?” SBS got confused 
    • Was busy, but got around ok and close enough. Benefit of being tall i can see over the shorties. And a few well timed silent farts always helps.
    • Unfortunately true.   It took the intervention of a PM ( Gillard ) to instigate the Royal Commission.....they ( politicians ) are perhaps too scared of a backlash to really go after the churches in any meaningful way but to my way of thinking it really needs to happen. Raid them, seize records,go after the guilty. You can quite easily come out and say that this is NOT an attack on the faith or the people who follow it but an attack against those in the leadership who allowed the abuse to foster and who at every turn have used the "religion" to cover and protect themselves and the guilty. Just my opinion.
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