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    • Ps. Can someone explain to me what the low pitched droning noise is prior to kick off that makes me want to rip my ears off and why it takes the players 10 mins to appear from the tunnel?
    • I'd also add, I think there needs to an external review of the whole football management structure in particular, whether additional positions are needed and whether existing positions are being performed effectively or not.
    • If Babel wasn’t in charge last night I still see the same result. Sacking him alone is not going to fix the problem.  Mcgowan is slower than a wet week and constantly chasing his tail while Jurman can’t play a ball that isn’t sideways or within 2m. Between them they struggle to win an aerial contest despite being two of the tallest on the field and don’t get me started on how often they let the striker drift into open space. Their communication appears nonexistent at times. Kamau is built like a toothpick and has the ticker of one, god forbid he ever went into a tackle with some commitment. The glass man. Ziegler is a myth and I’m yet to see him do anything that justifies the hype he receives around here. He’s a poor mans *insert stock standard Aussie A-League DM*... if that. There’s more chance of finding Maddy McCann than Yeboahs ball control at the moment. He’s more danger to himself than the defence the way he takes it forward. I’d hate to see him walk through a door way, he’s probably hit the frame. God knows what has happened to him, what a serious decline in raw talent it’s been. I keep hearing how Babbel needs to be the leader of culture within an organisation and getting them going etc etc. None of these above mentioned criticisms have anything to do with that, it’s just players simply playing like shite.  Russel and Sullivan made an immediate impact of the bench and I’d love to see Tass come back into central defence when he returns. I’ll throw this point in while I’m at it cause its forever happened regardless of manager, playing personnel or opponent and been the same thing since we entered the competition. The clubs almost at its 8th year of existence and we still can’t take a bloody corner. Either struggles to beat the front post defender or it’s beautifully pitched up into the air for the keeper to calmly grab on the penalty spot with little pressure. I reckon one in two dozen corners for us look somewhat dangerous. It seems to be an inherent WSW trait for some reason.
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