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    • In an open market, with no salary cap, majority of A-league players would prob earn less. There is no way most of them would earn what they earning in the AL as compared to Europe. That's why so many are coming back to Aus. For example in Europe they'll earn 150K for a long ass season, whereas it Australia they might command 300K and play 6mths.
    • Ratings are powerful but it’s not about ratings, it’s about subscribers. The issue for Foxtel is that they are losing subs, it will be all about making sure they have the content to hem the flow.
    • A fine balance, if top 6 is the goal then we have more leeway. If we want to be challenging for the title then okay isn’t good enough. So many times it was only small margins (one error or two) between coming 3-6 to first or coming 8 or finishing in the 6.
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