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    • Ratings are powerful but it’s not about ratings, it’s about subscribers. The issue for Foxtel is that they are losing subs, it will be all about making sure they have the content to hem the flow.
    • A fine balance, if top 6 is the goal then we have more leeway. If we want to be challenging for the title then okay isn’t good enough. So many times it was only small margins (one error or two) between coming 3-6 to first or coming 8 or finishing in the 6.
    • The PFA is a powerful organization in Australian football. On one hand the players deserved to be paid a fair wage, especially for squad players who need to be full time. The last bargaining agreement saw a significant increase in wages & a large portion of the TV deal. On the other hand the the large increase in wages is going to the same players & the squad size remains the same. The minimum salary inflates the value these players & the overall cap. All this whilst the FFA have had to make significant cuts to programs & services in order to make a deal between the states & clubs on the best way to share the broadcast revenues. With the value of the A-League tv deal severely over inflated, the next deal looking at being significantly lower & the league struggling which can’t be good for the clubs. Will be interesting to see where it all goes from here. It’s a fine balance, between what’s fair/right & the commercial reality of the situation.
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