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    • Eating World is still there, it's at the top end of the main bit of Dixon St, on the left. The refurbishment was in like 2002 or something  What's Gumshara? Are they the evil Bastards who replaced the friendly thai couple that kept me alive with their massive laksas?  
    • I don't usually like recommending restaurants cos when others go there they think they are **** but went to a place I never new existed on the weekend, a restaurant called Zac's (Afghan food mainly) at a poky little corner of Bella Vista.  The food was great but exactly as you mention, the multicultural vibe in that place made me just sit back and think how lucky I am and how others really miss out.  The missus and I were actually discussing this exact thing over dinner.  If anyone has any recommendations for some good food in the Blacktown/Hills area feel free to let me know, always looking for some new ones. 
    • Eating World, was that the one with Gumshara? Is it gone now? 
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