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    • Some positives for me - the pregame gathering with some formites, and some great moments on the pitch by the kids. In such a makeshift squad, I thought there were some positive signs for the future, for sure. The negatives (apart from the incompetence of the referees - which can be maybe excused as human error, and the inexplicable inconsistencies of the VAR which CANNOT be given any such benefit of doubt) was the behaviour of numerous "supporters" around me. Constant heckling of our own players, who are battling under difficult and probably rather humiliating circumstances, disgusts me. How on Earth does being heckled with sarcastic comments and actually laughed at very audibly if they make a bad decision assist a player to find confidence????? Last night's experience as a member of the crowd took me back to countless days on the sidelines of SFC games. TBH it was worse, in terms of the insults and derision being slung at our players, by a wider number of people. I absolutely could not blame people for not attending the last few games at SOP. I'm in two minds as to whether we shouldn't do it as a way to reinforce our dissatisfaction with the level of incompetence with the officiating, but accompanying that action with another letter writing campaign, such as many of us undertook a few seasons ago, to explain why this action was  being taken. But if "supporters" think that they are doing anything other than compounding the problem by jeering at/mocking  our own players for the entirety of the game, I hope they definitely decide not to return for the rest of this season. My 2 cents worth   PS My comment wasn't directed at BBB at all! His post just touched on 2 issues I felt strongly about - ie offering support as well as protesting the officiating.
    • The answer comes at 2:50 https://www.a-league.com.au/video/full-press-conference-markus-babbel-11 A back three, if executed well, would have caused the Reds "massive problems", but the players were just too tired for that. It backfired.
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