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    Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers 29/08/2018 7:30PM

    Bonnyrigg White Eagles vs Western Sydney Wanderers


    bonnyrigg_white_eagles_logo.png VS western_sydney_logo_star.png


    Date: 29/08/18
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EST
    Round: Round Of 16
    Competition: FFA Cup
    Location: Bossley Park, New South Wales
    Stadium: Marconi Stadium

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    I've really liked the look of Tokich.

    From what I've seen his passing has been swift and decisive.

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    What I learnt from tonight, even though it was BWE we totally dominated and we will be in for a good year, Tokich was very good, Risdon was solid, Llorente was good going forward, Riera will score plenty, Baumjohann will be very good for us, Roly should never be playing for us and Nizic is awful as well as a bit of a knob.


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    Don't want SFC or City in the draw.

    Avondale would be interesting.

    And we get City away. Great.

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    • That’s for the information & discussion about the external lighting on the stadium. I find it a bit strange to leave it as is, perhaps the led wall is too expensive but find it odd that no cost effective solution could be found to finish it off. The whole light pollution rubbish, it would be on for games & that’s it. Not like it’s on 24 hours a day.
    • I tend to agree that the issue is incompetence on behalf of the officials rather than conscious bias (although on KGJ I’m not so sure...). However, the only thing that really gets me into conspiracy mode is the famous derby victory in which we stopped the Smurfs from going undefeated. Am I going senile, or was there an apology to Sydney FC to the effect of “the officials missed a penalty call and we’re terribly sorry you were defeated” or some such drivel ? Didn’t Annie then feel entirely justified in continuing to claim that they really were still undefeated? 
    • Touching on the youth players, how good is it to see these guys not just get a run but play well. Tate had probably his worst game last night but has been a breathe of fresh air, been absolutely outstanding. No way he shouldnt get in the team ahead of Lorente, Elrich & Risdon; Cordier, I can see why he hasn’t got a run before this game, great talent not quite ready yet; Tass has been outstanding, he should be starting over Hamil & Elrich once Ziegler returns. Also, steps into midfield & plays like a boss  ; Majok, exciting talent. I know people want to give him a chance to grow into the role but that first touch really annoys me. Especially at this level  ; Suman, he isn’t quite ready yet but head & shoulders above Nizic plus there is something up with Vedran, give him some time out of the spotlight & give this young kid s go.
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