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    • This Greens v Labor thing doesn’t really work for me Like, if you’re on the “left”, your preference should end up flowing to either Labor anyway - it’s not like you’ll put 1 Greens and then 2 Liberal Fact is we need to get people educated on our political system and policies  This absolute moron on this news website who was saying she would vote for the Liberals because Labor would tax super more (ostensibly by reducing the nonconcessional cap)... Like for one, you’re not even 30. You’re not touching super for another like 12 elections. Second, reducing the non-concessional cap to $75k means you still need to put ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR in your super before that policy even kicks in (and there are some top up provisions as well iirc) Pisses me off how stupid some people are
    • Played for auburn not lived there same group of players came up together with bridge and a couple others who i forgotten, but funny thing was mil and bridgey weren't the most talented but they made it.  Bring him home 
    • Ribery has excluded France as his next destination...

      So we're still in with a chance!
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