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    • Well our cup run was good while it lasted
    • https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-not-ready-for-a-player-like-ribery-babbel-20190626-p521kp.html This is concerning imo. This makes me believe we won't be signing a great marquee signing for this season.
    • It's really great of you that you are in support of someone who publicly supports those who have been hounded, humiliated, shamed and killed for who they are, for hundreds of year - all in the name of religion. You are full of surprises. Of course you would not fire Folau. You would not have to do that. The HR department would do that. Not because they are politically correct, or because of some free speech dadida, but because they are paid to be culturally and socially sensitive. Mind you, one has to wonder about the purpose of HR departments if an Eddie McGuire can compare a fellow citizen with an ape. Free speech anyone?
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