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    Western Sydney Wanderers vs Adelaide United 18/01/2019 7:50PM

    Western Sydney Wanderers vs Adelaide United


    western_sydney_logo_star.png VS adelaide_united_logo.png


    Date: 18/01/19
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT
    Round: 14
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney
    Stadium: Sydney Olympic Stadium

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    1 minute ago, Taurus said:

    Wasn't expecting much of a performance tonight. It's tough to back up 4 - 5 days after playing in Perf

    At least we now have a long break of .... 3 days before the next game, but don't worry, after that we have a super long break of .... two days. Oh, and we have to fly to Melbourne then up to Brisbane for them.

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    1 hour ago, sonar said:

    What part of the offside rule don't the refs get...?


    I just realised that the yellow line is not even in line with the penalty area markings. That puts him an extra metre offside.

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    11 minutes ago, BrightSpark said:

    You're a hard taskmaster, beatsurrender.

    Not only did the young lads have to battle the heat and the opposing team, but they had to battle against the refs too.

    And while we certainly didn't play Adelaide off the park, I was proud that the boys gave their all until the end.

    Some games will be like this, where the ball doesn't bounce your way, or the ref has taken a set against you. How well a team of players respond to that is a test of their character. And I'm happy with their response tonight. (Though there is obviously room for the team to improve).

    What I'm not happy with is these 'unlucky' calls aren't just happening sometimes. They've now starting happening all the time. And what really pisses me off is the way VAR is being used as a tool against us. If even Slater (with his Sydney FC heart on his sleeve) is saying both calls are wrong and obvious errors, and the VAR does nothing, then what other conclusion can you make?

    I'm not saying that just because it appears hopeless, we should just give up for the rest of the season. (Although I totally understand why some of us feel that way).

    But I am prepared to give some slack to our boys for not winning games which are effectively 'unwinnable'.

    The ball doesn't bounce our way at SOP and the Refs sing the Smurfs/FFA songs all at our expense.

    But in by 2 for the Sunday 27th NYL derby.

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    So I hear even Slater is taking our side...if true then we really have reached the bottom...when a chunt like him is feeling sorry for us....hardly anywhere else left to go downwards really....

    Mind...every week I think 'is this the bottom'......but no.... a new way to sink lower is found..

    Edited by Smoggy

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    Don’t understand the Mahazi hate . Some around us were giving him heaps . He’s our 4th choice centre mid on low money who hasn’t played in ages . If he was any good he would be playing elsewhere. 

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