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    Western Sydney Wanderers vs Brisbane Roar 10/11/2018 5:35PM

    Western Sydney Wanderers vs Brisbane Roar


    western_sydney_logo_star.png VS brisbane_roar_logo.png


    Date: 10/11/18
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 5:35PM EDT
    Round: 4
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Mudgee, New South Wales
    Stadium: Glen Willow Sporting Field

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    The young boys did well at the outset but weren't wise or experienced enough to endure.  Brisbane had far more experience in midfield/defence and eventually got the better of our youngsters.  Unfortunately Babbel doesn't have much depth on the bench at the moment.

    We did really well in the first half hour and then Brisbane started reading things better.  Our younger boys lack experience - it will come but that might not save us this season.  Our bench was not filled with impact players or game-changers - they had the slippery fish who can change games, looked a bit threatening.  We needed a Santa-type player to come on.

    ABJ and Riera, in particular, didn't have people around them to make it happen.  Often ABJ was looking for the next pass, the runner moving through but wasn't there.  Kamau was great for 30 minutes but then was tied down.  The defenders worked him out and the Greek dude was stronger in the back of Roar.  Too many off sides, a couple of unlucky shots off the post and a really good one from Sanchez (couldn't have gone either way).  It is what it is and we didn't lose (if that is some consolation??!!).

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    Great for the first 25mins or so, slick passing and movement and coupd have been 3 or 4 up. 

    Then Brissy clicked up a few gears and worked us out, we go in half time 2 up would have been massive, goal just before half time they are right back in it.

    Great little ground and enjoyed being there anyway :)

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    8 minutes ago, matty said:

    Riera and Baumjohann are the ones that need to lift the side. Baumjohann imparticular didn't have a good game

    ABJ had few really good passing options. He has the ball and others are standing still - he dribbles and gets hacked because there is little movement forward.  When forward, Riera is in the middle marked by 2-3 defenders but ABJ has to dribble around whilst others decide to run.  ABJ anticipated a few runs but players didn't follow through.  Pass was there but the player wasn't.  Once again Riera was working hard up and down the park.  Kamau looked buggered in the 2nd half and sluggish. His first 20 min runs at the defence were great but they fizzled out later in the game and off-sides replaced them.  Fitz did some good things but didn't impose himself on the game.  I think Roly offers much more and lasts the whole game and is a shooting option.  Brisbane were tighter in midfield than Nix and JOD and BB weren't as effective, didn't have as much space after 30 mins.  ABJ needs to be in creative positions and Riera needs to be where he can score but both were dragged back to help get the ball after the initial 30 mins and became less effective in attack.  The crossing is largely woeful - especially Llorente.  High floating balls or out for goal kicks - useless.

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