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    • On style the first two goals last week were ace moved the ball quickly toward goal second goal especially I could watch that all season 
    • Yes not Gumby’s Tantric Football
    • First IMO its an issue not a problem....  The issue is, EV's as an example will soon be about the only type of car built in any real numbers... further Europe, China, and most of Asia are moving as quick as they can toe alternative energy supplies. Most countries understand the need, and are pushing towards change... beyond that the price of power will fall and fall a lot .... just compare say a coal fired power station, you need to build the mine, pay someone to dig the coal, transport the coal out of the mine into a pile, build a train line to connect to major train line, build trains to carry the coal, take the coal from the mine pile onto the train, drive the train to the power station, dump the coal into a pile, move the pile to another pile ready to load into the furnaces, move the coal into the furnace, run and operate the power station... compare that to cleaning some solar panels every now and then...  The issue is the lack of information and the inability by many to clearly explain how cheap and reliable AE is... worst we have many people in Australia spreading massive disinformation and for why I don't know...
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