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    • The football in the last 2 games and a bit has certainly changed... It appears Carl has thrown the system out the window and decided to play a bit more simple and direct football which we should have been playing from the start of the season and alas we have scored 8 goals in the last 2. You can see how much Troisi has improved. He's playing through the channels as he is supposed to do and both Duke and kamau are benefitting from it. With Mutch playing in the midfield, Dorrans looks far more comfortable and isn't making silly mistakes like he was before. The back 3 of Natta, Ziggy & Ziegler looks more stable and aren't making as much mistakes as before when McGowan was playing, it's amazing how much better our defence is without McGowan there. I don't know if it's too little too late to make that last charge to the finals, but from 2nd to 9th, it's very tight with only 5 pts seperating 2nd and 9th but in saying that, Brisbane Roar have the advantage with 3 games in hand and could very well take 2nd spot if they win all 3. We definitely need to win the remainder of our games for any chances of playing finals football Definitely wasn't itshays
    • Was definitely 3 ATB tonight
    • Aren’t we still playing a 3/5ATB? Agree Aussie pat has stepped up finally. He’s got another hopefully 6-7 games to shows he’s worth an extension. I’d love to see him stay if he’s playing like he has the last 2 weeks. I still worry he’s horribly error prone. He’s given away a metric **** load of penalties over the last 3 seasons
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