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    • I think there will still be issues with security unfortunately. Already saw a few pathetic incidents. 
    • Yep it's not bad. Good view of everything. Other good thing is that you can just wander around and watch from the bowl. I knew this would be a thing, but, unlike Spotless, where that's also a feature, there's actually a point to doing so because you've got a cracking view no matter where you are.
    • On the game, despite the result our team was competitive without Ziegler, Georgievski, the striker and winger we need. Effectively, the senior team played a 1-1 draw and the youth team were subbed on. Wilmering look the best player in defense with Tass a close second. Lopar looked good. We deserved a draw. At that point, the misnamed lily whites started the physical stuff. I was sitting on the goal box line at the southern end 9 rows backs to see this happen. The Leeds supporters were pretty loud and got a touch dirty on the referee, Kurt Ams, who had his best game refereeing our club.
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