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    • This is why you’re not a referee  In saying that, the tackle was no laughing matter Did you see where he made contact? Studs, just above the knee. The player was so lucky that (1) He caught a glancing blow (2) That his leg did not get stuck in the grass & it buckled as it got hit They are leg breakers, hate to think what a bone breaking so high up could have done for his knee too. So dangerous, so lucky he isn’t spending the next 6 months on the sideline.
    • Hasn’t been much to smile about in recent years Wendy Don’t worry, when we win some silverware this year, I’m sure it will get a good run  
    • He was a top referee, one of the best. Top referees in the world make mistakes. Even at his age he still would have been one of the best (yes he was passed the age that FIFA asked referees to retire). If you read his quotes, he is reaching but makes a lot of sense. There is a lot going on in the box, if you try to watch everything you’ll see nothing, so he focused on just one duel. He also makes another valid point, he has a different view to the camera angle of the day & saw a different version of events. Something the tv camera couldn’t show or see. He saw a shirt pull & gave it. I doubt anyone would get away with his explanation in today’s world with multiple replays & slomo’s.
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