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    • It’s a sad situation the league is in atm we rely on fox sports money, so automatically FFA give them final say (from face value in my opinion) - in expansion, scheduling etc (as they do have a right to have a input but not end decision) so I totally disagree (as I think many football people) with putting broadcast metrics in front of attendances / commercial priorities  it seems all to simple to me  - if you fix attendances & attract people to games = more pack stadiums & membership = more interest & discussion (social platforms/media etc) =more network exposure (Fox & channel 10) I think a move away from fox sports is inevitable  A channel 10 / Optus partnership maybe the future ?  
    • Okazaki says no to Thailand and everyone except Europe https://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/asian-football/1103270/outgoing-leicester-city-star-shinji-okazaki-responds-to-rumours-of-a-transfer-to-thai-league-club-buriram-united/
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