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    • He had his chance. First season he couldn't shoot or pass properly and after an average 2nd season he went off to Saudi Arabia & the UAE where he has continued to be bad.
    • Charli the cocky doesn't take any disrespect from any of the cats. They're quite intimidated by her. If I bring her close to any one of them, they either back off, or, more likely, lean forward to sniff her (which is their first response to anyone/anything). In return, she leans forward, seemingly to do the same thing, and then, at the last minute, she opens her beak and lunges!  Charli sits on the arm of the chair I sit on, and Tommy sits resting his head on my leg on the other side. They're  only an arm's length apart. So far...no dramas, but I'd never leave them alone together.
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