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    • When Popa signed Llorente he had only played a handful of games in that position previously and was not specifically brought in as a LB.  https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/popovic-hails-squad-depth-after-llorente-signing It would have been interesting to see if Popa used Raul differently to Gonebau.  Personally I'm hoping Babbel plays him higher up the park as Raul is a good crosser of the ball and can better utilize the strengths of Riera.  We should be building our team around our imports. unfortunately, East Sydney has shown us how to do it to great effect. In my opinion, we played 3 imports out of position and underutilized the strengths of Riera who terrorised defenders in the air when given the service.   Gonebau played Raul in a secondary position.  Cejudo came to us as a winger but hardly played there. Roly was most effective for Wellington playing higher up the park as an ACM rather than a DCM. Gonebau had him receiving a short pass from our CD's in our own half and then he passed sideways.  We were our own worst enemy. 
    • It'll be due for a knock down/rebuild before we're ready to bid again
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