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    • I've been around for a reasonable time and enjoyed reasonable success... have seen many inspirational people listened to many great artist .. watched lots of great sport ... seen many great movies... Just hang with me a bit more I have been inspired by the space race in the 60's & 70's... Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, John F Kennedy, are people who inspired me.... over time few people are remembered  ... The person I find unbelievably inspiring and IMO will become a name that future historians will discuss in 2 or 3 hundreds years from now and like many other greats of history who suffered   many critics  only to be recognised latter in life or after their death. Below is a youtube about Elon Musk and is largely taken from thousands of interviews he has done and to be fair by people who like Musk ... but this guy now produces over half a million cars a year, launches roughly 80% of all commercial space launches today, has developed a roof title that will last for over 50 years that is a solar cell, underground transport systems, and leads the world in battery technology... I have no idea why many on the hard right actually despise him .... but they do and the miss information and outright lies told about his companies is weird ... even if you don't like him this is worth watching... IMO he will be one of those people who is like 1 in 500 or so years ...  Tis worth watching ...     
    • Alistair Campbell is great. I watched him at a talk just before QandA tonight talking on the Politics of Mental Health. 
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