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    • I lived in ultimo for a bit, about 20 years ago. Darling Harbour at night - particularly down the Haymarket end - could be dodgy. It's weird to walk through it now with how clean and busy it is. Also I lived off food court food, there are  still 3 or 4 of them tucked away in places off Dixon St. What always interested me was how the crown would change. Like, for a while it would be Eating World, it would be packed as anything,  then it would be the upstairs one (Sussex centre?) etc. The 5 dollar laksa at Eating World was the best, used to get it all the time. Then they refurbished and it didn't come back. Couldn't even dream of getting a room for 80 bucks a week in there now. 
    • i understand people want it as close to the original as possible but i dont get the hate for removing the trophy girls in crash team racing nitro fueled, i am so excited for that game, pretty obsessed with crash atm even if it was insanely difficult at times
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