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    • The answer comes at 2:50 https://www.a-league.com.au/video/full-press-conference-markus-babbel-11 A back three, if executed well, would have caused the Reds "massive problems", but the players were just too tired for that. It backfired.
    • I don't pretend to know why this is happening. It could be the FFA? - Gallop and his 'fish where the fish are' strategy only works if the 2 (now 3) teams in a city are 'evened out'. If 1 team takes over most of the city then it doesn't work and you're better off with a regional team instead. (IMHO we should have more regional teams, not made up teams (SWS), but that's a seperate topic). It could be conscious bias? - we know from painful experience that KGJ isn't fair to us. And maybe some other refs think we're just Westie 'scum'? It could be subconscious bias? - ref goes into a game thinking that the lower ranked team must be making more mistakes. Though good refs know how to over come this bias, and make each call on merit. Our it could be (very unlikely) Al Hilal are still pissed with us and paying off the refs against us. Who knows?   The question for us fans is - what do we do for the rest of the season? I can't blame anyone if they've had enough of this farce (VARce), and are sick of going out to SOP. But that's not how I feel about it. What I've always loved about this club is that even if the chips are stacked against us we always fight. In our 1st season we were told we'd be lucky to avoid the wooden spoon, but we fought and fought and fought and ended up Premiers. All throughout the ACL campaign we were told that we couldn't win. Including in the final where we were told we were nothing but a small club. But we fought and fought (against even frigging lasers) and by the end of 90+ minutes we were the biggest club in Asia. And I love the RBB who rain or shine (or hail or thunderstorm) sing for 90 minutes. But what I really love is their ethos that if you score against us, they won't drop their heads. They'll just sing louder. Well I think that if you score against us even with the assistance of the ref, that we should just sing louder. And that if you blunt our attacks with the assistance of the assistant ref, then we should do what we did last night and boo them louder. Don't give the opposing team, the refs, the FFA or the Eastern suburbs media anything. And give our team (even when we are fielding a bunch of kids) everything. If we are going out this season, I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees. And that way, next season I can walk into Wanderland 2.0 with my head held high.
    • Or there won't even be an article for this round, and if there is our match won't have any decisions requiring comment 
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