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    • Look no further than Graham Arnold. The last time when a major call went our way in a derby was in S2, when Ono (?) had a penalty awarded (which Bridge consequently missed). Farina was their coach. Then came S3, Rd2, and Arnie had organized the Jericho brass band to hype up the game. Saba got a red card for kicking the ball, and things have never been the same since. I am convinced that what we've been seeing over the last few years is the result of Arnie being in the ears of his mates in the media, within FFA etc. He trained up his ankle kickers, but was crying foul as soon as one of his boys was on the receiving end. It worked. KGJ has always been a Smurf, the soil for anti WSW sentiment was fertile. That Babbel was sent off in his first game in Sydney while Arnie was allowed to strutting his stuff for years - it says it all, in my view. It's interesting the Babbel suggested in the post game presser that, by him speaking up against refs last week, he might be responsible for a backlash from the referees. Words to that effect. That's unheard of, and I wonder if and how FFA will react to this.
    • Is our squad good enough to win the league? No. Is there referee bias? Yes. I don't know why they are so extremely biased but the evidence is there for all to see. The derby offside decision could only be made if their purpose was to find a reason, any reason, to disallow the goal rather than check for an obvious error. The Perth match and last night are just the latest in a litany of similar bias.
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